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Hollywood, California, United States | INDIE

Hollywood, California, United States | INDIE
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“She’s nominated for best pop, dance, and electronic artist. From Hollywood, CA. this is Sherryce with ‘Animal Instinct.’” - All Indie Music Awards-Podmatic Podcast

Sherryce, who has a voice like smooth chocolate, and Rachel Lynn Sebastian, who sounds like a goddess, each make a guest appearance on the album. They handle vocal duties on two of its best songs. Sherryce sings lead on “Ooh La La,” which has club hit written all over it. Between her magical voice and Jounce’s ability at laying down brilliant rhythms, “Ooh La La Baisez Moi)” is destined for stardom. - Rock N' Roll Guru

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LA Concert Photography Examiner: Here we are at the Libertine after a great performance by Sherryce. To her right is Beta Control and to her left is DJ Jounce. So Sherryce, how did you first get started in music?
Sherryce: I started singing in church, actually, believe it or not!
LACPE: That’s a long way from church!
Sherryce: Yeah, don’t tell my parents. And I went to school for music, so I sang a lot at college. I toured with some really great people internationally after college and just been hitting real hard ever since, you know?
LACPE: So how did you end up coming to LA?
Sherryce: LA was a long-time coming for me. I am also an actor. I tried the music scene in Denver and there’s a great music scene over there, but I love dance music so I just finally decided to make the trek to LA. ‘Cuz it’s pretty happening over here and I found two great producers and I just feel like Los Angeles is where it’s at for me.
LACPE: So you’re originally from Denver?
Sherryce: I’m originally from Oregon, actually. Cow Town, USA. And I lived in Denver for a while. I went to school there, but decided to leave the cold mountains and come to the beach.
LACPE: How long have you been in LA now?
Sherryce: I’ve been in LA-LA land for about a year and a half.
LACPE: Wow, that’s not a long time and you’ve done a lot since then. The last time I saw you was at the STARFACE Fashion Show and that was a great show, but tonight you really blew me away. Tonight was something else…a whole new dimension to your performance. How did that come about?
Sherryce: I think just really getting into the music and expressing myself. It’s always a more open environment when you’re around other people that are dancing and having a good time…and drinking helps…um, I didn’t drink, but…it’s a lot different when you’re around other people that want to party too, so that always helps the vibe. I think that’s how tonight came about.
LACPE: Great! So how did you first get hooked up with DJ Jounce and Beta Control?
Sherryce: DJ Jounce, we hooked up about a year ago? I responded to his Craigslist ad for a vocalist and we’ve been working together ever since.
LACPE: So what do you do DJ Jounce?
DJ Jounce: I’m a songwriter, music producer, DJ, and I’ve written a lot of music on my own but I love collaborations which is one reason why I was looking for another artist to collaborate with. And Sherryce, when I heard her vocal demo, I definitely wanted to talk to her and bring her into the studio. We kinda clicked on day one and have been working ever since together. We’ve already written several tracks together and we’re gonna probably keep writing. She’s a great talent and I love working with her.
LACPE: Awesome. And how about Beta Control? How did you get…
Beta Control: Well, actually…I met her cuz of this right here (holding up a bottle of beer).
Sherryce: Cervesa!
Beta Control: I was looking for one of these, and she was sitting next to me when I found one. That’s how I found her. And now we’re here. We’ve made records. It’s f---ing hilarious when you think about it. Thanks to beer. Thanks to America.
LACPE: So what’s the title of the record you guys made together?
Sherryce: Uh, Boris (Beta Control) and I? The track you heard tonight that was just released is called “Animal Instinct.” And that’s going to be on iTunes in December. It’s going to be on my full length dance album called Destiny and it’s going to be released the first of December.
LACPE: Can’t wait for that! That’s exciting. Do you have any other project that’s been already released, any of you?
Sherryce: Jounce has an album that’s coming out.
DJ Jounce: Yeah, I have a CD coming out August 30th. It’s called Temporal Ascent and it’s going to feature a track with Sherryce. Her vocal track - Examiner

“Sherryce, the electronic music artist sensation, already been making sales with downloads worldwide… I wanna play one of your tracks…cause you are blowing up!”

That’s big, that’s big…both Animal Instinct & Ooh La La are being signed to Rock Band! That’s big!

So talented at all you do…got my head spinnin ladies and gentlemen Animal Instinct by Sherryce…coming to a music library near you.”
- Blog Talk Radio

DJ Jounce "I wrote this track with Sherryce, it's her vocals that are featured on it. She's a fantastic singer. I think the lyrics are pretty self explanitory. But it's basically a fun dance party track, and I'll just let it roll."

- Artist First World Radio Network/Corrie King


Delirious #24 in sales UK topping dance charts
Ooh La La signed to Rock Band Video Games International
Animal Instinct signed to Rock Band Video Games International
Falling Into You featured on Dubstep Blog



SHERRYCE, an international music artist who composes and performs some of the hottest Electronic/Dance music found today, just launched two of her dance singles ´Ooh La La (Baisez Moi)´ and ´Animal Instinct´ to Rock Band video games. With hints of Gaga, Rihanna, & Beyonce her soul influenced vocals are refreshing and give new light to electronic dance music.

On the fast track, SHERRYCE´S vocals are refreshing." SHERRYCE, has a voice like smooth chocolate." Already gaining outstanding reviews "Ooh La La" according to The Rock N Roll Guru claims "has club hit written all over it. Between her magical voice and Jounce´s ability at laying down brilliant rhythms, "Ooh La La Baisez Moi" is destined for stardom." ´Ooh La La (Baisez Moi)´ also hit Itunes August 30th with a video release to follow 2012.

Growing up in conservative Cow Town USA, SHERRYCE felt musically inhibited. Now she creates music that people can grind to. Always the entertainer, at the ripe age of four she would perform in front of the family on her grandparent´s karaoke machine. Belting out Patsy Cline for hours she often fell asleep with microphone in hand.

Later moving onto college in western Oregon with a music scholarship, SHERRYCE was trained in classical, jazz, and blues performance. "I´ve always loved the soulfulness and artistry of jazz and blues. In high school my choir teacher introduce me to the classics, "Route 66," "It Don´t Mean a Thing," "Smile," and I´ve been hooked every since. I learned how to scat from Ella and Aretha taught me soul." Also graduating with an acting degree from the University of Northern Colorado, SHERRYCE uses her theatrical background to boost her musical performances. "I feel like my acting background gives me that extra edge on stage. It really helps connect with the audience."

SHERRYCE has also made a splash around the globe. At the age of 18 she performed in Estonia´s prestigious Laulupidu, being one of the first U.S. music artists to be invited to perform in Estonia. "It was a dream come true."

In 2007 SHERRYCE joined U.S. PIPE, one of Colorado´s top funk/hip hop/rock bands (June 2005 - April 2009). U.S. PIPE opened for the acclaimed George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, headlined at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and performed for VIP´s at the historical 2008 Democratic National Convention. Locally SHERRYCE has performed at some of the hottest venues in LA; Exchange Nightclub, Ecco, 333, the Paley Center Grammy Awards and Premier LA Fashion Shows. She most recently opened up for Andres Freskso (signed with Ultra Music) & Nadastrom.

This year SHERRYCE´S endeavors incorporate work with Audiodish, official remixer for Inna and an album in the works for early 2013. "My current songs are more me than ever before. I feel like I´m really coming into myself as a performing artist." ~With over 120,000 downloads of her music worldwide, this is one artist you want to hear.~

For upcoming releases, tour dates, and the latest info on Sherryce, visit:
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