sherry st.germain

sherry st.germain


janis joplin and aretha franklin..... meeting on a train on the way to philly....


Sherry St.Germain has worked with some of the top names in the business.... such as Bob Power, Danja aka Nate hills, Timbaland and Junior Sanchez. Her talent as a multi-instumentalist with a knack for writing beautiful songs got the attention of EMI Music Publishing who signed her in august 2006. She has spent the time since traveling North America writing for several different artists, as well as preparing material for her debut album which she is currently recording in Vancouver. Sherry's music is an ecclectic mix of Pop/Soul/Old and New school...


Featured Performances:

Moses Mayes - Second Ring
The Masses - The Masses
Savannah Ibiza - Beach Club Vol.2
Dj Ali - You and I
Northern Faction 3
The Trendy Eastern Tokyo
Hi Jazz 3
Let's Get Elevated
Moving Day

Set List

Mostly originals....
Covers include.... Jamiroquai- canned heat- Space cowboy..
Lenny Kravits-are you gonna go my way...
ACDC- Own version of back in black..