Sherry Finzer

Sherry Finzer

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Sherry's original music in her CD titled "Sanctuary", stemmed from wanting to help people heal. Her music is both relaxing and meditative, and has helped many individuals relieve stress from their hectic lifestyles.


Sherry plays in several groups with different combinations of instrumentation with different styles of music. Her styles range from world music, latin, jazz,and new age to classical.

Sherry Finzer is a Performing Pearl Flute Artist (, Recording Artist ( and teacher in Phoenix, AZ ( She is also a Grammy voting member and a member of ASCAP. After decades of playing classically, she has branched out into other areas of music, performing and recording flamenco, jazz, world, new age and pop music.

In 2006 she released her first solo CD titled "DESERT JOURNEY". This CD is a compilation of songs written by guitarist and composer's Ric Flauding( and Christopher Caliendo( The genres of these songs include latin themes, world and new age music. In October of 2009 Sherry released another solo album titled "SANCTUARY". This new age/relaxation/medititation album consists of original compositions and uses a variety of flutes. Also released in October of 2009, CHRISTMAS PICANTE, an album recorded with Dulce VAS. Christmas Picante adds a latin flair to standard Christmas songs.

Sherry has twice won the Rochester Flute Association solo competition. She has also won three competitions for the National Flute Society and was selected to perform on alto flute with the NFA Professional Flute choir, and also in the Newly Published Music recital at the NFA's annual convention in August 2006 in Pittsburgh, PA, and Albuquerque, NM in 2007. Sherry also won first place in the AZ Flute Society Competition in 2008.


2005 - "Unleashed" - NRG!Duo
2006 - "Desert Journey" - Sherry Finzer
2007 - "Watercolors" - NRG!Duo
2009 - "Sanctuary" - Sherry Finzer
2009 - "Passion and Roses" with Diego Andres
2009 - "Guitarra del Sol" with Diego Andres
2009 - "Christmas Picante" - Dulce VAS