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"SheScreamedSanity's First EP"

SheScreamedSanity out of my darling Clemson, South Carolina has come out with their first EP. Happy Day!

They’ve got the screaming, the chugging, the singing, and best of all – the gang vocals. Honestly, y’all I am a gang vocals gal. I don’t know what it is about bands being able to get a minimum of five people in a room to yell something inspirational at me, but it always gets me good. They’re definitely of the “core” variety. I’m hearin some good Parkway Drive and maybe Memphis May Fire inspiration among other things.

The EP opens with a good build-up on “She May Not be Catholic, but She’s a Damn Good Liar,” and then starts running full-speed. The entire core of it is a really solid track, but the massive beating at the end is where it’s at. It’s a perfect opener for the EP, and after a few listens, it’s one of the tracks that really gets you excited to hear more from these guys. The second track, “Arm Yourselves,” is one good solid song. They keep up the energy for the entire song and it kind of reminds me musically of August Burns Red.

The third track, “Does this Taste like a Zoo to You?,” has such a juicy sound. And a –party!- breakdown that will make you lament that this sound is coming out of your headphones and not house show speakers (this is definitely a band you want to check out live). But it’s also just an awesome song all around and a good screw you. But the last track is really where they knife you in the heart with an inspired, forceful, go-get-‘em attitude. It runs into you face first and gives you a real sense of what this band is. The opening is sweet and sick and the punctuated Oh My Gods are just heavy enough to be funny and serious at the same time instead of whiny and annoying. It’s a good promise song, a good fighting song. But the end is the kicker.

Please excuse me while I go get my dancing boots.

I’ve got mad respect for what they’re doing. Clemson seems to always be slowly growing in the musical talent arena, and yet somehow metal and metal fans seem to be shrinking over there. Other cities in our state are getting strong and beefing up, and I really hope that there’s a bigger future for the area near the university. SheScreamedSanity is takin care of business and doing it well. So much so that I’m seriously considering stabbing my return to Clemson by going back to hosting my old metal radio show, The Wednesday Night Knife Fight, and really work on getting local bands out there. It’s easy to find metal kids lamenting about the scene, but we each have a voice and something we can contribute to bolster the love and passion we have into the public eye. So do yourself a favor and go take a listen to this EP, which you can download for free, and you will want to, after you hear it.

Don’t stop guys. Don’t stop. - We Are The Upstate


S.S.Sanity EP - Summer 2012



SheScreamedSanity is a metalcore/deathcore band out of the southeast. Formed in August 2011 as some college kids looking to make music, SSS quickly evolved into something more serious. To the amazement of the band, their first song was completed in a week, and those sitting in on practice couldn't resist slam dancing every time they heard it. They immediately got busy creating more songs and putting together a live set. SSS focuses on music that will make the crowd move, and offers opportunities for fans to interact within the set. After playing some shows (including opening for The Paramedic and One Year Later) they recorded an EP, which was released in the summer of 2012. Immediately after they were added to We Are The Upstate's artist directory, where they received a raving review from a writer who had seen them live and loved their EP. This was the beginning of SheScreamedSanity, and they've been working hard and taking over ever since.