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New York City, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

New York City, NY | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
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"Hip Hop Weekly Catches Up With She Real"

HHW: Introduce yourself to our readers, let them know your name and where you’re from?

She Real: What’s up everybody. My name is She Real and I represent Harlem, NY.

HHW: Why did you start to do music?

She Real: Music has always been the way I chose to escape from and relate to the world. It wasn’t until 2005 that I started to take it seriously as a rapper. That year I was sexually assaulted by my boyfriend. This event led to a period of depression. I gave up on everything including myself, until I started writing rhymes. I discovered that placing my thoughts on paper was mentally, emotionally and spiritually therapeutic. Since elementary school, I have never left the house without a pair of headphones, so I am always listening to music. I wrote poetry in H.S. as well. This particular event however, was the catalyst in making me believe that it was a necessity to express how I feel. Yet, only when poetry was laid over music did it have the effect that was needed to transform that pain into power.

HHW: What do you do with your free time?

She Real: I am a big movie person. My entire family is. Watching movies was always something that brought us all together, so I love to throw on a good movie here and there. My favorite movie of all time is Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon. I love kung-fu movies period, like The Crippled Avengers, Opium and the Kung-Fu Master, or The 36th Chambers. It’s just rare I get to see my own people in starring in them. The Last Dragon also took place in Harlem, so I’m sure that had an effect on me as well. Outside of movies, I am currently taking courses to acquire a Music Business degree from Full Sail University. I started my own label back in 2016 and I believe the more I know the better. At times it can be a little overwhelming to manage it all but I know it's preparing me for what I envision to be success.

HHW: Have you had another career that wasn’t in the music industry?

She Real: For the past 4 years I have been assisting in special education, elementary school classrooms here in NYC. I mostly work in Harlem because it was a goal to assist the children in my own community. I currently do not believe that enough of our children are being taught their worth, with little to no examples of black excellence highlighted within the curriculum. I believe alternative day and after school programs need to be created to combat the lack of equal opportunities and solid educational foundations being created for “hoods” like Harlem all across America.

HHW: When did you know that it was actually going to be your career?

She Real: In 2012 I released my first project entitled Far From Perfect. Since then I have released a project every year; except in 2018, after having 2 releases in 2017. Creating and releasing music planted the seed, and performing live solidified the dream. Being on stage has allowed me the opportunity to have some of the best experiences of my life. Honestly, there’s no place I’d rather be on most days other than the studio. In regard to being able to share and connect with people in that manner, there is no comparison.

HHW: If you could get advice from any artist in the industry, who would it be and why?

She Real: If it could only be one, I would choose Jay-Z. Mr. Carter has not only excelled as an artist but as a businessman as well. From the birth of Roc-A-Fella to $900 million on the Forbes list; the evolution of Jay-Z is an anomaly. Aware that none of this is possible without the right team, I’ve watched as he has surrounded himself with people from Dame Dash, Biggs Burke, Lenny Santiago, Jay Brown, Jennifer Justice, Michael Yormark and the list goes on. Over the years he’s strategically collaborated with companies from Reebok, HP, Sprint, Tidal, JetSmarter, Arrive and more. He’s a philanthropist. Jay-Z is a family man. He has set trends and broke down barriers. I’ve seen glimpses of what Hip Hop is truly capable of. I would love to be able to pick his brain and have conversations about the best way to maneuver in this industry. The knowledge he possess’ is worth more than money.

HHW: What or who influences your music?

She Real: My music is influenced by all aspects of life. I’ve created songs that discuss the importance of loving black men, or praising single parents. Then I have songs that portray the love I receive from supporters utilizing metaphors or similes directly related to things I see in and around a bodega. I use every experience, conversation, feeling, or thought to create. Sometimes it's as easy as being a music lover; looking for a song to match my mood, and when I’m unable to find one; I create it myself.

HHW: What’s the process of creating music for you?

She Real: I will do whatever I have to do to find the right beat, even if it takes hours. The instrumental has to inspire a thought or image to enter my mind. I am a dreamer to my core. If I am unable to see anything while creating, I’ll move on; beat after beat until I do. It's almost as if I write what the music tells me to. As soon as the instrumental choses me, my goal is to either tell a great story, or out-bar the masses while discussing something of substance. I try to never tell the same story or use the same idea twice, unless I have an alternate angle, or my skill level has developed where the story can be delivered with more depth or insight. Sometimes reflecting on a past life experience at a later point allows me to clearly see what I was unable to grasp previously. There is a lesson in everything. As I get older I struggle with the importance of delivering messages from my higher self versus my lower self. I think finding a balance is key, because both are necessary for growth.

HHW: Has anyone helped you or guided you in getting your foot in the industry?

She Real: My mother, my father, my girlfriend(s) (past and present), my friends, family, associates and strangers have all helped me progress over time. When you work hard, you begin to understand that progression is progression; even when you’re only taking baby steps. Everything and everyone is connected. There are no coincidences. God is the orchestrator. For example: I’ve received opportunities by borrowing money from my mother or a friend, to purchase CD’s that I’ve sold in Times Square; which led to meeting a stranger that placed me on a radio show or asked me to perform at their event. That radio show or event led to another contact that opened a door for something else. I believe that God helps those that help themselves. As long as I am working; a helping hand or guide will be placed in my path.

HHW: Have you ever released an album?

She Real: I have released 6 solo mixtapes and one collaborative album with artists and producers in Paris, France.

HHW: If so, when did you release your album/albums?

She Real: My first tape was released: January 1, 2012 entitled “Far From Perfect”. The second: January 1, 2013 entitled “Life Love Fear and Music”. The third: January 1, 2014 entitled “My Times Coming”. The fourth: January 1, 2015 entitled “Real Hip Hop Still Exists”, which included a feature from Loaded Lux and The Real Pain in Da Ass. The fifth: January 1, 2016 entitled “Real Hip Hop Still Exists 2”. The sixth tape was released: January 1, 2017 entitled “Real Hip Hop Still Exists 3”. That same year “All About #1” was released in Paris, Fance. All my music can be found on my website

HHW: Tell our readers what to look out for next from you?

She Real: My next solo release will be on January 9, 2019, entitled “Standing On My Word”. My artist name being She Real; it is a play off of my name; representing that I mean what I say. It is also a reflection of my confidence in my capabilities. I am literally standing on every bar, story, metaphor, cadence, word, and concept I deliver on this project. This project is a formal introduction for anyone who has never heard a She Real song. With only 8 tracks, this project is also a reflection of how versatile I can be. No one song favors another. After a few private listening sessions, the majority have chosen song a track entitled “Dear Thot Pocket” to be their favorite. A story that tells the alternate side of what can happen when you use your looks to attract men for their money. This album includes a feature from Big Pun’s son Chris Rivers and former Duck Down recording artist Chelsea Reject. It will be available on all streaming platforms, everywhere.

HHW: What differentiates you from other artists?

She Real: In this current era of Hip Hop I believe the majority lack a certain level of originality and versatility. In the 90’s we had so many styles to choose from. Different ways of thinking. Different ways to dress. The female representation in Hip Hop is very limited. I am here to provide balance. I am also here to prove that my pen game rivals any of your favorite artists. I want to tell stories that have never been told, in ways that have never been delivered. I am constantly look for ways not only outdo others but myself as well.

HHW: Are you currently on any tours or have any future shows booked?

She Real: The last tour I was on was the Joyner Lucas “I’m Kind Of A Big Deal Tour”. I also recently headlined a Hip Hop festival in Paris, France. I have taken a small break since then to complete my album. I will be revealing new dates for upcoming shows on my website and social media soon.

HHW: How can promoters looking to book you get in contact with you?

She Real: All inquiries must be sent to my team at

HHW: What do you hope to get out of your involvement in the music industry?

She Real: Overall, I want to acquire enough money to reinvest back into the communities that need it the most. I work with kids now and believe they deserve individuals that will teach to give back by creating opportunities for others. You can not complain about the lack of change without doing your part to incite it.

The MC side of me however, has a different goal. I have never in my life heard anyone mention a woman in their top 5 dead or alive. I want to be THE one that you have to mention. The one you can’t discuss the evolution of Hip Hop without saying my name. I want my legacy to surpass generations. I want to be a reason that there is a new standard for female MCs everywhere. Make it impossible for anyone to ever ask “Did you write that song”, because they know. I want excellence to become the standard. - Hip Hop Weekly

"She Real Standing On My World"

"Standing On My Word" is the latest project from She Real; available on all streaming platforms, January 9, 2019. This past year She Real featured on the Joyner Lucas "I'm Kind of A Big Deal Tour", Sway in the Morning, and headlined a Hip Hop festival in Paris, France. She Real's pen game can rival any of your favorite artists, while delivering thought provoking subject matters over melodic instrumentation. Follow She Real on all social media platforms---- @sherealtalk. - Thats Enuff

"Stream She Real's New Project Standing On My Word"

Coming off Joyner Lucas’ ‘I’m Kind of a Big Deal’ tour, She Real delivers a new project called ‘Standing On My Word’. Stream the 8-track release below. - Its Bizkit

"She Real Releases New Music Video For Swerve"

Fresh off the Joyner Lucas “I’m Kind Of A Big Deal Tour”, She Real is now gearing up to release her next project; Today sharing her latest single, “Swerve” produced by AfroKeys with the visual to accompany it, shot and directed by Picaso. This Harlem native claims she “Can’t stay in the field, need that owner’s box; need a legacy bigger than Oprah’s pockets”. Judging by the way she hustles, She Real is on her way to doing just that!

Check out her video below and follow on Instgram

@sherealtalk - Hip Hop Weekly

"[Video] The RECPhilly Cypher"

[Video] The RECPhilly Cypher

Posted by Blog Team

Oct 22

One of our favorite things about A3C is the content produced by artists. Thousands of artists from around the world come to Atlanta and there is nothing better to do with down time than produce some dope videos.

Enjoy this video with some of our good friends from Philly! - a3c festival

"Découverte Underground : SHEREAL"

Yo ! Je voulais partager un peu de bon son avec vous car on le sait la tendance est à la médiocrité en ce qui concerne l’innovation. Grâce à un clip visionné sur la page de Nect’Art Vision, j’ai pu découvrir She Real, une rappeuse américaine venant d’Harlem à New York (Etats-Unis) qui revendique et espère un retour au « Vrai Hip-Hop ». Pour ceux qui ne me connaisse pas encore, dites vous que c’est clairement mon état d’esprit ! Avec la Team RON on a donc décidé de la faire venir au RON FINAL 2015 pour ouvrir le bail ! Voici donc de quoi vous rattraper pour ceux qui n’étaient pas là.
Cette 1ère phrase présente parfaitement She Real. C’est une artiste Hip-Hop très talentueuse et accomplie. Elle sait rapper sur tout type de son. Elle kicke aussi bien sur de la trap que sur du boom bap et parle de vrais thèmes et de problème de la vie quotidienne. Elle peut aussi partir en ego trip avec des textes captivants et exige le respect de la communauté Hip-Hop. Elle aussi gagné un grand nombre de compétitions et d’open mic en tout genre à NYC et aux Etats Unis en général. Elle est aussi partie en tournée à travers son pays avec des « College Tours » avant de faire la couverture de plusieurs magazines et site web spécialisés.
Grâce à la Team RON elle a pu voyager en Europe, à Paris (France). Elle a fait l’ouverture de la finale RON FINAL 2015 du concept Hip-Hop Ready Or Not. La vidéo de son show est disponible juste en dessous ;). Parlons maintenant de ses derniers projets. Son titre « Work » en Feat avec Fred The Godson et sa 4ème mixtape « Real Hip-Hop Still Exists » sortie en Janvier 2015 l’ont mise au devant de la scène à NYC et ailleurs.
Pensez surtout à écouter son dernier projet qui est très clairement une bouffer d’air frais pour le Hip-Hop actuel. Elle et son beat maker Sloppy Joe ont recyclé des grands classiques. N’attendez plus et téléchargez ça en cliquant sur la pochette !

Yo ! I wanted to share some good music with you guys ! Thanks to a friend we had the chance to meet She Real, a female rapper from New York City (USA). Thanks to a video clip published and directed by Nect’Art Vision, I discorvered She Real. She is from Harlem, New York City (USA) and she claims a return to the real Hip-Hop. I just love that spirit ! I feel exactly the same. Anyway, with the RON Team we decided to make her come to open the RON FINAL 2015. Here is a little summary of she did.
This very first sentence perfectly introduces She Real. She is a very talented and accomplished Hip-Hop artist. She can rap on any beats as much Trap Beats than Boom Bap Beats and she talks about real life struggles. She can get cocky too, with captivating lyrics she believes demands Hip Hop’s respect. She has won countless competitions around NYC including « Faces In The Crowd » at S.O.B.’s and is a 3x in a row $1000 winner for Club Pyramid’s Unsigned Celebrity Concert Series. She has featured on two college tours 3 years in a row (2013-2015) : The Deans List College Tour and the No Boys Allowed College Tour.
She Real has also appeared in Hip Hop Weekly magazine. Her collaboration with Battle Legend Loaded Lux for her track « New York », has caught the attention of many blogs including She was also one of the Elite 8 rappers for Hot 97’s Streets Don’t Sleep cypher. This year, She Real not only dropped her single « Work » featuring Fred The Godson, she also had a short write up in the 2015 XXL FRESHMAN CLASS issue.
Thanks to our team (Ready Or Not), she had the opportunity to travel and perform in Europe, actually in Paris, France. She Real was a opening act for the « Ready or Not » Hip Hop competition. You can find the video of the show below. Her fourth mixtape entitled « Real Hip Hop Still Exists » was released on January 1, 2015 on her official site She Real is a force to be reckoned with, and believe me her name speaks for itself.
To sum up, you better hurry up and listen her last project which is definitely the bomb ! Click on the cover just right here ! - par Garryboo | oct 11, 2015 | Découvertes Underground

"Hip Hop SeaZon Showcase #19: She Real"

Hip Hop SeaZon 19 was the first Showcase of 2016 and set a high expectation for the rest of the year. This show brought back the previous champion Suzann Christine (looking to capture her second title), She Real (the SeaZon 17 Champion) and the runner-up Chris Matic. There was also new talent who made their mark on the program, like Sluggodadon, Three and Toronto Frost. In Group A, Chris Matic eased over the competition with a song called "Different" which had a strong message. Group B was a battle between Sluggodadon and Three, and She Real closed out the group with a performance for the record books. In Group C, Suzann Christine shined brighter than her competitors. With these 3 artists left on stage at the end, there was no telling who was taking home the HHS Title. When Michael Chillz called She Real's name, her team was ecstatic. After not placing in SeaZon 18, she came back with vengeance and put together a structured performance with 3 dancers. She showed that she's way more than just a lyrical MC. She knows how to captivate a crowd and put on one hell of a show. Her performance moved her to the #1 spot on the Women's Hip Hop Rankings category. - Hip Hop Seazon

"Hip Hop SeaZon Showcase #17: She Real"

The Hip Hop SeaZon 17 Showcase on Oct 26th took on a life of its own. Although the SeaZon 16 Champions Trigga Obama & OG Scully were not in the building there was a new wave of talent there to make a name. Starting with the groups like #1 Group Ave Boyz seeking blood. The Vol16 Rookie of the Year Winners Vice and runners up Tha Firing Squad were also looking to make their debut on the HHS Showcase stage. Group B was packed with talented women that clashed back to back and took the show to new heights. A petite young lady walked on stage and delivered a big bite for Harlem. She goes the name SheReal and believe me when I say this girl is Real!!!. Her single "Bodega" was a force to be reckoned with and shot her a head of her group. Once she heard Michael Chillz announce her a the winner she starred in complete shock. Everything she worked and prayed for came to life as she became our new HHS Champion. She Real is a taste of the golden age in Hip Hop that taste like Lauren Hill mixed with MC Lyte. Her win moved her right into the #2 Spot on the HHS Rankings. - Hip Hop Seazon


As we all counted down to the beginning of a new chapter titled: “2015”, the NYC emcee SheReal was counting down to the New Years Day release of her anticipated mix-tape “Real Hip-Hop Still Exists“. What stands out the most is the clever and hilarious artwork for the project. For a quick second you’ll think that the images you see are your favorite rappers of all time, male or female, all in one portrait. If you look a look a little closer you’ll see its actually the bodies of these great people with SheReal’s face photo-shopped on to them. It is not everyday we can meet an artist who claims their spot in the game with this much confidence. There are also many people that will argue with her on the subject of “real Hip-hop” and its current state. So here’s SheReal’s reasoning to a debate that has yet to be decided: - Respect Magazine : Kiara Wilson

"Hot 97 x TCDS Present: Elite 8 Cypher"

The Hot 97 Street Team and The City Don’t Sleep team up to bring THE STREETS DON’T SLEEP ELITE 8 CYPHER.
1. Boss Carrot
2. Light Upp
3. G-Roi
4. She Real Talk
5. Presidential Nitti
6. Rico Caine
7. Manny Blanco
8. Young Rich
Blow up that search engine and google these emcees ! You heard them hear first #hiphopzombies #thecitydontsleep #thestreetsdontsleep - Hip Hop Zombies

"SheReal Ft. Loaded Lux New York"

There isn’t too many dope female rappers out there. Im a big fan of Rhapsody & Chynna Rogers. Other then that its dead but SheReal is dope as hell. I won’t say much but listen above with Loaded Lux featured on the track. - Internet Kills Radio

"Nessasary & She Real Talk Freestyle on Sway in the Morning"

Just as Sway does every Fantasy Friday on Sway in the Morning, they invited up-and-coming rappers to go up to their Shade 45 studio and freestyle on-air. They took it a step further and invited producers to play never-before-heard beats — live — for these MCs to spit on.

This time around, Nessasary and She Real Talk blessed the mic with their epic flows, while Nascent played his live beats.

Watch below and follow these hustling beasts. - Nicky Geezy

"She Real and Loaded Lux Collab for “New York”"

Battle Legend & NYC-native Loaded Lux blessed She Real’s first single, New York. Listen to both East Coast rappers below, and enjoy each of their Sway in the Morning freestyles. - Sway Universe

"SHEREAL x Faces In The Crowd (HipHop Winner)"

We are familiar with the legendary Queen Latifah, MC LYTE and Antoinette and One of the many fresh faces that emulate these great women emcee’s is newcomer named SHEREAL aka the RadioKiller?

“…Coulda said Candace Parker, either way spark her, lightin the darkness, I am a Monster”

The New York female emcee SHEREAL recently blessed the Faces In The Crowd stage two months back and took the first place prize for hip hop over every other artist, who were mostly male in that category. Yes you did read that right, a woman took the crown for the night for hip hop, at the infamous S.O.B.s night club for the popular longest running showcase. - The Qweens


MUSIC APRIL 28, 2016

SheReal has been taking music seriously since 2012, and 2016 saw the release of her 5th project ‘Real Hip Hop Still Exists 2.’ Today we are happy to bring you hear brand new single “Living Single.” Give it a spin and keep an eye out for new music from SheReal in the near future! - mechanical dummy

"SheReal ‘Living Single’ [Audio]"

Posted April 27, 2016 by SlimDrew in Music

SheReal has been taking music seriously since 2012, and 2016 saw the release of her 5th project ‘Real Hip Hop Still Exists 2.’ Today we are happy to bring you hear brand new single “Living Single.” Give it a spin and keep an eye out for new music from SheReal in the near future! - thatsenuff

"New Music: @sherealtalk – “Living Single”"

APR 26, 2016 BlogGawd
SheReal has been taking music seriously since 2012, and 2016 saw the release of her 5th project ‘Real Hip Hop Still Exists 2.’ Today we are happy to bring you hear brand new single “Living Single.” Give it a spin and keep an eye out for new music from SheReal in the near future! - jackthriller

"SheReal - "Living Single""

Posted by Nancy Byron on April 26, 2016 at 4:10pm

SheReal has been taking music seriously since 2012, and 2016 saw the release of her 5th project 'Real Hip Hop Still Exists 2.' Today we are happy to bring you hear brand new single "Living Single." Give it a spin and keep an eye out for new music from SheReal in the near future! - thisis50


She Real is one the most original and versatile Hip Hop artists in NYC. She has been on her grind heavy since 2012, from performing in Paris, to featuring on Sway in the Morning. Today we are happy to bring you her brand new album ‘Real Hip Hop Still Exists 3.’ - Top ATL Sounds

"She Real – “Real Hip Hop Still Exists 3”"

She Real is one of the most original and versatile Hip Hop artists in NYC. She has been on her grind heavy since 2012, from performing in Paris, to featuring on Sway in the Morning. Today we are happy to bring you her brand new album ‘Real Hip Hop Still Exists 3.’ - Daily Hip Hop

"She Real – “Real Hip Hop Still Exists 3”"

She Real is one of the most original and versatile Hip Hop artists in NYC. She has been on her grind heavy since 2012, from performing in Paris, to featuring on Sway in the Morning. Today we are happy to bring you her brand new album ‘Real Hip Hop Still Exists 3.’ - Music On The Dot

"She Real - "Real Hip Hop Still Exists 3""

She Real is one of the most original and versatile Hip Hop artists in NYC. She has been on her grind heavy since 2012, from performing in Paris, to featuring on Sway in the Morning. Today we are happy to bring you her brand new album 'Real Hip Hop Still Exists 3.' - Thisis50

"The Padded Room with She Real"

Tune in for a new episode of The Padded Room host DJ Waffles and special guests Tray Kash and She Real. - Rolling Out



Since 2012, She Real has been performing and consistently putting out original music. On Jan 9, 2019 She Real dropped her seventh mixtape entitled "Standing On My Word". Continuously working; she has been featured on BET Jams:Versed, Sway in the Morning (on three separate occasions), and as an opening act on the Joyner Lucas "I'm Kind Of A Big Deal Tour". She’s also made appearances in Hip Hop Weekly, XXL, Thisis50, Respect Magazine, Its Bizkit, That’s Enuff and Mechanical Dummy. Notably, She Real has collaborated with Loaded Lux, Fred the Godson, Chris Rivers, Babs Bunny and Dylan; who were both apart of P. Diddy’s Making Da Band. With that, She Real has established herself amongst New York underground Hip Hop heavyweights.  

 She Real has won countless competitions, to mention a few: 3 times consecutive $1000 grand prize winner at Club Pyramid, 2 time $1000 Hip Hop Seazon winner, as well as The Bar Exam: Atlanta's Definitive Open-Mic Competition and Showcase winner. She’s also had the opportunity to open up for artists such as Tokyo Jetz, Juelz Santana, Styles P, and   Tone Trump. She Real’s been on college tours, and an official performer at SXSW and more!    

 She Real continues to work avidly to make her dream a reality. She takes none of her opportunities for granted. Internationally, She Real has appeared as a featured performer in Paris, France five times; headlining the 2018 "Ready Or Not" Hip Hop competition, as well as featuring in DJ Idem's set at the L'ETAGE "Bless Paris" event. In addition to that, she’s headlined the "Ready Or Not" album release concert at Le Place and after party at Nouveau Casino. She has also appeared as a featured performer for CloudFest in Toronto, Canada. Follow She Real on her website SHEREALTALK.COM for videos, music, upcoming shows and more.

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