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This band has not uploaded any videos



"CD Review"

The first track on (S)he’s album sounds a lot like Destiny’s Child and the other women-centric acts on the market today. From the beginning of the disc (S)he sounds as if they have drawn heavily from a number of similar sounding acts. (S)he goes into a more gospel like style with “Temptation”, to the degree that the track sounds very influenced by acts like Trin-I-Tee 5:7 and Nicole C. Mullen. The track has a R&B sound to it that far surpasses any prior track on the disc. The rapidly changing tempo of “Everything He’s Got” brings listeners back into another period in popular music. Even though (S)he has not reached major levels of popular success, the tracks on this album are solid enough that anyone that is lucky enough to stumble on this album will be pleasantly surprised.

The pop present in each track is coupled with a backing band that can actually tell a story with each subsequent track. This is so far removed from anything else that is currently on the market that is (S)he gets back, there will be a massive fanbase huddled around the band in short time. The brand of pop that (S)he has ties to each movement that has taken place in popular music in the last decade, so individuals that stumble on this disc will have something that they can appreciate. After (S)he gets started, they work with the same high quality throughout. As the disc spins on, there is no decrease in the talent contained in subsequent tracks. - NeuFutur


The Battle (released 2008)
Free downloads at Sheurbanrock.com

Animal (released 2006)
The full album is available on itunes



(S)He, a collective of seasoned Philadelphia musicians, has been touring as a group for 2 years now. Fresh off the road supporting their debut album "Animal", the band has returned to their hometown to find it lost in a culture of violence.
The six members have created a movement called "The Battle". Hosted at www.sherubanrock.com, the band has transformed their website into a Social Network for their fans to come together to help to spread their message.
The site is designed to be a place where members can post their images, sound off about the outrageous culture of violence, and to share their protest art and music.
The band has recorded 3 new songs calling their fans to the movement and to speak up and to promote change.
(S)He is more than a band, it is now a movement.