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The best kept secret in music


Indie River article, Bill Bruedigam (editor)
Sheryl Clapton ~ Natural Ambience
Ambient, the word causes many arguments in the music world. Music that creates and ambience, melodic, mood creating like soft lights, etc..
So, what's it take to create ambience? Synthesizers? Eastern instruments? Flutes? Too many arguments, but one thing is for sure, someone has managed to do it with an acoustic guitar and a beautiful voice; Sheryl Clapton.
Personally I wasn't sure it could be done. But one long night of working online in Santa Fe I received and email asking if I would listen to some music for consideration on my Radio Santa Fe station. Sure, I always go listen, that is how I have found some of the best music I know of out there. When I arrived, I first listened to "To Earth One Day," the "demo" version. I was hooked, and I had experienced what I consider the first acoustic voice/guitar combination to ever create ambience. Again, that is my opinion, I am not here to debate "what is ambient," just to tell you about some fantastic music. Then I went on, and the styles changed through the spectrum of music from one end to the other and back again. All great, all special, all just filled with stories and images. This is music straight from the desert southwest, and it feels like music from the desert. I have spent much of my life in New Mexico where Sheryl is from, and she can really create the feeling of being there. It is part of her, part of her music, part of her soul, and it comes out in the music, grabs you by the soul and takes you there too. Are you ready for a trip? Want to go to the desert mountains, then go for it, Sheryl can take you there. And it is a nice trip, cool mountain breeze, night skies filled with more starts than you have ever seen, and day skies that stretch far beyond your ability to see. Take a ride to Santa Fe, walk down a dirt road in the mountains, sit and watch a beautiful sunset, it's all there in the natural ambience she creates. The "demos" are still there, and they are excellent, but recently Sheryl went into the studio with some great musicians and brought out the new versions of it all. I suggest you drop down and listen to the older versions first, then check out the new stuff. Partake of it all, enjoy!
Indie River Magazine

- Indie River Magazine

Chapman James, Folk Writer, about Sheryl Clapton:
ChapmanJames about Sheryl Clapton:

A voice crying in the wilderness...
Sheryl Clapton has a plan ... total eradication of war and its estuaries.
It is not a new method she has in her arsenal. Music.
But, the way she uses it is quite unique. Besides having a magnetic voice and personality that invites every soul with which she comes into contact to listen, she spends so much time making us feel good about even the little things that are truly important to us, that we have little desire to contemplate fighting with one another. I think she is on to something.
She writes of the "So Sweet"ness of horses, grateful feelings while traveling on the road "North of Sante Fe", and a transfiguring "New Life" when one changes to a more spiritual paradigm. But, among her unique war fighting creations is a piece called "Missing From Our Shores" where Sheryl lays out a simple vista of one openning a book of history and the overpowering images and thoughts it provokes. Through these offerings, and with a bit more attention, she could quell enough storms to realize her plan and in someway truly be revered as a daughter of the creator (Mat 5:9)

Chapman James
Folk Writer

--BeSonic March 2003

- Chapman James --BeSonic March 2003

Guitar strings tie past to present
This story was published 03/04/2004.

Guitar strings tie past to present

Sheryl Clapton makes memories with her acoustic “root” music

Singer, songwriter, musician and producer Sheryl Clapton calls music a tool. “It is such an important door for memory, for peace of mind and relaxation,” she says, and Clapton would know the true value of memory.

Clapton suffered a brutal attack in 1997 that robbed her of her memories; music is a door to her past. Unconscious for two days, Clapton woke with amnesia. She lost all memory of her family, friends and life events and couldn’t even multiply small numbers. It took government records and FBI help to piece together what used to be Clapton’s life. “The only thing I remembered was to play music,” she says.

So she did and still does. Her philosophy of music acting as a door for memory and peace permeates what she calls the “root” music that she and her 12-string bring to Columbia. Clapton describes her eclectic sound as “country, folk, rock — it depends on what you surround it with.” Sometimes Clapton’s music is just her with an acoustic, but her four albums feature steel guitar and mandolin accompaniment.

Just like her fans in 50 countries, Columbians soak up her velvety voice and simple idealism like a sponge. You won’t see her slightly graying hair and gentle hazel eyes on any fancy album cover photo, though. Clapton distributes her music free online at her Web site,

Clapton says all music, including Navajo rap and her favorite, classic rock, captures a statement that is important to hear. After five years in New Mexico, Clapton moved her message of family, peace and respect to Columbia last summer with hopes of working more closely with youth.

She wants to include kids in the oneness of spirit and understanding she believes music creates. Although the federal Special Projects of Regional and National Significance grant she was awarded to build a youth recording studio fell through, she still wants to expand her limited Columbia studio into one fully equipped for youth recording. Clapton works at The Intersection, Columbia’s youth and parent after-school center and promotes music as an integral part of growing and learning. She stresses that when children make music it “opens a door of creativity that is vital for them to understand that they have an accomplishment that no one can truly take away.”

Besides infecting amateurs with her contagious enthusiasm, Clapton also helped bring back music to those who had lost it. She fondly recalls Music to Remember, an outreach program for Alzheimer’s patients in Albuquerque, N.M. Despite initially short attention spans, Clapton says after a few weekly visits the patients began to recognize her.

Clapton says that when she performs and people are smiling, they can’t be upset, and her goal is therefore achieved. Her future then, means making more smiles in Columbia venues, such as Bambino’s, and in the Southwestern United States, where she will tour later this spring. Clapton, a producer and announcer at KOPN/89.5 FM two days a week, will be busy in a new town with her new husband, Carlos, creating music and inspiring children — and making fresh memories.


- --— LYNSY SMITHsON-STANLEY Copyright ©2002 Columbia Missourian


Sheryl Clapton

Photo and story by ED PFUELLER of the Tribune’s Staff
Published Tuesday, July 20, 2004
Sheryl Clapton is capturing the voices of the community.
Using her experience as a radio producer, Clapton has helped a group of teens in The Intersection summer program record their own original songs. "They’ve found goals they didn’t know existed," Sheryl says.
During a recent recording session, the girls playfully sing an a capella rendition of "Amazing Grace" before switching to a freestyle hip-hop dance song.
"Whatever they sing, I just like it to be positive. It is the best way to learn about real life," Sheryl says, adding that too many lyrics in contemporary pop music stray from a positive message. "I just tell them whatever they record they should be able to take home to their grandparents."
Sheryl moved more than a year ago to Columbia from Albuquerque to start a youth radio station that was to be part of a larger community grant.
"It was to be non-profit and focus on youth," she says. "We would give" public service announcements "and would blend radio, drama and spoken word."
When the grant fell through, Sheryl was forced to look for ways to affect the community elsewhere. She joined AmeriCorps/VISTA and has been involved with helping create The Intersection community center from the ground up.
"I did some sawing and painting and placing baseboards," she says.
When The Intersection opened last August, Sheryl learned skills to install computers for use in a lab where students can do homework after school. She also started a music class. "I’ve enjoyed watching us grow and the enthusiasm and commitment of the kids," she says.
Clapton is moving on from The Intersection this week with the hopes of starting a Spanish-language public radio station through Central Latino. "That population is really growing, and there should be a place where they can become informed about the community," she says.
Sheryl also has worked as a volunteer at KOPN-FM and plans to start a show called "Cool Creations" for the community radio station.
In addition to her work in radio, Sheryl composes classical music on keyboard and performs live solo shows with her 12-string guitar.
This winter, however, Sheryl began to lose her sight because of severe migraines and had to put her playing on hold. "My vision was like a kaleidoscope," she recalls. "I would see flashes of white."
She says she has slowly begun to recover and plans to begin playing music live once again.
In the future, Sheryl hopes to continue working with children and being an active community volunteer. "I’ve been really impressed with all the volunteers here from all parts of life and how the non-profits work together and share," she says. "Knowledge is priceless."

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- Columbia Daily Tribune, Columbia Missouri USA


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Feeling a bit camera shy


Sheryl Clapton believes in miracles. Creativity and fun are the goal here, sharing our music with those who love to dance, sing and enjoy life as well.

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