Sherm N Demand

Sherm N Demand

 Chicago, Illinois, USA
SoloHip Hop

I'm an artist with a purpose not a rapper with a cause, because causes create division and I'm trying to reach all. My mission is to entertain the educated while not leaving the non back, as well as embrace the struggle of my people plus relate to the non blacks with clean quality Hip-Hop.


Sherm N Demand is a man on a mission to restore balance to the hip-hop genre with clean, message filled lyrics minus the political or religious divisions. Sherm has decided to allow the music to become an extension of himself.
Born, Sherman Ladale Gordon 11/16/79 the second of a set of twins Sherwin born a minute earlier. Sherwin would be tragically killed when the two were 18 and is the catalyst behind the dream. The early years of Sherm N Demand were uncensored, however the fact his young daughter is his number one fan inspired a change in his musical approach, which is evident today. Using music as a tool to reach, teach, entertain, and inspire is the ultimate goal over all.
Sherm N Demand has recently been busy, with four videos featured on this year alone. AF15 (After Frail 15) his first solo mix tape was released 6/14/13. The title refers to the release date being 15 years after the shooting death of his twin brother. featured him in their “Next in Line”, a special section of the website dedicated to finding up and coming talent in hip-hop around the country.
Sherm N Demand recently teamed up with Suite 41 Studios, a state of the art multimedia facility on Chicago’s southwest side. This move has given him,access to professional grade audio and video equipment and allowed him to produce and engineer his music, as well direct and edit his videos. Armed with a gifted mind, the drive to succeed and unlimited resources the sky is the limit.


Middle Finger

Written By: Sherman Gordon

CH: Middle Finger to the Djs
Who only do it for the money
Who only do it for the Hundreds

V1: Where do I begin, I know
y'all where it all began, I Don't
Know where it all went wrong, how so,
but the game aint the same, thats for sure
Some of y'all claiming dj the only reason you play is to get paid
don't even know the craft can't even blend scratch mix or fade
Imma call y'all play boys, all you do is press play boy
go to the next song and then just press play boy
Boy you need t quit it
Give him a turntable he won't know what to do with it
He don't even know the physics
I don't get it, pass up a hot song, get payed to play a not song, the not song make the charts, but the not song don't get bought
No money being made just the destruction of brains
And the fake Dj being paid, it aint nothing left to say
And i don't Love em Nooooooo


Im just saying man keep it real, screaming Chi town put the guns down but the next song its a drill
where 50 people get killed, I don't mind usher don't mind strippers but this a party for kids
I know this how its supposed to be but my grand ma eating ribs
She don't wanna hear about y'all groceries come on you gotta be kidding
Its the radio, every song is for strippers and twerkers
Wheres the love songs for the real women and workers
What happened to the balance, I got a Dj challenge
whats the last song you played you'll proudly read the lyrics
in front of any village of women and small childred
Ill wait, you can't
And I don't love em Nooooooooo!!!!!