An interesting mixture of her favorite female singer-songwriters Sarah McLachlan, Alanis Morrissette, Sara Bareilles, Adele, & Sheryl Crow, SHERILYN is known on and off the stage as that girl with the great big voice who is always smiling (and usually changing hair colors).


Though relatively new to the Atlanta music scene, SHERILYN is certainly not new to singing and creating music. Getting her feet wet at an early age in school show choirs, writing music for musical theater productions, and leading worship bands at church, the stage has become a comfortable “home” from which she loves to share her music and story. Singing at the top of her lungs since she was old enough to sing, SHERILYN began writing songs at age six and hasn’t stopped writing since. Since she dabbled in an array instruments over the years - flute, saxophone, oboe, cello, bass, piano, & guitar – SHERILYN’s musical influences range from classical & jazz to folk & rock. After growing up near Chicago and seven years of adventures in the Seattle area after high school, SHERILYN now proudly calls Atlanta her home. Her latest EP “Beautiful New” is a project dedicated to her mother who recently lost her battle to cancer. You can find her music on iTunes.


On My Mind

Written By: Sherilyn Carr

Wouldn't it be easier to never care, to never wonder?
Do I ever cross your mind
Or wake you from your dreams like thunder?
Though you have been gone awhile
My heart-strings rarely sleep or slumber?
I’m missing you, no matter what I do

What are you doin' today, baby??
Where are you gonna be tonight??
I'm tryin' so hard not to miss you, baby?
But you're always on my mind??

Haven't I already learned to guard my heart
Protect myself when?
You're sending every signal from
"I love you" to "We talk too often"?
When you share your heart with me
My calloused soul so easily softens?
I'm missing you, do you miss me too???

And if I dig too deep
I fear of what I'll find, whoa?
Though you're out of sight
You're never out of mind
Out of mind


Written By: Sherilyn Carr

Through a winding maze of hallways to a cold and empty room
Where I looked upon the pages where he split our lives in two
I was stunned to see his name at the bottom of each page
Will it ever cease to haunt me, can't escape the masquerade

How many tears must i cry?
You know I can't stop wondering why I cannot catch my breath
I thought he was my own to have and to hold
When did his love grow cold?
(Though time will heal these wounds I am told)

With my heart upon the table I am shedding my disguise
For there's nothing I can do that will ever change his mind
I am forced to live a life that I never thought I'd face
I would like to know what happened, love is gone without a trace

His love was real, but then he threw it all away
There's nothing left except my choice to bear his name
I can't erase the marks he left upon each page
Though he's gone, my heart will always bear the stain

Carry Me

Written By: Sherilyn Carr & Josh Robinson

When I feel so very small, I feel so helpless
It only takes an instant to build a chasm of distance
That stands between the way I am this very moment
And the person that I wish that I could be

But I don't know if I can find the strength to take another step
'Cause I am wholly and completely spent, and I can barely breathe

Come and carry me, I have lost my way again
Come and carry me
Give me eyes to see this was always in your plan
Come and carry me

I am tired of the pain and tired of hopin', but I'm done with feeling broken
I'm pressing on and taking hold of your plans for me
And I will dare to dream a dream that
Is so big it's bound to fail lest you are in it with me

You carry this wounded soul, whoa
When I'm broken & feel so alone, whoa