Sherri Mullen

Sherri Mullen

 Middletown, Pennsylvania, USA

The Musical Formula That Bridges The Generation Gap...
Sherri's latest CD showcases a mother/son writing team who deliver Intelligent lyrics, compelling storytelling, powerful vocals, intricate harmonies, and musical versatility! Unique and unpredictable! Buckle up...this is a wild ride!


Compelling lyrics, powerful vocals, and passionate performance make this award winning singer/songwriter shine. After the release of her third solo CD "Fearless", Sherri made music a "family affair" as she teamed up with her prodigy guitarist/son Shane, re-inventing her sound and creating a unique show with cross genre appeal, intricate harmonies, and musical versatility! The one/two punch of Mullen & Mullen made this one of the strongest and most unique musical offerings around, appealing to all age groups, and embraced by fans of Adult Alternative, Americana, Blues, and Rock genres alike! Sherri & Shane began writing together in mid 2009, for her fourth CD "SM² - Strange Symmetry", which was released in May 2010.

Gracing stages at venues large and small from Nashville to Pennsylvania, Sherri is a seasoned, professional performer who loves all things music! This former Executive Producer/Internet Radio Show Host, and Television Personality was a 2008 Pennsylvania State Finalist in the "Colgate Country Showdown", and she has won a variety of awards for songwriting, performance, best new album, music video, and female vocalist. Her energy on stage is contagious, her smile will melt your heart, and her songs will make you laugh, cry, and tap your feet!

In a time where many artists stagnate after one or two albums, Sherri's creativity and diversity have allowed her to continue to surprise and delight her growing fan base for nearly a decade. Unpredictable and fearless, she forges ahead tackling each CD project with a fresh, modern approach with no boundaries. Her independently released collection includes "Mask" (2002), "On The Edge" (2005), "Fearless" (2007), and "SM² - Strange Symmetry" (2010), and her song catalog continues to expand, while her followers wait with anticipation of "What will she do next?"!

Sherri's love for music and passion for wanting to help other musicians is evident by the many projects that she so willingly takes on. She is a member of ASCAP & NARAS, and is a volunteer Regional Workshop Coordinator for Nashville Songwriters Association International, where she helps to facilitate songwriting workshops, educational events, and networking events for songwriters in the Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania area. Sherri also serves as an adjunct professor for Lebanon Valley College where she teaches in the music business program. If this is not enough for even the most energetic person to handle, she continues to perform regularly, while managing, marketing, promoting, and licensing her music, and the music of other talented songwriters, through her international publishing company "RockDiva & SugarDaddy Publishing".

According to Ms. Mullen, her biggest accomplishment is not attributed to the music she makes or the adventures she takes on...but to her marriage of 20+ years, her highly supportive husband, her two sons, and the people that she can positively impact in her day to day life. Sherri Mullen is a free spirit who loves music, cares about people, and passionately believes that she can and will succeed.


Released May 2010
The DNA doesn't lie!! Award winning Mother/Son singer/songwriter team create an adult alternative album with cross genre appeal. Intelligent lyrics, compelling storytelling, powerful vocals, intricate harmonies, musical versatility...unique and unpredictable! Buckle up...this is a wild ride!

2008 - MUSIC VIDEO - "Come Back"
Released November 2008

Released April 2007
Sherri's most compelling work yet! Rootsy, contemporary, edgey, and upbeat...Sherri is indeed "FEARLESS" in her quest to deliver songs that the audience can relate to on a personal level.

2005 - ON THE EDGE
Released October 2005, this CD showcases Sherri's diversity in songwriting. Sherri's unique writing style allows her to cover rock, pop, country, blues, and alternative adult contemporary genres of music in this collection of 10 original songs. Several songs are featured in films overseas and have been recorded by other artists.

2004 - Central Pennsylvania Christmas Compilation CD
Extensive regional distribution during the 2004/2005 holiday- featuring Christmas songs from top Pennsylvania artists. Sherri's contribution to this album was the classic, PLEASE COMEHOME FOR CHRISTMAS.

2002 - MASK
Sherri's 12 song debut CD was released in August 2002. Has received air-play on radio stations across the United States and abroad. The song HOME OF THE FREE was used as the theme song for a monthly cable tv show...and was sent around the globe to support our service men and women.

Set List

SET LIST IS ALWAYS CUSTOMIZED TO THE CUSTOMERS NEEDS!!! Whether you want a personal all original show OR a mix of sassy originals and well known cover songs with a twist, Sherri Mullen and her band of experienced musicians will deliver!

In the true singer/songwriter tradition, Sherri's original songs span the adult alternative, americanna, country, rock and blues.

Sherri and her band pride themselves in having their own unique arrangements of many popular cover tunes spanning three decades of music, including songs by Melissa Etheridge, Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt, Pat Benetar, Heart, Dixie Chicks, KT Tunstall, Martina McBride, Stevie Nicks, Train, Coldplay, Janis Joplin, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Matchbox 20 and many, many, more!!!

Some of her most requested songs are listed below:

Don't Judge Me
Love You Till The Sunrise
Always And Never
Are We Having Fun Yet
Sweet Sleep
No Rain No Rainbow
Matter's Just Energy
No Apology
While I Learn