Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
BandPopAdult Contemporary

Singer/Songwriter Keyboard Player rocking PA/NJ for the last 3 years. Over 150shows a year. 3-4 Hour show consisting of modern rock covers and originals. New Album will be out Jan 2011. Photo shoot scheduled in December with Playboy Photographer, Scott Church, for Album Art.


Sherry Marchefsky, a native of Pottsville, PA, has come full circle. For the last three years, she’s been presenting her symphonic collection back home from Louisiana in Pennsylvania. Beginning at the age of 3, she was classically trained on the piano but her perpetual need for expression compelled her to start writing and composing.

Sherry completed her secondary education at Full Sail (Orlando, FL) in Audio Engineering. During this time she participated and prevailed in a regional talent contest granting her a vocal position on a Dance Compilation CD for Fitzgerald Mystic Records. Upon her graduation from Full Sail, she worked for ABC News, Fox News, and National Public Radio in Washington D.C. She recorded a four song demo in Studio 4A at NPR in 2003. The recording caught the attention of Howard Rosen Promotions (Hollywood, Ca) and was showcased on college radio stations throughout the U.S. and Canada. “Nick of Time” charted #1 in Long Beach, CA while “Another Valium Day” charted #1 in Manhattan, NY. Sherry is currently working with Song Placements (Los Angeles, Ca) to expose her music to the Movie/Film circuit. She also obtained Jägermeister and Yuengling sponsorships in 2009.

She has over 100 shows booked each year, with 2010 having over 150, at crazy college bars, fine dining establishments, festivals, VIP parties, country clubs, casinos, etc….

Sherry’s ability to adapt to the venue environment leaves her audiences always satisfied. She books her own shows, and is currently seeking representation through a promotions agency to obtain larger venues and a larger demographic. She books 2 types of shows: Solo Act – “Sherry”, Duo Act – “Mona Lisa & the Mad Hatter”. The shows follow the set lists of the “Party Bands”, doing mostly modern rock covers. There are over 125 cover songs she rotates in the shows ranging from Lady Gaga, Metallica, Aerosmith, Jewel, Offspring, Sarah McLachlan, Janis Joplin & more…

Sherry is currently in the studio recording her new Album, which she will use to shop for representation, promotions, band opportunities, record deals, etc…. There is an album photo shoot scheduled in December with the famed Playboy Photographer, Scott Church.

Sherry’s eclectic style and untamed lyrics are the medium for which this singer/songwriter delivers her remarkable anthems rooted in jazz, rock, and soul. She continually captivates audiences with a clever balance of both original and cover music.

Sherry has played:

VIP Tent for Extreme Home Makeover Berks Edition
Kipona Waterfront Festival - Harrisburg, Pa
Opened for Jeffrey Gaines (famed for "In Your Eyes" cover)
Featured Artist at Katmandu - Trenton, NJ
NPR's Music Cafe Showcase - Washington, D.C.
New Designer Fashion Show - Orlando, Fl
Art Gallery Opening - Schuylkill Haven, Pa
Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony - Pottsville, Pa

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Nick of Time

Written By: Sherry

Solace for which my heart aches.
Thought dragging my feet around was something I had to take.
No one said where or when I’d be struggling.
Well I had my share of hand to mouth, but then I picked it up again.

For once I wish I had a little more grace.
I got a few things still stuck down inside my little deep, dark place.
Maybe have some more patience, Maybe try no to rush around.
Well it’s hard when you spend more than half your life changing your views from what you’ve found.

Everything I learned in my life came a little too late, (I’m) a little out of time.
Fell on my face more than I’d like. But sometimes you got to kick yourself back in line.
I never crossed over that moral vine. Well maybe once or twice, but always with a smile.
Sought the loss of power that was hard to find. I just hope it stays for a while now.

I’m ever changing, just trying to find some peace.
I’ve been a million different girls somehow. But I swear she wasn’t me.
I’ve kept a few things, scars from here and there.
And no one ever told me the price I’d pay for this badge that I wear.

Everything I learned in my life never pushed me back even a step behind.
Spent all those years on all those dark lies. Life is more than falling in step, right in line.
Strayed off the beaten path maybe a few times. But I never forgot the hand that fed me.
Only the soul sees what’s really deep inside. I just hope I use what God gave me.

Well, It’s what you say. It’s what you want. But something’s wrong with it.
I’m just wasting time. Not precious time. Just chillin along with it.
And everything that you say, something’s always wrong with it.

Everything I learned in my life came a little too late, (I’m) a little out of time.
I’ve conformed to more than I’d like. But sometimes it’s the better way of life.
I’m tired of struggling with the thought of wrong or right.
Success is just a battle with your own mind.
Sought the loss of power that was hard to find. I got it all just right in the Nick of Time.


Written By: Sherry

Remember the first snow that fell upon us that year?
It filled the void the summer left.
You took my hand in your lonely nostalgic way.
You showed me things before the spring.
All for time, All for show, though you lead me the wrong way.
“It’s still embed”, the Winter said, as it laughed right at me.

Those were the days that never end as the snow came crashing.
They told me to take my time as I jumped right in line.
The wrath of spring was warned to fear as you pulled me closer.
They said we’d regret it all someday, But we did it anyway.

That evening your soul danced around me as you taunted angels.
You made me feel I’m sane again.
The heat of your stare provoked me to do many things.
Why didn’t you see your own beauty while your thoughts were frozen?
Fall for love, Fall for pain, a pathetic little game.
“It’s all in your head”, I recall you said as you reached out for me.


Every now and then I feel that we could’ve been
Maybe friends, more than an Alibi to the forgotten.
And yes I still feel it all coming back
I wonder where we lost track to a page on that December.
And my heart still cried out each time it snows
And I guess I just suppose he never loved me anyway.
There are still times that make me smile
I think of you once in a while
Do you remember me?

Remember the first snow that fell upon us that year?
You filled the void the summer left.
Crawl for peace, Crawl for shame in the name of the Taker
Do befriend the storm again for I am Winter.

Another Valium Day

Written By: Sherry

Drug induced nights, broken vinyl on the Floor.
The mysteries are getting old and we died at what we worked for.
DVD’s still connected, and I woke up again to TV snow.
Hurricane’s smash against my head and the room is freezing cold.

Your toothbrush is in the sink, your towel’s soaking wet.
You’re no where to be found again.
Everywhere you go, I follow to.
Does this mean that I love you?

I fall against the tile, stare blankly at the rope.
Yeah the one that we were connected by and
I still feel there is no hope.
The bed is still unmade, empty wrapper on the desk.
Yeah there’s nothing you’re gonna miss I guess.

Your scent rips through the air, your cigarette burns in the tray.
I guess it’s gonna be Another Valium Day.
I toast to my humiliation, drunken tears that run down my cheek.
Now I know exactly what I need.

Does pity come too late for us?
I need the hit to slide back down.
But you kiss me with your resin lips.
You said you need to get away,
But you need me anyway.
Another Valium Day.
I take a deep breathe, you gently say my name.
Images are spinning now, but to me shit well it’s all the same.
You say that you love me, you can’t live without me another day.
Everyone gets scared you know and you’d like to work it out someway.

A tear runs from your eye. It’s no use to fight anymore.
I just don’t know what you ran away for.
Now everywhere you go, I follow to.
Does this mean that I love you?


Written By: Sherry

The sun is setting a little earlier tonight.
You don’t envision nothing. Everything’s gonna be alright.
And as you fade away your baby’s just closed her eyes.
You painted it picture perfect for us to have never realized.
And I say…

Looks like it’s gonna rain today.
You say it’s just overcast.
But it’s raining down, raining down upon you.
You don’t know how long it will last.
Every one’s been on the edge of a breakdown.
You need to have strength these times.
There’s something left, something left to savor.
You got to find that something to live for.

When I got that evening I was all alone.
I sat and cried an hour or two.
I didn’t know what I’d do if you were gone.
And as it all rushed in flashbacks of all the years gone by.
You’re the sister I never had and you’re leaving me here
To scream out why.
And I say….

All the things you keep in the closet
got to come out and heal sometime Grace.
You got to bite down and get out now,
Before they eat you alive again.
You’re only as good as the part you play
Maybe it’s time to make a change.
Use faith to keep you hanging on
You know your life can be rearranged.



Written By: Sherry

You’re everything I’ve ever wanted baby
I’m finally happy.
I’ve touched the light you hold inside
All those thoughts that kept me haunted
You’ve shown me, You gave me
The strength the see my beauty inside
Now we’ll search through stars together
It’s just you and me tonight
We’ll sail strong through any weather
I’ll hold on to you real tight
Throughout our busy days of changing lanes and keeping in time
You’re all mine now Tonight.

Tonight we celebrate.
Tonight we celebrate the beauty of our unity
The love that binds both you and me for all to see love
Tonight we celebrate one.

All the things we’ve worked thought baby
We’ve grown up together.
We were just kids when we first met
And throughout the last seven years
We blossomed together
Reaching out to become what we dreamed
Your smile still melts my insides
I see our children in your eyes
Your hand I’ll hold now and always
I’ll be forever on your side
You’ve shown me how to be strong and stand on my own to my own song
Let us dance this dance tonight
All the things you wanted baby
You have me completely
A wife I give to you tonight
To have me, to hold me freely
But keep me oh so tightly
And I’ll love you thy own tonight.


Self Titled Demo - 2003
The 4 songs on this Demo received radio play in 2003 - 2004 across the country and in Canada on College Radio Stations.

“Nick of Time” charted #1 in Long Beach, CA
“Another Valium Day” charted #1 in Manhattan, NY.

"Broken but Maintaining" Album - 2011 (in production)

Set List

2010 Music Covers:

Somewhere Only We Know - Kene
Love Song - Sara Bareilles
See You Again - Miley Cyrus
Glory Box - Portishead
Misery Business - Paramore
Who Will Save Your Soul - Jewel
Who Knew - Pink
You Were Meant for Me - Jewel
Ironic – Alanis Morissette
Dream On - Aerosmith
Torn – Natalie Imbruglia
Breathe (2am) – Anna Nalick
Rockstar - Nickleback
Look What You’ve Done - Jet
Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood
Blurry – Puddle of Mud
Foolish Games - Jewel
Apologize – One Republic
Me & Bobby McGee – Janis Joplin
Long Day – Matchbox 20
Drops of Jupiter - Train
Are You Happy Now? – Michelle Branch
All You Wanted – Michelle Branch
Glycerine - Bush
The Unforgiven -Metallica
Hey Jealousy – Gin Blossoms
My Happy Ending – Avril Lavigne
U&Ur Hand - Pink
The Remedy – Jason Mraz
Mother Mother – Tracy Bonham
Complicated – Avril Lavigne
What I Got - Sublime
Shimmer - Fuel
Round Here –Co