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Houston, Texas, United States | SELF

Houston, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Pop





kk - km


1."The Come Up": Cj and Shurg (2010)

2."Never Take No": Shergie (2012)

3.Featured on:"Esoteric Records Presents: Ridin With 85



I write, rap, sing, record, mix, and master all my own work out of my ShergieEnterprises recording studio. Im easily in the top 3 best engineers in Houston, and even though I make artists sound better than all but 2 other people in the city could, none of em yet are better if you ask me. If you actually listen to the music some of it is undeniable.

When I began my music career it was a duo called "Cj and Shurg." When we didnt take over the world with that mixtape, I kept grinding and working in the studio twice as hard, Cj twice as less. So although we still remain friends the group had to separate so I could come into 'my own' as an artist. I get better everytime I record a track and I was already good. Most artists I have recorded are what they are...most of the one's that I saw get better was because I showed them how to get better.

Invest in me for the long-run, globally. Im 32 but its still a good age to be because I still look young but Im mature and I wanna work harder than anyone in the business, get a good 3-5 years of touring in me before sitting down in the producer's chair ala Dr. Dre and your investment in me will continue to pour in. Im not chasing some 'rap-star-celebrity' goal like I feel some artists are. But they make a hit or 2 and and fall-off because their music is more catchy than good.

I can make catchy music too, but I can back that up with good music, just got to market it right but that's supposed to be your job not mine right? Thats all I need. I can provide the endless supply of dope music in ANY genre because even though I was influenced heavily by of course Tupac and Biggie, UGK, Dj Screw, Outkast, Scarface, Nas, Bone Thugs, and Tek N9ne, I was influenced just as heavily by Michael Jackson, Linkin Park, Phil Collins, Johnny Cash, Guns N Roses, and Boyz II Men, etc. I'll do whatever it takes, whatever makes sense for the company and the brand and Shergie so as long as it doesent conflict with my belief in Jesus.

Reaching out to you like this makes me sound like a pussy, im starting to understand that now...but fuck that, i am a million dollars walking...and eventually someone is gonna spot me, be blown the fuck away, and invest in me...and that person is gonna be a rich than a bitch millionaire too.