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Deptford Township, NJ, USA | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | INDIE

Deptford Township, NJ, USA | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2007
Solo Country Singer/Songwriter




"Duet's Recent Opry Appearance Kicks Single Into High Gear On MusicRow Chart"

Nashville, TN (October 7, 2013) - Country newcomer Sherry Lynn and Country legend Crystal Gayle are gaining new fans as their duet is making big moves at Country radio now. "Beautiful Life," the twosome's first collaboration, is sitting at #39 on this week's MusicRow chart. The upbeat song was written by award-winning tunesmith Danny Wells ("Check Yes Or No," "These Days"), Jose Luis Pagan and Sarah Lenore, and is from Lynn's current CD, A BEAUTIFUL LIFE (Steal Heart Music).

The singers met in 2008 when Lynn opened for Gayle - and the two made an immediate connection. "Crystal has long been one of my musical influences," notes Sherry. "To have the honor of opening for her was just fantastic." In 2011, Sherry was delighted when Crystal agreed to lend her vocals to a song for Sherry's up-and-coming CD, which was then put on hold until the perfect song was found. In December of 2012, Sherry and Crystal joined voices to record "Beautiful Life" with producer Ted Hewitt, the studio wizard behind Rodney Atkins' string of Number One hits. Crystal's son Christos Gatzimos engineered the session.

"It's not a barroom brawler or crying-in-your-beer number," observes Sherry. "It's a song about living life to the fullest - every single day."

This great big world's a wide-eyed wonder
Life is fast as lightning loud as thunder
So breathe it in hold on tight come on enjoy the ride
Time down here is only just borrowed
Forget yesterday don't worry 'bout tomorrow
Take your aim you get one shot so give it all you've got
Should you ever forget what it's all about
Stop for a minute and take a good look around

Gayle's voice is immediately recognizable, and Sherry's sweet and sassy sound is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Lynn's voice is powerful and blends Country with class for a mix that sets her apart from the rest of today's up-and-comers.

It's a style that impressed Crystal, and the singer recently invited Sherry to visit with her backstage at the Grand Ole Opry. "Little did I know she would honor me by asking me to make my Opry debut with our duet. I was literally floored. It was the most memorable night of my career." The performance wowed the Opry crowd, and put Lynn firmly in the spotlight. - Country music News International

"Country Newcomer Sherry Lynn and Country Legend Crystal Gayle Experience "A Beautiful Life" With New Single"

Country newcomer Sherry Lynn and Country legend Crystal Gayle are gaining new fans as their duet is making big moves at Country radio now. "Beautiful Life," the twosome's first collaboration, is sitting at #39 on this week's MusicRow chart. The upbeat song was written by award-winning tunesmith Danny Wells ("Check Yes Or No," "These Days"), Jose Luis Pagan and Sarah Lenore, and is from Lynn's current CD, A BEAUTIFUL LIFE (Steal Heart Music).

The singers met in 2008 when Lynn opened for Gayle - and the two made an immediate connection. "Crystal has long been one of my musical influences," notes Sherry. "To have the honor of opening for her was just fantastic." - All Access

"Beautiful life by Sherry Lynn"

Sherry Lynn has a great new song with a surprise guest.
You know I’m a fan of country music from the ’80s and ’90s.
We have a new song out that reminds me of that time. It’s upbeat and positive.
It’s just the kind of song you want to listen to if you’re in a good mood or if you need something to lift you up. Give it a listen.
You might recognize one of the voices there on the song. The main artist is Sherry Lynn, but Crystal Gayle is on there as well.

Quick fact that surprised me… I knew Crystal had some mega hits in the ’70s and ’80s, but I guess I didn’t realize she had 16 number one songs on the Billboard Country chart. That’s crazy.
Anyway, it’s good to have Crystal back with a great new song. And this time she’s joined forces with Sherry Lynn who is another great country female vocalist.

Sherry has been releasing songs for a while now and there have been some really good ones. I thin this one is top notch. It’s about taking a step back to think about the things that matter most in life like family, friends and being happy.
It’s the perfect song to bring you up on those days you’re feeling bad.
It also has a little twang that you got back in the ’80s and ’90s. You know I like that. - Country Music Life

"Sherry Lynn, Country Singer"

If you have the opportunity to sit down with Sherry Lynn, you will experience a casual conversation with a kind-hearted, down-to-earth woman. She is quick to welcome you into her home and is one who would give you the shirt off of her back in a heartbeat. Anyone who is fortunate enough to know her personally is blessed to have her friendship.

Peel away that every-day, casual persona, and you will find the heart of a country girl from a little town in Jersey. Sherry Lynn’s amazing soul shines through in her music. If you take a ride through Lynn’s life, you would be in awe of the person she is and where she has come from.

Sherry Lynn hails from a little town by the name of Clayton. At a young age, she tragically lost her father who was the victim of a murder. Left on her own, her mother did what she could to put food on the table and raise three children. Her mother worked two jobs, so Sherry Lynn and her siblings often had the responsibility of looking out for each other.

Growing up, Sherry Lynn acquired a love of music through her mother. Her mother often had country music playing throughout the house. "I could recite Coal Miner’s Daughter word for word," chuckles Lynn. Singing into hairbrushes around the house led to dreams of stardom. Those dreams were quickly put on the back shelf as Sherry Lynn started her own family at the age of 17. She was married at the age of 19 and soon had five of her own children to take care of. Those dreams seemed to move further and further from the front of her mind.

Between then and now, a few doors have opened for her. She started writing songs and meeting people on songwriting websites. She met Ted Hewitt, a veteran producer who has earned a gold album with Rodney Atkins’ If You’re Going Through Hell. She also had the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at a Phillies/Mets game which as fate would have it was the same night they had Tim McGraw throwing the first pitch.

Sherry Lynn has been performing all over her home state. She has performed in a wide range of venues including: local bars, theaters, fairs, festivals and outdoor concerts. She has been fortunate enough to open for national acts along the way. You may have seen her over the past few years in a variety of country music publications. She has been featured as the Who’s New Artist in Country Weekly. You may have also seen her in CMA Close Up Magazine. In the European market the United Kingdom’s Line Dancer Magazine featured a 2-page biography on Sherry Lynn.

There is no doubt Sherry Lynn is not your typical cookie-cutter country singer. She has proven to be an artist who knows who she is and isn’t afraid to lay it all out on the table. If you are fortunate enough to truly get to know her, you will see for yourself what an extraordinary woman she is. Robert L. Doershuk of CMA Close Up states, "If Sherry Lynn had never been born, someone would have brought her to life in a Country lyric. In fact, that song has already been created by Sherry Lynn herself...” *Lynn’s autobiographic song “Is There Still Time” continues to melt the hearts of listeners and stands as a testament saying that it is never too late to follow your dreams. This mother of five is proving just that with her strong will and perseverance to succeed.

Without a doubt, Sherry Lynn is moving up in the world of country music. You can find more information about Sherry Lynn and her music at her Web Site, on MySpace or on Facebook. You won’t be disappointed. Jolene Downs of Country Stars Online raves over it, saying: "Lynn has a unique song delivery, and the fact that she loves what she does is just evident in her music. She just has a positive energy that comes through to the listener...She’s contemporary with a touch of traditional and is definitely a new artist worth checking out..."


A telephone interview with Sherry Lynn is refreshingly different. Revealing no-frills qualities that belie her rising star status, she easily and unpretentiously turns the tables on the interviewer with questions of her own. She has a knack of putting others at ease; she seems to be everyone’s friend.”

Bob Shryock of the Gloucester County Times says, “You won’t be disappointed”. Jolene Downs of Country Stars Online raves over it, saying , "Lynn has a unique song delivery, and the fact that she loves what she does is just evident in her music. She just has a positive energy that comes through to the listener...She’s contemporary with a touch of traditional and is definitely a new artist worth checking out..."

"Up and Coming Country Artist Sherry Lynn tore the house down!!!!! My girls got some pipes. she can sing and she is a sweetheart. Keep your ear out for her she is the real deal!" says Jacqui 106.7 Coast Country.
- The Women of Gloucester County Magazine

"Best of South jersey 2011"

“One of the Best Live Bands 2011 "Sherry Lynn & the Local Fix” - Courier Post

"Whata a Day to Shake a Heartache Review"

“In a Review of Sherry Lynn's new single "What a Day to Shake a Heartache Robert K Oermann states that "Sherry Lynn proves that she is ready to run with the big dogs" - Robert K Oermann - Music Row Reviews

"Sherry Lynn the Entertainer"

Sherry Lynn is a dynamic entertainer and wonderful singer. She is a hit on The Billy Block Show. - Billy Block - The Billy Block Show & Locals Only

"Breakin Up Song Review"

"This song is the best yet from a very talented singer! Very relatable and fun!!!" - Fletcher Brown, WXFL Florence, Alabama

"Sherry Lynn the Artist"

I've been working with Sherry Lynn for a number of years and she just keeps getting better. On her new album she has delivers some amazing performances. She has a powerful voice and she made my job easy by just walking into the studio and blowing me away song after song. You owe it to yourself to hear her. She's got it goin' on!
- Ted Hewitt / Producer Curb Records

"Sherry Lynn's New Song"

"Country artist Sherry Lynn is back with a great uptempo song you need to check out.
"The Breakin' Up Song" is a different and fresh look at breaking up. If you want to add tempo to your
playlist, add Sherry Lynn." - Mike Betten, Music Director KLMJ Hampton, IA

"Breakin Up Song Review"

"Sherry Lynn's vocal style sets her apart from the pack." - Matt Bjorke, editor of

"A Beautiful Life CD Review"

Sherry Lynn is on my list of Country Stars to watch, The New Album is AMAZING. - Jack Aponte (Captain Jack) Owner / President /COO Renegade Radio Nashville

"Debut Spotlight Artist"

Sherry Lynn

If Sherry Lynn had never been born, someone would have brought her to life in a Country lyric. In fact, that song has already been created – by Sherry Lynn herself.

On her Steal Heart Music debut, (BEGIN ITALIC) It’s a Woman Thing, (END ITALIC) this buoyant singer co-wrote two tracks but penned her most personal song, “Is There Still Time,” on her own. In contrast to the honky-tonk swagger of up-tempo tunes that include “Love or Something Like It” and “Playing with the Big Boys,” this one tells the story of a woman who had her first child at 17, was married by 19 and is left to peer down the road that runs past her suburban home, wondering “is there still time for her to chase her dream, the one she left behind?”

That’s exactly what Lynn was asking herself back in Clayton, N.J., where life seemed to offer nothing more than a job waiting tables. All that changed when she reordered her priorities and made her way to Nashville.

Producer Ted Hewitt captured Rodney Atkins’ rugged but sensitive essence on (BEGIN ITALIC) If You’re Going through Hell; (END ITALIC) he repeats the feat with Lynn on (BEGIN ITALIC) It’s a Woman Thing, (END ITALIC) in which a tender current adds depth to the assertive, sometimes playful quality in her phrasing. There’s wisdom in her music, insightful and childlike on “Scarecrow Dance,” wry and toughened by experience on “Wrong Train.” Above all, there’s the kind of strength that comes from survival – and a promise that Lynn intends to stay around for a while.


Who is your musical hero?

“When I was a young girl, I grew up wanting to be just like Loretta Lynn. She still hugs a part of everything I love about Country Music, but as I grew into adulthood Reba McEntire became a chart topper for me. She is such an amazing person inside and out, not to mention that incredible voice of hers.”

Which song would you like to cover?

“‘Just Like Jesse James’ by Cher.”

What word or phrase do you find yourself saying over and over again?

“It’s all good.”

When they look back on your life in 50 years, what do you hope people say about you?

“I hope people would say what a caring and giving person I was and how I somehow impacted their life in a good way – that somehow I was some sort of inspiration to them.”

On the Web:
- CMA Close Up Magazine Dec/Jan

"Sherry Lynn - It's A Woman Thing"

Sherry Lynn - It’s A Woman Thing
- “It’s A Woman Thing” is an appropriate title for Sherry Lynn’s album chronicling the life, times and tribulations of several females. Lynn’s vocals do get quite somber at times, which might depress some listeners, but if they have experienced similar hard times the album will appeal to them.

The first song has upbeat guitar and drum work, although the message of the song starts off rather sad. Lynn croons about a father and daughter and the troubles they are enduring with such lines as, “Near a little old farmin’ town a farmer and his daughter…In the hot summer sun. As he cursed the dry weather and the passing of his wife, his daughter said, ‘Daddy, now don’t worry none, Mama taught me a song.’” Although the topic of the song starts with unhappy tidings, the jaunty melody and the lyrics that get more cheery might make listeners smile when they didn’t anticipate doing so.

The second song has a rhythm that is perfect to dance to, complete with sprightly guitar, drum and even a little piano in the background. On this track, Lynn sings about her childhood transformation from a girly girl into a bona-fide tomboy. “When I was just a girl I traded in my curls for a ponytail and a baseball glove. Hangin’ with the boys, makin’ lots of noise…All my girlfriends play with Barbies…Skippin’ rope…Makin’ fun of me but now this little girl’s grown up and I’m playing with the big boys now…All the girls who used to laugh at me now they’re wishin’ they were in my place.”

The third song has a much slower tempo courtesy of a violin. Lynn expounds about how the existence of one young girl has brought her some unforeseen twists and turns, and she is wondering if the choices’ she has made has caused her life to go by too briskly. “Sittin’ on the porch swing. Thinkin’ about her life. At 17 she was a mother and 19 someone’s wife. Time’s been travelin’ oh so fast, she’s watching it pass her by. Remembering her childhood dreams and she wonders. Is there still time?...Still time for her to chase her dreams the ones she left behind?...Between the football and little league…Can she somehow find the strength to bring her dreams to life?” This song might sadden listeners with its downtrodden message, and Lynn’s timbre has a dolefulness that will evoke absolute sympathy from listeners for this girl and her predicament.

“It’s A Woman Thing” from Sherry Lynn is a dyed-in-the-wool country album filled with songs of woe and disappointment. For fans of tried and true country music “It’s A Woman Thing” is the record for them.

Reviewer: Sari N. Kent
- Celebrity Cafe

"Sherry Lynn No Cookie Cutter Artrist"

For Immediate Release

November 13, 2007

Sherry Lynn No Cookie Cutter Artist

It’s A Woman Thing Reviewed by Country Stars Online

Nashville, TN - Steal Heart Music recording artist, Sherry Lynn, has released a second single, "Wrong Train,” to country radio, and is currently going for adds. The song is from her CD “It’s a Woman Thing,”

Sherry Lynn is a woman who has plenty of grit to go the distance. With her honest approach and fortitude, Sherry Lynn, is working her way into the hearts of country music fans who understand right where she's come from. She’s worked as a waitress to support her family and makes no bones about the fact that she started out a single mother at the tender age of 17. It takes determination to be a woman in today’s world, let alone a woman who is breaking into the music business while raising five children.

In the Country Stars Online review, contributing journalist, Jolene Downs voiced her opinion of Lynn and her CD, “It’s A Woman Thing,” by saying, “She is not a cookie cutter artist. Lynn has a unique song delivery, and the fact that she loves what she does is evident in her music. She just has a positive energy that comes through to the listener. If I had to put a label on her music it would be a collision between Gretchen Wilson and Loretta Lynn. She has the steel and determination of both, along with being comfortable in her own skin with no apologies. She's contemporary with a touch of the traditional and is definitely a new artist worth checking out.”

When Sherry Lynn sings the opening line from her new single, Wrong Train, “You come walking in here like a run away train, you better cool that engine down,” the listener can hear that this is a lady who knows what she wants…and doesn’t want. If you’re a Sherry Lynn fan, you better come to the party prepared to deal with a real woman... One who speaks to real life issues in a real-world style.

For More Information:

Country Stars Online Interview:
- Country Stars Online

"Sherry Lynn to perform with country star Collin Raye"

Pull out your cowboy boots and 10-gallon hats.

The Dennis Flyer Theater at Camden County College is hosting a benefit concert for the children’s programs at Mainstage Center for the Arts in Blackwood this weekend.

Nashville recording artist Sherry Lynn and her band will be performing, along with country superstar Collin Raye.

Lynn grew up in Clayton where she sang in her high school chorus and performed in her school’s plays.

“I would never try out for lead singer because I was nervous,” she said. “Everything I did musically was in a group.”

Later in life, she worked up the nerve to perform at karaoke bars with the support of friends.

“Afterward, when people started clapping, I thought, ‘Well, that wasn’t so bad,’” she said.

Lynn’s newfound confidence and determination led her to Nashville where she met Ted Hewitt, the producer of Rodney Atkins’ latest hits. Together they produced her first album, “It’s a Woman Thing” in 2008.

Lynn and Hewitt are currently working on the finishing touches of her second album, “So Much More” which will be released sometime this year.

While recording, Lynn has been in Gloucester County doing a few local shows this summer, in addition to this weekend’s benefit concert.

“I love performing anywhere, but it’s always easier when you’re in your own neck of the woods,” she said.

She is currently living in Gloucester County, but travels to Nashville to record and participate in events.

“I’ve been around here a lot lately,” said Lynn. “I did the Gloucester County 4-H fair last weekend, and I’m doing the Camden County fair this weekend, in addition to the show with Collin Raye.”

Fans can look forward to hearing a few brand-new songs from Lynn’s new album at the Mainstage Center for the Arts Benefit this weekend. A sample preview CD that includes five of these new songs will also be available for purchase.

Lynn and her band have done several shows with Mainstage in the past.

“We did quite a few shows there last summer, as well as the Blackwood Pumpkin Festival,” she said. “I’m happy to help out and be a part of this show.”

If you go: The Collin Raye concert with Sherry Lynn will begin at 8 p.m. Tickets are $25 for the show and $35 for Collin Raye fans who wish to meet him during a “Meet and Greet” an hour before the show. Opening the show will be Mainstage Center for the Arts alum and recording artist Payton Taylor. To order tickets visit,

- By Angela Romanksy The Gloucester County Times

"Country singer Sherry Lynn is on her way"

When would an established rock band actually consider changing its format to country music?

Apparently, when asked by a bright, talented and promising vocalist such as Sherry Lynn of Washington Township.

After years of simply dreaming of performing, Lynn finally broke into country music a few years ago, but was in need of permanent musicians to back up her country-inspired vocals.

“I took a rock band that was already here and asked them if they wanted to learn country,” Lynn said. “I didn’t hear from them for about a year, then they called me, and the past two years they have been playing out with me. They’re awesome and do whatever they can to help.”

Lynn’s dreams of becoming “just like Loretta Lynn” began during a trying and tumultuous childhood.

“My father was murdered when I was 2,” she said. “My sister remembers him, but I really don’t remember much.”

Instead, Lynn recalls how hard her mother had to work to keep food on the table for the children.

“When I was younger, my mom worked two to three jobs and was hardly ever home,” Lynn remembered. “I had to grow up quick, maybe too quick, and I remember I was always mad. But now that I’m grown up, it all made me stronger.”

When her mother wasn’t at one of her jobs, she filled their home with country music, which instilled a love for the genre in Lynn’s heart. However, music would remain a hobby until her adult years.

“Mom tried making me play clarinet and flute in school, but they were short-lived musical careers,” she said.

Even though she dreamed of singing in front of an audience, her fear of the limelight held her back.

“I could never get out there and try out for solos (in musicals) or anything,” she said. “It took a long time to overcome. Those nerves are there and they don’t go away so easily.”

At 17, Lynn had a baby, and her musical dreams were put on hold.

“I thought, ‘OK. I have children and I’m married (at 19),’ and I didn’t even think about (singing),” she said. A short time later, merely on a whim, Lynn accompanied a group of friends to a karaoke event. Because of her intense stage fright, she explained she would simply sit at the table and look through the song book, but never get up to sing a tune.

“Finally, one night I went up there,” she said.

After she sang, she was surprised to hear people in the crowd applauding.

“I thought, ‘Maybe that wasn’t so bad,’” she said.

Soon, people began requesting songs from her, asking her to perform certain songs and tipping her after she performed.

“It was really exciting, having people like what I was doing,” Lynn said.

Interested in recording, but unaware of the process involved in singing other people’s songs, Lynn took to the Internet and began researching at several song-writing sites.

One person she connected with asked her to co-write a song. That person just happened to be a friend of country singer Joe Diffie.

With a new knowledge of the music business, support from other musicians and a dream in her heart, in no time at all, Lynn was in the studio recording a few cover songs and some of her original pieces.

“It’s exciting going from a karaoke bar to a recording studio,” she said.

Then, in 2007, Lynn released her first CD, “It’s a Woman Thing.”

“We got distribution for it, but didn’t push it too far,” she said.

Lynn began playing out in the area and would sell her CD at shows and local events. One day during a photo shoot at the Broadway Theatre in Pitman, the singer was approached to open for country performer Sammy Kershaw.

From there, the world opened up and Lynn was on her way.

She has opened for Crystal Gayle, Buxton Hughes and John Rich of Big and Rich. She has also made some impressive special appearances, including singing the “National Anthem” at a Phillies game, where country legend Tim McGraw just happened to be throwing out the first pitch.

“It’s amazing,” she said enthusiastically. “Who would have thought this would happen for me, now with five kids.”

Yes, this mother of five budgets her time between being a parent and country singer with a new CD due out in spring 2011. She is currently recording songs and working with producer Ted Hewitt on completing her second release.

Sherry Lynn and the Local Fix band are planning one show during the holidays on Dec. 18 at the Roadhouse, 1201 Clements Bridge Road, in Barrington.

For more information about Sherry Lynn, visit

- By Kelly Roncace/South Jersey Times

"Washington Township resident's career on rise"

It’s not a monumental surprise that Sherry Lynn seems very much on track to realize her dream of one day performing on stage at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

Introduced to country music by her mother as a youngster growing up in Clayton, Sherry Lynn could recite the words to her namesake Loretta Lynn’s classic hit “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” verbatim. Now the mother of five shuttles between her Washington Township home and Nashville, performing in dozens of venues with the “Local Fix Band,” writing songs, and availing herself to appearances as diverse as Paulsboro Day (Sept. 11, don’t miss it) and the Blackwood Pumpkin Festival (Oct. 3). And although she sticks primarily to the East Coast, Sherry Lynn will be in Iowa of all places next month to judge a pancake contest that traditionally draws crowds of 25,000.

She’s also watching her new release, “What a Day to Shake a Heartache,” positioned at No. 57 this week on the country charts and climbing.

“Things are going well,” says Sherry Lynn. “I’m very happy doing what I love to do.”

A telephone interview with Sherry Lynn is refreshingly different. Revealing no-frills qualities that belie her rising star status, she easily and unpretentiously turns the tables on the interviewer with questions of her own. She has a knack of putting others at ease; she seems to be everyone’s friend.

Her childhood was not easy, especially after losing her father. Sherry Lynn’s mother worked two jobs to feed and raise three children. She pondered country music stardom, singing into hairbrushes she pretended were microphones, but started her own family at age 17, marrying at 19, and put her dreams on hold.

Then doors began opening through her talent for writing songs and meeting other songwriters on websites. Sherry Lynn made a key connection when she met producer Ted Hewitt.

She sang the National Anthem at a Phillies’ game attended by 45,000 (“largest crowd I’ve sung before”) on the same night country superstar Tim McGraw, Tug’s son, threw out the first pitch. They signed autographs together. It was a special night for a big-time fan of the Phils.

She’s maintained a busy local schedule — Pitman’s Broadway and other theaters, concerts, festivals, bars, a welcome home celebration for a Marine, a benefit for Virginia Tech shooting victim Sean McQuade.

She’s been featured in magazines such as CMA Close Up, whose reviewer Robert L. Doershuk wrote: “If Sherry Lynn had never been born, someone would have brought her to life in a country lyric.”

Jolene Downs (Country Stars Online): “Lynn has a unique song delivery ... a positive energy that comes through to the listener. She’s contemporary with a touch of traditional and is definitely a new artist worth checking out.”

She recorded a CD, “It’s a Woman’s Thing,” two years ago in Nashville, launching her own label and promoting the effort nationwide. She wrote three of the tracks herself.

Sherry Lynn reminds that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams in her signature song, “Is There Still Time?”

Her “Local Fix Band” has a distinct Gloucester County flavor. Jeff Pfeiffer (drums) is from Deptford, Eric Aldrich (keyboard) from Pitman.

The budding star balances her time between home, raising five kids, and her music.

Her youngest child, who is seven, already has her sites set on following her mother into show biz.

“She says she’s going to sing better than Mommy. Maybe we’ll be the next Judds.” - By Bob Shryock/South Jersey Times

"One Giant Step"

Sherry Lynn, who became comfortable singing in front of crowds while making the rounds of South Jersey karaoke bars, takes another step toward establishing her credentials as a country singer when she opens for the high-profile Sammy Kershaw Band at the Broadway Theater of Pitman Thursday.

"It's a big career boost, opening for Sammy," says the lifelong Gloucester County resident. "It opens another door." She also is on the bill for a Sean McQuade benefit concert May 19.

She grew up Sherry Lynn Hewitt in Clayton, attended Clayton schools until the eighth grade, and transferred to Sacred Heart High School in Vineland. She began waitressing at age 16, had her first child at 17, dropped out of school, and had four of her five children by the time she was 23.

When she was growing up, life wasn't easy. Her mother worked two jobs to support her and two other siblings after her father was shot and killed in his hotel room while attending a Baltimore convention. At the time, Sherry was just 2.

Sherry Lynn hired baby-sitters and was encouraged by friends to sing at karaoke bars, often belting out country numbers. She recalls, "Once you get through the first song it calms your nerves."

She was approached by several who liked her voice and suggested she make demo tapes. She also began doing research into the recording industry and met a Nashville producer who cut a gold-selling album for Rodney Atkins.Sherry Lynn recalls often standing in front of a mirror, holding a hair brush as though it was a microphone, singing Loretta Lynn's "Coal Miner's Daughter," and dreaming to one day sing at the Grand Ole Opry -- like Loretta. A start was dropping her last name but keeping the other two: Sherry Lynn. There were obvious life parallels, of course: Both struggled against adversity to raise their children, both made singing a career.

Sherry calls herself a "huge" Loretta Lynn fan who has seen the movie more times than she can remember.

Sherry has a promising dual career: Singing and songwriting. Writing is a passion she's had since once penning poetry.

Already successful with top 10 records in Europe and Australia, she soon will release her first CD, "It's a Woman Thing." It includes 10 songs, three of which Sherry co-wrote: "Is There Still Time?" "Way Past Over You," and "Simple Things." Sherry Lynn now lives in Washington Township with her second husband and children and hopes one day to own a second home in Nashville, where she spent time rehearsing with the Kershaw band this week. She became a Nashville semi-regular 18 months ago.

"We're hopeful the music can take me as far as possible," she says. "Right now, I go back and forth to Nashville, and when I'm done recording, I go home. But hopefully my music's getting me there full time."

Sherry knows it's a "tough business." So she hopes to hire a Nashville-based vocal coach.

A huge fan of country mega-stars George Strait and Reba McEntire, Sherry says she has her own sound.

"Everyone wants to know why I have a southern accent when I sing," she laughs.

She's been to the refurbished Broadway Theater for a concert -- "Broadway is gorgeous; I want to help with its revival" -- and looks forward to performing in her home county in front of family and friends. She'll sing seven songs, including one of Loretta Lynn's.

"It ought to be a lot of fun," says Sherry Lynn, who has taken a giant step from karaoke bars. - By Bob Shryock The Gloucester Couty Times

"What a Day to Shake a Heartache"

"Sherry Lynn proves that she is ready to run with the Big Dogs" Robert K Oermann - Music Row

"Sherry Lynn Performs for NJ Veterans"

Sherry Lynn donated her time to go down and put on a Live Performance at the NJ State Veterans Memorial Home in Vineland NJ. Sherry put on a show for Veterans at the home as well as some family members. - EMC

"Sherry Lynn in Country Weekly"

Sherry Lynn will be Featured in a new section of Country Weekly Magazine titled "Listen Up" this new Featured section will run in the June 2nd issue and will hit the streets on may 19th. Sherry Lynn will be the first Artist Featured. - EMC

"Sherry Lynn's Debut CD in Stores Aug. 19th"

Sherry Lynn's debut CD "It's A Woman Thing" will be in stores on August 19, 2008. Lynn has made a deal with Brody Distribution / Sony Red which will launch her CD into stores such as Target & Wal Mart etc... - EMC

"Sherry Lynn sings National Anthem for 45,000 +"

Steal Heart Music/Spinville Records recording artist, Sherry Lynn heads into July in an all American way. Lynn, who is an up and coming country music singer, and a South Jersey resident, was honored when her favorite baseball team asked her to ‘take the field’ in front of a sold out crowd of 45,000 screaming fans to sing the national anthem. The game was a Phillies home game played against the Mets at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia on Saturday, June 30th. Sherry Lynn was further surprised to find out that fellow country singer, and son of the late baseball player, Tug McGraw, would be throwing out the first pitch. Tim McGraw dressed in a Phillies shirt and ball cap instead of his trademark cowboy hat, graciously posed with Sherry Lynn for a photo.
Sherry Lynn is currently on a national radio tour in support of the current single; Scarecrow Dance from her CD It’s a Woman Thing. “It’s just lucky that I was home this weekend and not on the radio tour. I was thrilled to be asked to sing the anthem for the game,” said Lynn. I took the week off for the July 4th holiday… but never dreamed I get the opportunity to sing the Anthem for such an important home game,” continued Lynn.
She had just completed touring radio stations in the northeast; covering Maryland, Washington DC and parts of northern Pennsylvania. She had just arrived back in New Jersey when the invitation to sing the anthem came in. She will be back on her radio tour on July 9th as she heads to the southeast to visit and perform for country radio stations in that region. The tour will continue throughout July and into August covering the full US.
Sherry Lynn has performed in her hometown market on other occasions, opening for country singer, Sammy Kershaw at the Broadway Theater in Pittman, NJ. She’s also participated in a fund raiser for Sean McQuade, a student of Virginia Tech who was critically injured during the recent shootings.

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"Scarecrow Dance Moves North"

Scarecrow Dance Moving North
Sherry Lynn Heads to the Northeast
Begins a National Radio Tour

Nashville, TN – Steal Heart Music/Spinville recording artist, Sherry Lynn is embarking on her first radio tour in support of her current single, Scarecrow Dance, from her soon to be released(7/10/07) CD, “It’s A Woman Thing.” Sherry Lynn will begin visiting and performing live for country radio stations in Maryland, Pennsylvania and the Washington DC area. The initial leg of the tour will continue into July, covering the Southeastern U.S. The theme of Scarecrow Dance is very relevant in these markets due to current lack of rain, and how weather in general is affecting many people’s lives and family incomes.

The song is being added to radio stations nationally, indicating that the song’s subject matter is as global as the weather conditions themselves. Sherry Lynn’s record label is setting up a link on the website where fans, adults and kids alike, can discuss the song, and how global warming is affecting their personal lives. Fans can also send messages of hope to those whose lives depend on good weather conditions for their incomes.

“I’m not going for a political statement with Scarecrow Dance,” stated Lynn. “I’m looking to give people who are facing hard times due to either floods or drought, a place where they can congregate and just talk. Children especially need to be able to feel safe when things around them seem to be unmanageable. They need to be able to talk about what’s going on in their area and discuss how they are coping,” continued Lynn.

Ironically, although the song is topical now, Scarecrow Dance is not a recently written song. Nashville songwriters Denny Car and Larry Haack wrote the whimsical tune in mid - 1990’s. Sherry Lynn’s producer, Ted Hewitt, producer of Rodney Akins platinum selling CD “If You’re Going Through Hell,” found the song for Sherry Lynn through Springbarrel Songwriter Services. The lyric for Scarecrow Dance focuses on a young girl’s dream. In the dream, her deceased mother passes along a message to her that the family’s farm crops could be saved from drought, by their scarecrow dancing to produce rain. All of this can take place only if the little girl truly believes that help is on its way. Her father, anchored in reality, disapproves of the child’s giving so much attention to a scarecrow and what seems to be an impossible situation. To experience the tale's outcome, you’ll have to visit the site to listen to the song.

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"Wonder Who This Woman Is"

Wonder Who This Woman Is?
Steal Heart Music/Spinville recording artist, Sherry Lynn will perform for the first time in Nashville Wednesday (9/26) at 12th and Porter. Sherry Lynn has spent the summer months touring country radio both in the Midwest and the East. Now, she's is making this stop in Nashville to spread the word that she’s here to stay.
Her label, Steal Heart Music/Spinville records started an industry awareness campaign by purchasing prime real estate; the cover of R&R magazine. The cover pictured Sherry Lynn with a banner asking readers “Wonder who this Woman Is?” In answer to the question, they are following up this campaign with an opportunity for both area fans, and the music industry to both meet, and witness Sherry Lynn as she performs songs from her CD, “It’s A Woman Thing.”
Nashville’s 103 WKDF will be conducting a live radio remote from the location, and Jersey Mike’s will be serving sandwich samples... you see, Sherry Lynn, is a ‘Jersey’ country girl, born and raised in New Jersey.
Sherry Lynn is carrying the torch for those who may have felt that having children and a raising a family may have postponed their dreams forever. Sherry Lynn is the mother of five children.

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December 2015 Merry Christmas To Me

December 2014  I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas

December 2013 - Christmas On My Mind

May 2013
Beautiful Life Single Sherry Lynn with Crystal Gayle

Feb 2014

Girls Will Be Girls Singlle

March 2014
A Beautiful Life
1. I Like Em Like That
2. Girls Will be Girls
3. Slip Into Something Mexico
4. what a Day to Shake a Heartache
5. You In a Song
6. So Much More
7. What are You Running From
8. Fallin In Love
9. I Could Get Used to This
10. Beautiful Life with Crystal Gayle

Single 2012 "Breakin Up Song" #55 Billboard Indicator Chart

Single 2010
What a Day to Shake a Heartache #32 Country Breakout Chart

So Much More CD Due out March 2012

CD - It's A Woman Thing---2007
1.Scarecrow Dance
2.Playing With The Big Boys-
3.Is There Still Time
4.Way Past Over You
5.Wrong Train
6.Sound Of Goodbye
7.Suddenly -
8.Love Or Something Like It
9.Simple Things -
10.Forever My Man



For Sherry Lynn, A Beautiful Life is more than her sophomore album; its her view of the world. The title cut, a duet with Grammy-winning superstar Crystal Gayle, backs it up: Life is short, so jump in with both feet, chase your dreams, hold fast and relish the ride.

Thats exactly what Sherry has been doing since she transitioned from the Karaoke stage to opening in 2006 for Sammy Kershaw at Pitman, New Jerseys historic Broadway Theatre. Fast-forward two years, when Sherry was invited back to the Broadway to open for Crystal Gayle, one of Sherrys musical heroes. The concert turned out to be a pivotal moment in Sherrys career.

It was one of those freeze-frame moments for Sherry. As a child, shed set her career compass to singing the same day she watched Loretta Lynns biopic Coal Miners Daughter. And now there she was opening for Lorettas sister.

In 2011 Sherry was delighted when Crystal agreed to lend her vocals to a song on Sherrys up and coming CD which was then put on hold while the perfect song was found. In December of 2012 Beautiful Life, a song co-penned by award-winning tunesmith Danny Wells, best known for George Straits Check Yes Or No and Rascal Flatts These Days. Sherry and Crystal joined voices at Crystals studio, Audio 51, with producer Ted Hewitt, the studio wizard behind Rodney Atkins string of Number One hits. Crystals son Christos Gatzimos engineered the session.

To choose the nine other tunes on A Beautiful Life, Sherry turned to stellar songwriters like Kelley Lovelace, who co-penned Girls Will Be Girls and eight Brad Paisley Number Ones; ASCAP 2009 Songwriter of the Year Ashley Gorley, who took Carrie Underwood to the top with All-American Girl and Good Girl; Edward Monroe Hill, another George Strait hitmaker, and Karyn Rochelle noted for writing Trisha Yearwoods This Is Me Youre Talking To, and Kelly Picklers hits I Wonder and Red High Heels.

That an independent artist could land A-list songs by top tier writers proves that Sherrys is a voice to be reckoned with. Because of her equally polished stage presence, shes shared the stage with the likes of Miranda Lambert, the Oak Ridge Boys, LeAnn Rimes, John Rich and Chris Young. Sherry belted out The Star Spangled Banner before a crowd of 45,000 when the Phillies played the Mets at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. This summer was one Sherry will not soon forget. Performing at the CMA Music Festival in downtown Nashville was amazing but nothing could compare to what happened next. Crystal invited Sherry to perform Beautiful Life on the legendary stage that Sherry dreamed of her entire life, The Grand Ole Opry. There are no words to describe the emotion I felt or what it meant to me to sing on that stage where so many legends have stood. I could never Thank Crystal enough for making my dream come true

Whether Sherrys sneaking a peek at the hottie next door in I Like Em Like That, embracing love in I Could Get Used To This, or blowing off heartbreak in Slip Into Something Mexico and What a Day To Shake a Heartache, Sherry keeps it upbeat and personal. When she ramps up the rowdy anthem Girls Will Be Girls and points her taillights at yesterday in So Much More, its autobiographical. Pure Sherry Lynn and her Beautiful Life.