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The Stalker Man

Written By: Sheryl Rae Baker

Verse 1:
Take a look outside my window at the guy hunkered under that tree. He's been standin there for days on end and I swear he's stalkin me. Well his eyes are small and beaty and his hair is long and greasy and he looks like he just got hit by a train.
He's the man of my dreams but the nightmare kind and he's always walking one step behind. He'll call me all night on the telephone. Then he'll bang on my door til dawn. He's the stalker man.
Verse 2:
Well my door bell rang just the other day. I walked out on the porch and heard the stalker man say, "you wanna buy some cookies or some brownies today?", "I'm collectin money for the UNITED WAY". Well I opened up the door and told him get the hell out, then the stalker man began to scream and shout. His eyes turned to fire his blood began to bowl. He said. "I've gotta have you girl". He's the stalker man.
Verse 3: Well I ran out the back to the neighbor's next door. I said call the police I can't take it no more. When I heard the shots firin I hit the floor. Yeah the stalker man was wavin a 44. It was lucky for me the POLICE CAME quick. They hauled him away, said he was shizpophrenic. As they were drivin away, he was wavin good bye. He blew me a kiss and he winked his eye. He said, "Now I love you baby and it might be a sin, but I'll be back again, I'm the stalker man".

he's the stalker man, yeah
he's the stalker man yeah