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Sherri Lynn Rakes

Olive Hill, Kentucky, United States | INDIE

Olive Hill, Kentucky, United States | INDIE
Band Christian Singer/Songwriter


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"Sherri Lynn From Olive Hill KY Get's A Record Deal!"

Let me tell you a little bit about Sherri Lynn Rakes. Home Business, Entrepreneur a singer, She writes Songs, Poems, Short Stories and has been working on a Book since 1990. Sherri Lynn has been singing since age 5 and Her first gig was at a Wrestling match at half time. Her Father was a professional wrestler in the 70's for WWF, His wrestling name was "The Booger Man."

Over the years Sherri Lynn has performed many different places like; Schools, Churches, The Founders In, "700 Club Ball Room, Ryman Auditorium, Fundraisers, She even had a TV Show called "The Vision" in 1999.

Now She is being promoted By Michael & Shirley Caron with "Family Values Promotions" for Emerald Records the owner is Cliff Ayers.

and sharing Home Business Ideas that have helped Her over the years as she has been working full time on line since 2004 with affiliate programs and marketing as well as Promoting Her Music Business and CD she made.

See, She been singing since age five and had her own TV show in 1999, then when She had that first accident (in 2000) and got hurt Sherri Lynn had to quit singing for a while. It was very hard, singing is the one thing She loved a lot. Sherri Lynn says, "I found myself in a place where I felt I had no hope of ever doing it again" After She got better and was getting off the medications, another tragic accident happened, Sherri Lynn was in a bad car wreck.

A man ran a red light as She was in the middle of the intersection and he T-Boned her in the drivers door. It messed her lower back up and She was prescribed 13 different medications and the doctors said they could do nothing for Her. I kept praying and God gave me the answers I needed.

Now Sherri Lynn is not on any medications, was presented with the Record Deal of singing with Emerald Records and God just keeps blessing. She start singing on the road again next month. Sherri Lynn said, "I think God for the Opportunities He has given me and all the people who stood by me and Believed in me. So Please, no matter what you are going through, Don't Give Up on Your Dreams, there is a way and His Name Is Jesus!"

Business Home Ideas, is Sherri Lynn's Home Business that she uses to give free Business info to help others run a successful Home Based Business as cheep as possible and to encourage others not to give up on there goals and dreams in Life. You will be hearing much more about Sherri Lynn soon, as she is already being booked for shows and will be singing in Indianapolis IN at the 500 Mini-Marathon coming up in May.

If you would like to read more about Sherri Lynn, check out her Fan Site. Love Can Build A Bridge Home.

About Sherri Rakes, Home Business, Entrepreneur and sharing Home Business Ideas that have helped Her over the years as she has been working full time on line since 2004 with affiliate programs and marketing. Business Home Ideas, When you need Free advertising, Information about Online Business, Affiliate Programs. Learn how to develop and Create True "Traffic" for your site, For Free or Very Low cost, without using traffic centers. - Ezine Articles

"Love Can Build A Bridge Home"

My name is Sherri Lynn Rakes and I made this site to Help improve Lives, I believe that knowledge is power and you learn from others you encounter in life, I have been Blessed with meeting many wonderful people over the years who have taught me a lot.

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Feel free to look around my pages, I am giving away free tapes, free info and there is other great offers, ideas, products and services for your Business and Family needs. If you need advertising for your site then check out my Business Links Button and see Free Advertising Sites that work.

So, I want to share with all my friends and visitors who may be future friends!

I have been online since 1998 learning about different kinds of home businesses and I have learned a lot. Then in 2004 I began working, Some I didn't do any good with at all. I picked out the ones I liked, the ones that bring income in and the ones that make work fun. The business sites I have on my web-site have high ratings and help others develop there skills and I see people reaching there goals. There systems and tools are easier to use or are free and you can make money for your family. Some take time building up but when it gets going it will ad up quickly.

The mentors and coaches I work with have been a great help through conference calls, emails, ebooks, reading there marketing sites and talking on the phone have helped develop my marketing skills. If you are looking for a good home business or want to have several, I love working with these and I invite you to look around, these sites work and give you plenty of tools to work your business.

I quit my day job this year on November 3, 2007 because of medical problems. As soon as I could, I began searching for ways to generate multiple streams of income. In my links pages is more free sites to advertise your business and they work. If you have been using any of the programs on my site or this site has helped you in any way please email me and send me a link to your main site and I will put your testimony and site link on my Testimonies page for others to see. To read all the comments that were made about Sherri Lynn go to: - Steve Levy / Planet Berries

"Faith And Dreams...Fallow Them!"

The music was in my head but I was still learning about writing and promoting myself. I was watching the 700 Club on TV and they was having a Song Writers Convention and you could win a recording contract. I was so excited, I walked out on faith that I would get the money to go to Virginia and sing for everyone there the new song God had just gave me. I called and signed up.The days to come where exciting and hard. I kept believing I was going to get the money somehow. Then one day the doors started opening up and people gave me the money to go. It is amazing how God works if you just keep believing no matter what negative things come your way just believe and keep confessing by Faith what you are believing for and watch God move.When I got there you could feel the Spirit of God all over that place, "The Founders Inn." I wanted to sing in the ballroom but I didn't get my money sent in on time but I was still happy just to have the opportunity being there. I began signing up for every work shop I could to learn more about singing, song writing and promoting yourself. I remember praying to God if it was possible, if he would open a door for me to sing the beautiful song He gave me? I still didn't have the music down but I would sing it anyway.After we came back from watching the tapping of "The 700 Club Show", we had a break before our next class. I was walking down the hall and God told me to go to this door and walk in. I was curious so I opened the door and walked right in. Not knowing what or who was in that room.
As soon as I walked in I heard a womens voice to my left say, you can you sing tonight? I didn't know she was talking to me at first. I turned and looked at her and she ask me again. I looked at her and said "are you asking me?" She said, "yes, can you sing? Do you have music, tracks or a instrument?" "The girl who was scheduled has stage fright and won't perform so I said I was giving that spot to the very next person who walked through that door." If I wouldn't have walked through that door when God told me to I would have lost that opportunity I prayed about.I was so excited and I told her I would sing but I didn't have music and she let me sing "Blessed Jesus" in front of a packed ballroom of artists and promoters. I was scared but I enjoyed every moment of that experience. The point I am making is no matter what, don't give up on Faith and Dreams you have. If it is right it will happen. Trust God and walk by Faith, the doors will open for you. Believe in yourself and keep practicing, learning all you can about the field you have talent in and mix it with your goals and desires. Don't give up just find ways to perfect your dreams. Remember to put God first and walk by Faith.I will be sharing other stories like this with you each week. I made this site to Inspire others to fallow there Dreams!I am sorry it took a while to start writing here but I lost my Mom in October and It has been hard to get back to writing. I am ready now and feel that this will help me with my grieving process. I miss my mom but I know she would want me to keep working with my writing, she is in a better place now and always taught me to never give up on my dreams. - Article Income

"Sherri Lynn Sings At The 500 Festival"

Singing at the 500 mini- marathon, I did with much surprise it was great energy cheering on the runners. To see over 30,000 people you and listening to your music that you wrote as I did Saturday, I was cheering on the runners and crowd. The runners was inspiring me in how the music moved them and how they appreciated me spending my time to Inspire and Cheer them to the finish line.I was singing the songs from my CD, "All That I Need." Some of the runners came out from the line and shook my hand I even got a high five and that really inspired me to keep singing. When you see your music inspire others it makes you feel good inside.

I finally got to do this Tour and it is so much fun being able to work with your family.This event in Indianapolis was one of the best gigs I have ever had. The way the 500 festival is set up, all the people support each other and it creats a rush of power, this was a great opportunity God gave me in my life and I am so Blessed to have been there in
that moment in my life time as a singer. It was the 33rd year for this Festival and people come from all over the world to run in this race. There was over 90,000 people there and I will go back again next year.

This race meant as much to me as it did the runners, this all happened at the beginning of my tour and It has been 10 years since I sang to a crowd that large.It was very Inspirational for me to be cheered on by them things like that make your dream as a singer all worth while. I appreciate all the staff at the 500 festival for all there time and help and for making us feel so welcome in Indianapolis Indiana.

I told them they was all winners in my eyes for running the whole 13 miles and fallowing there goals, as i was singing Faith Hills song, You Can't Loose Me. I had a lot of help that day and I appreciate each and every one who shared there time to help. I also want to thank Mindy Britt and Mark Sweetman for singing with me and sharing there time singing and cheering on the runners with me and my Family. Thanks to all my Fans for there support and comments.

- Article Income


His Will Be Done Streaming & Radio, iTunes & Amazon, Ring tones
All That I Need Streaming& Radio, iTunes & Amazon, Ring tones
Blessed Jesus Streaming & Radio, iTunes & Amazon, Ring tons

I Have my CD released called: "All That I Need" I sell them online.

I am working on next Album and have written all my songs for this project.



Sherri Lynn Rakes, Southern Country Christian Singer, Songwriter and Entertainer!
Sherri Lynn Won The "EIA Platinum Female EIA Award Artist/Writer of 2009" Award for "His Will Be Done", on June 27, 2009 in Nashville TN! Sherri Lynn is being promoted By Linda Albu, Personal Internet Publicist & Sites Manager for Music Artists.

She is a singer, writer of Songs, Poems, and Short Stories and has been working on a Book since 1990. She started singing at age 5 and her first gig was at a Wrestling match at half time. Sherri's Father was a professional wrestler in the 70's for WWF; His wrestling name was "The Booger Man."

Over the years She has performed many different places like; Schools, Churches, the Founders In, "700 Club Ball Room, Ryman Auditorium, Fundraisers, 500 festival 2009, Sherri Lynn hosted her own TV Show called "The Vision" in 1999. They would take in can food to help feed the hungry in her area, (Ashland, KY) and help with other Family needs.

In 2000-2002, Sherri Lynn had 2 accidents and had to put her music on hold not knowing if she would ever be able to work in Music Business again. She kept singing in church plus when she worked at Summit RV she would sing the summit RV jingle on the live remotes with The Dawg radio station. She even got to sing in Indiana at Jayco Training, in the Ballroom before Jayco staff and others Business Staff and recently sang at The 500 Festival 2009 in Indianapolis.


My family and I work together with the music that God Gave me to put out there for Him. I also have been walking totally by faith on this. I am also in the process of feeding the hungry in my area and I am on A Mission to Help Olive Hill Flood Victims...I am working on some Projects To Raise Money for The Flood Victims in my town, Olive Hill, KY... All This Money and Supplies will be Donated to Help... Olive Hill Families and Businesses get back on there feet and Rebuild!

I also minister to others about prescription drugs, how they can become adictive and out of control; Jesus is the answer.