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Sheryl Paige

Cocoa, Florida, United States | INDIE

Cocoa, Florida, United States | INDIE
Band Folk Acoustic


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"Do One Thing for Your Dream Today"

"What I love about Sheryl's songs is that she takes her personal experiences, thoughts, and feelings and weaves them together with her music.... sometimes with humor and sometimes with seriousness. She has incredible skills as a musician, singer, song-writer, guitarist, but it's Sheryl's presence in her performance that makes those great things even better.

I've worked with Sheryl in the studio, have made music together at various events, and have taken a few guitar lessons with her. In ALL of those venues, what stands out to me is her professionalism regarding not only the music, but the people she deals with. Sheryl is a wonderful listener and she has a way of helping others to feel good about what they are already able to do. She guides those she is working with from a gentle place, yet with a honesty and authenticity that invites one to improve.

The quote I most associate with Sheryl is: 'Do one thing for your dream today.' She most certainly is one who has encouraged me to do so. - Janine Chimera, Performing Artist

"Top 10 list"

"From the first time I heard Sheryl sing her original music, I was speechless. She has rare ability to put stories and experiences into words in a most clever, heartfelt way. But the most astounding part to me is how she can surround these lyrics with music that perfectly matches the mood of the song... they stay with you! She is, to this day, on the top 10 list of incredible singers/songwriters that I've ever had the privilege to hear."
- Melanie England, New Way POD

"The listener gets it all"

Sheryl has played for us many times, in all sorts of conditions. Whether she plays for a large crowd or small – even very small – doesn’t matter. Each listener gets a private concert, each feels invited right into her living room for songs that are always fresh, and new, and just as they should be. She doesn’t talk much about having been invited back to the Bluebird in Nashville a dozen times, or having played all over the country for decades, or how long she has been teaching and learning and growing. But the listener gets it all, every time. - Barry Brogan, President - Central Florida Folk

"Sticks with you like honey"

Sheryl always packed the house at my cafe, providing a warm, loving atmosphere with her easy going presense, infectious sense of humor and approachable personality. Her songs display her depth of musical knowledge, life experience and ability to gracefully communicate it to her audience. Her music sticks with you like sweet honey. - Peter Wells, And All That Jazz Cafe

"Definitely a hit"

I had the pleasure of accompanying Sheryl on two of her house concerts this past year. A very intimate one in rural Massachusetts and a larger concert in a seaside village in Rhode Island. At the smaller house concert in Massachusetts, guests sat in a small living room on plush couches which bordered the room. When Sheryl began to sing, all eyes and ears were on her and her music. As soon as she finished, 'The Fine Art of Doing Nothing' a number of people in the audience said, 'That is definitely a hit!' Sheryl's warmth and lyrical tunes as well as the intimate setting creating a very memorable afternoon for those in attendance. It was clear everyone had a great time and many were starting to plan a bigger event for next year.

In Wickford, Rhode Island, Sheryl also performed at a house concert, just a few yards from the ocean. The setting was a small bungalow, and the seating for 20 guests was all the home could accomodate. Every seat was filled by the time the concert started. I sat at the front of the room and was able to see the expressions on the faces of those in the audience. None of the people at the concert, the patrons, had ever met Sheryl or heard her music before. When she began to sing, I could see the smiles and rapt attention, and (when appropriate) laughter on the patrons' faces. They clearly listened and enjoyed ever word, every song. Sheryl spent a good while mingling with the audience prior to beginning the concert, and these patrons really liked that part of the evening as well. One woman came up to Sheryl after she had finished singing and said, 'I want to buy everything you have. Please let us know if there is another concert in the future.' I am sure that what the audience received in this house concert far exceeded their expectations, as Sheryl is an unusually talented songwriter and performer.
- Christine Reilly, Presenter/Performer

"The total package"

My name is Lathan Hudson. I've lived in Nashville for almost twenty years as a Songwriter and record producer. I have written, or co-written, two world-wide #1 Songs. I've also been nominated for a Grammy Award 4 times (but never won - dang it!). I have co-written with some of the greatest songwriters in Nashville.

I've said all that to get to this point...Sheryl Paige and I have co-written three (3) songs and have worked on the compilation of one (1) Book and of all the talent I've been around in Nashville, I can easily say Sheryl is one of the most talented people I've ever worked with. Not only that, but Sheryl's easy-going manner makes it a distinct pleasure to be around her.
Oh, and her singing and guitar playing is something you will just have to experience to believe. This Lady has the total package and when you see and hear her play, you will wonder why I didn't write twenty pages describing Sheryl Paige. - Lathan Hudson, Hit Writer

"Selling Out The Moon"

“When I heard what Sheryl was doing in the studio with this CD, I
was stunned...Sheryl’s CD is uniquely different and refreshing” —
Fred Migliore, host of nationally syndicated radio show, FM Odyssey - FM Odyssey


Sheryl Paige Anthology (Blue Allie Music 2009)
4 Acoustics Vol 4 (Blue Allie Music 2009)
4 Acoustics Vol 3 (Blue Allie Music 2009)
4 Acoustics Vol 2 (Blue Allie Music 2009)
4 Acoustics Vol 1 (Blue Allie Music 2009)
I Feel A Song Coming On (Blue Allie Music 2006)
In A Foreign Land (Blue Allie Music 2003)
Selling Out the Moon (Blue Allie Music 2002)
Walking in the Sun (1999)
Crystal Vision (1992)
The Truth Heals (1988)
Back to the Rock II (Maranatha! Music 1981)



Short Bio (50 words):
Singer/Songwriter and non-hodgkins lymphoma survivor SHERYL PAIGE blends folk, blues, rock and adult contemporary styles like a good chef blends international cuisines. Her signature style encompasses fingerstyle and flatpick approach, utilizing standard tuning, capo tunings and single string tunings. Her vocals range from gentle soothing folk to powerful blues.

Full Bio:
As a singer/songwriter, Sheryl Paige has followed an unusual path, which began with a chance discovery in Costa Mesa California. As a young girl, Sheryl and her mother were leaving her Aunt's apartment when they found an acoustic guitar that had been spray painted black and tossed in a dumpster outside the apartment building. Sheryl's mother rescued the guitar, stripped it down to bare wood, refinished it, then proceeded to teach Sheryl the few chords and strums she knew. Sheryl quickly mastered what her mother taught her and simply couldn't stop playing the guitar. Before long she was learning songs by ear, and writing her own music. She was a shy girl, reluctant to perform in front of others, and her mother would have to secretly hold the phone up to Sheryl's bedroom door so family and friends could hear Sheryl's playing. With encouragement and training from music teachers, her mother, and her grandmother (a former vaudeville star), Sheryl began performing at school, church and community functions through her teens and college years.  

Her best college girlfriends believed in her songs so much that they paid for Sheryl's first demo recording, during which she met her future husband. That recording got the attention of executives at Maranatha! Music and they brought Sheryl in to record for their release “Back to the Rock II”. She co-wrote songs with the band “Malcolm and the Mirrors”, and formed her own band “Liaison” for performances in Southern California and for tours in the UK. Soon Sheryl's marriage and family life along with her successes in the business world limited her performances to a few short tours a year. But Sheryl found that her creative drive could not be quelled and new songs just kept coming. Over the last 15 years she has toured in the US, UK and the Czech Republic, she's independently released four recordings and produced and co-hosted a local arts television show called “Session 31” that featured performing songwriters and focused on their creative process.

In 1998 Sheryl left the corporate world and went into business for herself so she would have the flexibility she needed to pursue opportunities presented to her in her music career. Since then she has received awards for both her songwriting and performance. Most recently, she was a finalist in the Suwanee Springfest Singer/Songwriter competition, finalist in the 2006 South Florida Folk Festival Songwriter competition, took 2nd place for Country in the 2005 Pacific Songwriting Competition, was a finalist for songwriter of the year in the 2005 Pacific Songwriting Competition, and was awarded an Artist Enhancement Grant by the State of Florida Division of Cultural Affairs.

In July of 2008, Sheryl was diagnosed with Stage 3 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system. She was so ill she was unable to do anything but focus on getting well. With an outpouring of love and support from the music community, family, friends, and her spiritual community, she endured chemotherapy and within six months she was in remission and one year after diagnosis her tests showed no evidence of disease. She has returned to songwriting and performing with a stronger focus than she's ever had and a joy that's evident.

A bit of the shy girl still remains at the core of Sheryl's performances. A self-confessed “non-diva”, Sheryl  forges a personal connection with her audiences, as if they are sitting together in the living room, laughing and talking over a cup of coffee.

Her signature style encompasses fingerstyle and flatpick approach, utilizing standard tuning, capo tunings and single string tunings. Her vocals range from gentle soothing folk to powerful blues.