Sheri Kling

Sheri Kling


Positive music, vivid stories, dynamic programs. Music in the "Americana" genre that is built on rich vocals, dynamic guitar and songs that resonate with a certain organic authenticity and passion for life.


According to family lore, Sheri Kling started whistling before she could talk. Singing followed closely behind. And from the moment she finished her very first guitar lesson at age nine, she was hooked for life. Or, as Sheri puts it in her song, “I Heard Colors”—“I was clumsy and I was young, but I sang from my toes. I’d go home tired but happy, serenading the sidewalks.”

Today, Sheri is an accomplished singer/songwriter, guitarist and long-time spiritual sojourner whose music—built on rich vocals and dynamic guitar—resonates with a certain organic authenticity that’s heart-rooted and spirit-seeking. Each song is another way of looking at what is real, what is true, and what invites us all into a more passionate and well-lived life.

In the fall of 2002, Sheri produced and released her first solo CD Let It Unfold on her own HeartSprings label to high, critical praise. said, “It’s impossible to feel anything but good while listening to Sheri Kling’s new release ‘Let It Unfold.’” found it “transcendently well done.” And Bradenton (FL) Herald wrote, “Kling's songs are witty, real and poignant. Kling's voice – a clear, strong instrument of beauty – brims with the kind of lived-in experience that immediately makes one lean forward and feel a connection… I've never been so wowed by an unsigned artist as I have by Sheri Kling and her Let it Unfold release.” In 2005, Sheri released two new CDs: Heartland – another all-original collection that features the talents of Bill Kahler, Jody Worrell, Mark van Allen, Joseph Patrick Moore and Dave Holland; and Passions & Prodigals, a guitar- and voice- only collection of hymns, traditionals, covers and originals.

With her rich voice and distinctive guitar style, Kling has been heard at such acclaimed venues as Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe, Atlanta’s Eddie’s Attic and Variety Playhouse, Wisconsin’s Cafe Carpe and Indiana’s Front Porch Music. Kling has shared the stage with such accomplished artists as Indigo Girls, Pierce Pettis, David LaMotte, Shawn Mullins, Caroline Aiken, Cowboy Envy, Don Conoscenti, Kim and Reggie Harris and New Age/soundtrack composer Mark Isham. Her musical influences include Shawn Colvin, Mary Chapin Carpenter, John Gorka, Carrie Newcomer and David Wilcox. Sheri has also taught “Songwriting from the Inside Out” at the Sandhills Literary Conference at Augusta State University.

Kling is also developing new audiences through her “Music & Message” speaking engagements, “keynote concerts” and school-based Arts Education programs. While women are responding enthusiastically to her “Waking Woman” celebrations and workshops where she blends vivid stories about living and loving and music that ranges from “introspective acoustic ballads to more freewheelin’ honky-tonk throw-downs” to weave a rich tapestry around the themes of following your heart, living life on your own terms and celebrating wherever you are on your “heroine’s journey.”

With such ventures, Kling has taken a leap in her musical career that reaches far beyond the sidewalks of her youth and opens a path to people everywhere who seek journeys of the heart.


Working With Beauty

Written By: Sheri Kling

Working with Beauty
copyright Sheri Kling

Marguerita wants to take her shoes off.
She’s been up and down these stairs about twenty thousand times
She can’t afford to wait for elevators
‘Cause it’s five o’clock and there’s still a week’s worth of work to do.

Patients lining up to see the doctor
He’s been taking care of them for thirty-seven years
There used to be more time for conversation
But in the brave new world of modern medicine there’s just no way.

Is this any way to make a life, or just a living?
Can we really reach the top by serving just the bottom line?
If we could bring our hearts and souls to the work we do,
Then wouldn’t we be working with beauty?

College students trying to pick a major
Limiting their options based on starting salaries
Everybody wants to grab the brass ring
Overlooking gold that’s buried deep within their human hearts


I Burn for You

Written By: Sheri Kling

I Burn for You (Chicago, 1903)
by Sheri Kling

When I kissed you by the bed I could not imagine this
We were only newly wed; all I knew of you was bliss
We met behind the music stage at the summer county fair
Now if I didn’t need this wage, I’d have never left you there
Six weeks in Chicago, I write you every day
But I miss you more than I can say

Now this love is like a fire, it glows with pure desire
It can only take me higher it’s true
But every day we spend apart burns in this man’s heavy heart
You ask me why I burn, I burn for you.

When we began the show today it was just like all the rest
Another sold out matinee; it was vaudeville at its best.
Watching from the pit below we laughed with such surprise
We never saw the sparks; I know I was imagining your eyes
The merriment continued, the heat began to build
We played as if our hearts were filled

Now this love is like a fire, it glows with pure desire
It can only take me higher it’s true
And when the music starts to soar, I want you even more
You ask me why I burn, I burn for you.

The Iroquois was “fireproof,” but saying doesn’t make it so.
The inferno blazed the room, there was no place left to go
Every woman’s frightened face I was thinking could be yours
So I stayed and played with grace as they pushed closer to the doors
Yards of burning scenery rained down upon our heads
In a moment’s time six hundred dead.

Now this love is like a fire, it glows with pure desire
It can only take me higher it’s true
And as I feel us come apart in the ashes of my heart
You ask me why I burn, I burn for you

No, we will never be apart if you keep me in your heart
You ask me why I burn, I burn for you.


Written By: Sheri Kling

by Sheri Kling

You picked me up near Austin, Minnesota
September sun kept summer in the air
We headed south for miles of conversation
Companionship that soothes beyond compare
Turning of the wheels, waving of the grain
Riding here beside you, love returns again

The sun was rising over Indiana
Silhouetted silos stood alone
We talked about our living as musicians
No matter where we sing inside we’re home
Tassels of the corn reaching for the sky
I try to keep you near but I can only let you fly

Autumn brings the yield, it’s time for me to go
When loving you’s in season I’ll come back I know


Heartland, HeartSprings Music, May 2005
Passions & Prodigals, HeartSprings Music, May 2005
Let It Unfold, HeartSprings Music, Dec 2002

Set List

Sheri performs mostly original music, with a few well-placed cover tunes.