Sherry Dyanne

Sherry Dyanne


Sherry Dyanne is a soul and jazz singer with a very distinctive retro sound. This sound teleports you to the days of Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington, home cooked apple pie and nostalgic jazz clubs. Sherry has a stunning live reputation and has now released her first album ‘Sing me a song’. This debut hosts a selection self-written, beautiful songs and long forgotten tracks from yesteryear. Sherry’s love for authenticity in life and music, has succeeded in creating a timeless atmosphere on this


Stax & Motown
Sherry grew up with two younger brothers in a family that loves music. “At home music was just as important as water. My father played a lot of records of Otis Redding,Tom Jones, Aretha Franklin, Kenny Rogers, Motown and Caribbean music, but also Dutch artists like André Hazes and Drukwerk.

For the recording of here debut album ‘Sing me a song’ Sherry picked the Flowriders studio in Amsterdam where they work with vintage recording equipment and instruments for the authentic sound. She was responsible for the whole production of the album, without interference of a record label. “I never recorded an album before and when you are working with others you are inclined to follow their advice. I wanted to discover myself on a musical level and as a singer. I didn’t want to be influenced by others, because this album had to be purely Sherry Dyanne. That doesn’t mean that I will not work with other people in the future, but for now I grabbed the change to discover my own style, in a very natural way.”


*Sing me a song
*sing me a song bonus

*Come on a my house feat. Candy Dulfer
*Just cause you're pretty
* lift my blues