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"Strathroy’s Sherry headed for the big time"

Strathroy’s Sherry headed for the big time
Local band’s first CD released and high profile shows coming up
Wednesday February 02, 2005

UP AND COMING: Strathroy’s hottest band, Sherry, includes lead singer Sherry Lane-Pereira (in front) and (left to right) drummer Bobby Reynolds, guitarist Tara McLeod, and bass player Teddy Lane.
Strathroy Age Dispatch - You’d better hurry if you want to be able to say you knew them before they were famous.
With a slick new CD and some high-profile shows on the slate, Strathroy’s Sherry is a band on the rise.
The pop-rock quartet with the trademark backwards ‘e’ will open for Alannah Myles at Norma Jean’s in London on Feb. 17, and they’re also slated to play at the Bovine Sex Club on March 3 during Canadian Music Week ( in Toronto.
The band has also been nominated for best pop/rock band in the London Music Awards ( and are hoping that their growing fan base will log onto the website and help vote them to the top.
“Fred”, a single from their album, has been getting some air play on London’s FM96. Another song, “Sunday”, will be included on the Canadian Music Week compilation CD.
Sherry includes lead singer Sherry Lane-Pereira, guitarist Tara McLeod, Teddy Lane (Sherry’s brother) on bass and backing vocals, and Bobby Reynolds on drums. All were born and raised in Strathroy and went to SDCI.
They started out two years ago as a cover band, tirelessly touring southern Ontario, playing other people’s songs and getting to know each other as musicians.
They ground through a grueling schedule, playing 52 shows in 2003. All those shows were on top of practice time, their day jobs and, in Tara’s case, college studies.
“We have pretty wacky schedules,” Sherry laughs. “The way we live is not normal.”
“It’s more than just a hobby for us,” said Teddy.
All the hard work they put in paid off, though, and the band soon realized that they had something pretty special going on, said Bobby. “We’ve really gelled together.”
The chemistry they had on stage spawned greater creativity, and even more work, when they started writing their own material. They soon had enough of their own songs to be able to pull back the covers and perform complete sets of original material.
Writing together has often been an adventure, said Bobby, because the band members have wildly varied musical influences. “It can be pretty intense because of the differences.”
“It’s all over the place, from Madonna to Metallica,” Sherry said of their musical preferences.
Sherry said she prefers artists like Madonna and Gwen Stefani. Teddy is the metalhead, leaning towards heavier bands like Iron Maiden. Tara is a Sheryl Crow devotee, while Bobby started out playing country before learning to like heavy rock while playing in a band with Teddy in high school.
“You can pick out a lot of different influences on the CD,” said Teddy.
Having all those different backgrounds has helped the band create a unique sound of their own, with a definite impression of four separate pieces that just happen to fit together perfectly.
Their self-titled debut CD includes six songs with an edgy but melodic heavy pop sound without a weak track among them.
The album was recorded last summer at Emac Studios in London with the help of highly regarded London producer Dan Brodbeck. “He’s awesome,” said Sherry.
“He’s worked with a lot of people,” she said. His resume includes work with well-known Canadian bands like the Gandharvas, the Cranberries, the Salads, Kitty and others.
Recording the album, which was finished last August, took over a month. Studio time with top-notch personnel on hand does not come cheap.
The band financed the CD by reinvesting all the money they made playing clubs in the year and a half beforehand. “We saved every dime,” said Bobby.
With their new CD in hand, the band is heading to Canadian Music Week in Toronto in hopes of making the important connections in the music industry they’ll need to get to the next level. “We’re pretty excited about it,” said Sherry.
During the annual event, Toronto is crawling with music industry people looking for the next big thing. The band is hoping they’ll be able to catch the eye of the right person.
Having two girls in the band is definitely a plus when it comes to getting attention, said Sherry. There can also be a downside, though, in that people tend to think it’s a gimmick and don’t always take the band seriously.
“They underestimate you,” said Teddy, but the doubts disappear once the audience sees what Tara and Sherry can do.
“You hear the odd comment in sound check,” said Bobby. “But after the show those are the people who come up and shake your hand and buy the CD.”
Converting the doubters has been particularly satisfying said Sherry. Making new fans at every show is the band’s goal.
As hard as they’ve worked to win new fans, the band has been blessed with friends and families who have never needed any convincing to - The Age Dispatch

"cmw review"

After that I dashed across the street to the Bovine to catch a band called Sherry, followed by Lindi's new band Sugarkill. I didn't know what to expect from Sherry, but they were pretty good. The lead singer has this incredible kind of Joan Jett sound and the whole band reminds me of a classic kind of rock band, but with pop appeal. The guitarist was also just an incredible performer. She wailed on that guitar like nothing I've seen in ages.

- cmw





This dynamic foursome is becoming well known for their contagious energy and sound. Bouncing from stage to stage all across Ontario sharing the stage with big Canadian acts like Sass Jordan, Alana Myles, Kim Mitchell and The Salads. the SHERRY band is best categorized as pop-rock with a metal edge. Irresistible songs such as ‘Fred’, the funk-punk of ‘Blind’ and the life song ‘Sunday’ have become anthems everywhere they go. Scene magazine says “the pop slam of Sherry’s debut assures that not only will there be a follow up trip to the studio but that it will be keenly awaited.” (Bob Klanac).

All members share the same hometown - Strathroy. Their love of music and passion to create and perform drives them to high expectations. The success of the SHERRY band can only be measured by the fans, and the hard work and dedication.

The band’s songs can be enjoyed on the self-titled CD “Sherry” recorded at Emac Studio in London, ON produced by Dan Brodbeck and Sigmond Frewer.