Sheree Hammonds

Sheree Hammonds


With a life so full of music. Anyone lucky enough to experience. The great reception of these early perfprmances, was the fuel that helped ignite the fire, that is burning hot in her heart today, for the Love of music and people.



Sheree' Hammonds "The Princess Of Young Country"™, was born on November 23rd, 1972, in Ft.worth,
Texas, to Janie and Leonard Hammonds. Her love of music and entertaining was evident at a very early
age. As a toddler, she was always singing and dancing and on through her addolescent years, could often be
found singing into a broomstick handle in her backyard, using a patio chair as a stage or singing in a
supermarket checkout line, taking advantage of the early exposure, with the non-expectant shoppers as her
audience. Music was Prominent in the Hammonds household, with many of her relatives being musicians and
performers. Her grandfather, Charley "Chuck" Hammonds, a guitar player/songwriter, sat in and backed the
likes of Bob Wills, Hank Snow & Earnest Tubb. Her father, a rock-n-roller, had a music career of his own,
playing gigs with the likes of Janis Joplin, the Beatles and The Rolling Stones. With so much music
surrounding her young life, it was inevitable, that she too, would be destined for the same fate.

It is hard to pinpoint just when Sheree' first began singing. With a life so full of music, she could often be
found sitting in with her father, during jam sessions, backstage or at a fellow musicians house. She enjoyed
singing along with the other entertainers and watching her father play his guitar and write songs. Something
about the music just lit her up and made her come alive. It wasn't until she was about 14 years old, that she
really became serious about her music. Around this time, she was performing anywhere there was an
audience ready to be entertained. She played everywhere between school and church functions, festivals,
grand-opening events, opry houses, benefit concerts and so forth. During this early stage of her career, she
was performing gospel hymns, to the accompaniment of an accoustic guitar or a capella, and singing country
standards by the likes of Patsy Cline, Anne Murray, Crystal Gayle and Tanya Tucker. The most popular and
to this day, the most requested song being 'Amazing Grace', sung a capella. She is also known for her heart
wrenching renditions of Patsy Cline covers, a treat to anyone lucky enough to experience. The great
reception of these early perfprmances, was the fuel that helped ignite the fire, that is burning hot in her heart

Over the next six years, Sheree' began honing her craft. From going to school, and performing on friday
nights and weekends...she would spend a minimum of four hours a day rehearsing, with the goal being, to
make the next show 'bigger and better' than the last...and that she certainly did. All who followed her,
commented on how each show topped the last, and how just when they started to think she couldn't get any
better, she did! At this time, Sheree' was creating quite a big and loyal following, and to this day, all of her
earlier fans still follow and support her. She was stirring up the State of Texas, with her signature 'Stetson'
and 'piped Manuel western shirts' and 'flashy, cowgirl-style', reminiscent of a millenium Patsy Cline or Dale
Evans. Along with her long-blonde 'Trigger' mane and 'straight from the heart of Texas' twang, she knocked
all of her audiences out of their seats, with her high-energy, bolten country concerts. She began performing
guest star spots, at Six Flags Over Texas, with the Steve Mitchell and Western Heritage Cowboys show, and
even headlining at main attraction star studded events
With her father by her side, now retired from his own music career, the two of them have created
Hammonds Productions. With Sheree' leading the companies artist roster and he acting as the president and
her personal manager, together the team handles all of this great performers bookings, merchandising and
promotions. For the past seventeen years, Sheree' has been singing, entertaining and writing songs. To date,
she has over 1500 songs credited to her personal catalogue. A variety collection of songs, ranging from her
signature hot country style, to rhythem and blues, inspirational... all the way to todays pop wave sound and
hard hitting rock. This girls really got the goods I have to tell you! If you want to experience, a taste of what
this girl can do, you need to get your hands on a copy of her first single "Made In Texas", the first cut on her
promotional demo.

I have to tell you, it will make you stand up and notice her, and if you are a native of the Lonestar State..well
all I can say is if your eyes don't fill up with tears of Texas pride, your heart will feel the waving of that great
flag. If you want the chance to see this girl in action, just keep your eyes open! You can find her performing at
private parties, major night clubs, rodeos, fairs, festivals and concert events. Anywhere you can enjoy a good
time out with the whole family, are the types of places you wil


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Made in Texas

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