Sherwood Brothers

Sherwood Brothers


The Sherwood Brothers have been writing music together for the past 25 years and will continue to write until the day we die. Our songwriting connection is unmatched and we play off each others strengths. We write meaningful songs about the highs and lows of our lives, love and family.


The Sherwood Brothers are a country music duo featuring Darryl and Dennis Sherwood. As a songwriting team, The Sherwood Brothers have been collaborating for well over 20 years. The two pride themselves on meaningful songwriting; crafting songs about the highs-and-lows of life, love, and family. Originally from Gillett, a rural town in north-central Pennsylvania, The Sherwood Brothers have been composing and performing out of Philadelphia since 1993. With musical influences ranging from Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, to U2 and Counting Crows, their straightforward musical style represents an inviting fusion of traditional country and bluegrass, as well as classic and southern rock.

The Sherwood Brothers’ music is built on catchy musical foundations, melodic vocals, and open, memorable storytelling. The Sherwood Brothers’ music is written and performed by Dennis Sherwood, who contributes vocals, guitars, percussion, as well as the band’s lyrical content, and Darryl Sherwood, who adds lead vocals, guitars, mandolin, banjo, lap steel and resonator guitars, as well as most of the band’s musical arrangements. Their songwriting is truly a shared and complementary process.

Driven to create and perform genuine songs, The Sherwood Brothers are certain that their musical approach can appeal to audiences that appreciate both traditional and contemporary genres. The band’s goals include supporting their songwriting and recording efforts, and leaving audiences moved by passionate vocal and musical performances.



Written By: Dennis & Darryl Sherwood

Got up the same today
as I did yesterday
day in day out I can't shake
i know we don't always agree
can't fake or fabricate
that I'm breaking in between

right now it seems I'm bargaining
but it ain't greed or jealousy that's moving me

sometimes I know that I'm a beast
not like the monster you see
on tv, after dark, under your bed or in your dreams

If i fall... don't know how low i could go
or if I'll ever make it home

I know i'm making guarantees that i can't keep
that's me that's who I am it's always been my routine

like quicksand closing in on me
the more i push and pull and claw and fight
the faster that I sink

don't know if I can change your mind
convince you that we're stuck
this ain't by design

If i fall... don't know how low i could go
or if I'll ever make it home

Can't Hold Me Down

Written By: Dennis & Darryl Sherwood

Well I'll take what I like
It's American as apple pie
Can cheat, steal and lie and look you square in the eye
Try if you like I can point you toward the sky
Try with all your might and you can say your last goodbye

Momma said when I was five
That I would do my time
On a chain gang on a line on an island 9 by 5
Like a bird dog on a trail
Like the wind upon a sail
Be careful, I don't care, you can take that one to prayer

I can run, I can hide
So full of piss so full of pride
That with a shotgun to my side
Today's the die I'd like to die

Put my right foot down, dig in and put you on the ground
I won't waste a sound when I put your face on lost and found
My blood's cold like a snake, my heat beats for the chase
I'm evil, wicked wrong, soon I'll be dead and gone

Well I'm white trash inside, I'm the me I made with pride
Bottle of Jack, shot of Crown, you still can't hold me down
On a road straight to hell, an SOB, I'm SOL
When I'm through I'll stand tall and make my curtain call

I can run, I can hide
So full of piss, so full of pride
That with a shotgun to my side
Today's the day I'd like to die


This Don't End With A Smile -

Piece of You and Me - to be released late summer 2013