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I Hate People

Written By: Sherry Netherland

I Hate People
music and lyrics Sherry Netherland (ASCAP)

I like to take people as they are. Consequently, I hate a lot of people.

I hate people, don’t you?
They aggravate in everything they do
If they could only be like me
The world would be a better place
I hate people, don’t you?

They talk out loud throughout your favorite movie
Unwrapping sourballs from cellophane
I’d like them all to die
Well, maybe just a few of them
I hate people, don’t you?

I can’t escape their cell phone conversations
You find out things you’d just as soon not know
Why can’t they understand
Some things are better left unsaid
I hate people, don’t you?

The rules we know do not apply to them
The things they do just focus on the me
They take up too much room
I wish they’d all just go away
I hate people, don’t you?

Everything is couched in innuendo
They never say exactly what they mean
If people think you’re nice
You can fake your way through life
I hate people, don’t you?

I guess it’s not as if they’re really lying
They just say things they think you wanna hear
Like, I’ll call you (No, you won’t)
Like, I love you (No, you don’t)
Like, No, you don’t look fat in that (Yes, you do)
I hate people, don’t you?

Misanthropes…There are a lot of us out there
Misanthropes…Why can’t we all get along?
Misanthropes…To know me is to love me
Just don’t invade my space

Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me
Gimme Gimme Gimme
I wanna
I’m gonna
Screw you