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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Entertainment World"

"Catchy, unique and fun they have a surefire hit on their hands." - Entertainment World


"Songwriting is what it all boils down to, and Sherwood writes pop-rock better than just about anybody..." -

"The Trades"

“Nate Henry commands respect with his multidimensional voice and sharp imagery.” - The Trades


"Sing, but Keep Going" (LP 2005 Sidecho Records)


Feeling a bit camera shy



While nearly every modern-day rock band is greatly affected by rock’s iconic songwriters, very few bands aspire to rise above fad-status and achieve something great. Sherwood is one of those bands.

Since forming in late 2002 as college friends in San Luis Obispo, CA, Sherwood has developed a reputation for being one of the most industrious bands in their league. They’ve booked multiple nation-wide tours and enjoyed immense success with their self-released EP, making fans wherever fans could be made. Whether they’re meeting people at shopping malls, or chatting with crowds waiting in line at shows, Sherwood knows the value of making new friends. Guitarist Dan Koch remarks, “It’s easy to get down when you’re on a hectic tour playing to sparse crowds. A few things always seem to keep us going, like a great show, a cool conversation with a fan, or moments that remind us how lucky we are to do this kind of thing.”

Despite the usual hurdles every new band encounters, Sherwood has also experienced some nice breaks. Last August, the boys were asked to join the last three weeks of the 2004 Vans Warped Tour, and they made the most of each day. If you were at one of these shows, you might recognize Sherwood as the group of smiling faces that greeted you while you waited in line at 8 a.m. Although the band agrees Warped Tour was “totally ridiculous,” Sherwood had a blast developing their live show and reaching a vast audience.

After the New Year, Sherwood went into the studio with producer Michael Rosas to record their debut full-length, “Sing, But Keep Going.” The band recorded fifteen songs, but ultimately kept twelve of the best tunes for the record. Drummer Joe Greenetz remarks, “No matter which song you think will turn out great, you can never tell until the whole thing is done. Since it’s our first album, we really tried to put our best foot forward.”

SideCho Records will deliver “Sing, But Keep Going” on May 31st, after serving as a source of counsel to the band during its earliest days. When Sherwood first released their EP, SideCho Records president, James Cho, encouraged the band to tour as much as possible and make friends on the road. The band received similar advice from others in the industry and wasted no time booking their first national tour in support of their EP. Their hard work and catchy tunes helped generate considerable label attention early on, but Sherwood found a home at SideCho.

With a diverse selection of influences that include The Beach Boys and Jimmy Eat World, “Sing, But Keep Going” offers sharp lyrics, indie charm and a nod to the great songwriters of decades past. The band referenced standards such as “Pet Sounds” and “Revolver” to create engaging instrumentation and relied on personal experiences to inspire the lyrics. “Sing, But Keep Going” also includes an EPK that documents the band’s adventures across the U.S. via live performances, candid clips and interviews with the band members. Sherwood hopes their fans can see their personalities and feel like a part of the band. Lead singer and bassist Nate Henry calls the enhanced disc, “A small window into our world.”

Amongst a sea of predictable clones, Sherwood's natural sound and clever hooks serve as a refreshing reminder of how far a great song can go.