New York City, New York, USA

Pop/soul in the tradition of Aretha and Whitney but Sherma wriites and arranges her own material as well as being an incredibly powerful vocalist and performer


Sherma, originallly from Trinidad, has made New York her home. A Berklee graduate, Sherma has landed prestigious touring positons with Whitney Houston and Britney Spears culminating in a duet with Enrique Inglesias, filling in for Whitney.
Currently, Sherma has been working with producer Steve Addabbo on her own material as well as performing in New York at the Cutting Room and the Rockwood Music Hall


Need To Be Me

Written By: Andrews/Addabbo

Feels like I'm starting all over,
Feels like I've been here before..
These words sound so familiar
Just stop, don't say anymore...


It feels so good to be in love,
It feels so good to be free
Maybe we can have it all
I love you...
But I need to be me.

We're here, so close together
So good, no words interfere
Lay here, make no promises,
They're not what I want to hear,



You can't get just what you need
By making me someone that I'm not,
Just love me for me
That's all I can be
Then we will see what we've got...


c. 2005 Andrews/Addabbo