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"She Screams Remedy"

THE STORY SO FAR: You only have to listen to any She Screams Remedy song for a few seconds to hear what's so striking about the California rock unit. Guitarist Trevor Koch shares lead vocal duties with Kyrsten Gammon, whose powerful, almost classical vocal prowess belies her diminutive frame. "Think of it as Taking Back Sunday when Fred Mascherino was in the group," says Koch. "Only Adam Lazzara was a girl, and Fred got to sing lead on some songs."

WHY YOU SHOULD KNOW 'EM: Sure, She Screams Remedy have a very marketable trait in their coed vocal interplay, but the band see this element not as a novelty but as an advantage in opening up previously uncharted musical territory for their increasingly epic anthems. "This vocal style enables us to be creative with the melodies and harmonies we construct," says Koch. "There are very few rock bands out there doing what we're doing." - Alternative Press Magazine

"She Screams Remedy EP"

Birthed in the trenches of Southern California, She Screams Remedy bolsters a new and unique sound that breathes new life into the Rock scene of today. Incorporating dueling male and female vocals with a pounding rock back drop, this group is sure to win the ears of listeners everywhere. - Smartpunk

"Saosin transcends hardcore at the Mouse House"

As for the rest of the evening’s fare … Although opening act She Screams Remedy is so little-known that several of the subsequent artists couldn’t recall the band when they thanked other acts on the bill by name, the Anaheim outfit made quite a positive impression on many who arrived early.

Lead singer Kyrsten Gammon and singer-guitarist Trevor Koch traded sharp lead vocals against a musical backdrop that draws comparisons with Paramore. The high spot of the group’s set was the forceful “Pandora’s Box” and the post-punk attack of “Efflorescent.”

- OC Register

"Local's Only: Keep an Eye Out"

All energy from the second the five burst onto the stage. She Screams Remedy are part of a new generation of musician that may not be reinventing the wheel, but are making sure the pace is feverish. Aggressively catchy, get familiar. - Skinnie Magazine

"Top Five Bands to Watch Out for in 2010"

America is often considered somewhat the ‘oyster’ of the music world; with a vast quantity of the music we listen to being imported from there. Yet have you ever asked yourself what’s actually ’so good about it?’ I know I have, and it’s bands like ‘She Screams Remedy‘ that reassures me all the music I’m listening to actually isn’t ‘overly-edited rubbish’. With strong vocal performances coming from two singers; ‘Kyrsten Gammon’ and ‘Trevor Koch’ matched with an equally divine Myspace and fan-base, prospects look extremely positive for the band.

MySpace Link:

One song you must listen to: A Formal Apology
- RockStopScene


Self Titled EP released Nov 08
"Travesty" on KROQ's Local's Only



It’s hard to pinpoint where the story of She Screams Remedy begins, but one thing is for sure; 2009 has been a big chapter in their book, and the rest of the narrative is going to be vibrant, artistic and unimaginably adventurous. We rewind to early 2006, where Trevor Koch (Guitarist, Vocalist) and Tim Berman (Guitarist, Keys) were engaged in constant musical dialogue. Their goal was clear from the start, take the experiences they received from Southern California’s active music lore, and combine them with their vision of interactive evolved rock music to create a new style for a new generation. “Here’s how I would describe it,” says Tim, “we want to be inspired by other musicians and by our audience. We want to influence them, of course, but we also want them to influence us, I think that’s the best way for us to grow”. The two worked day-in and day-out to expand their musical horizons as friends, and also as individuals. Trevor sought the expertise of classical guitarists, musical theorists, and artists from virtually every sphere, and this curiosity led him to the study of music and philosophy at U.S.C. Tim, meanwhile, was looking to expand his technical arsenal, which resulted in editing software, a piano, and a drum machine becoming his three weapons of choice.

This developmental period moved them towards a crucial point in the exploration process. Trevor and Tim wanted to find a singer whose voice would not only bring the melodies of SSR alive, but also encourage listeners to perform with the band, while simultaneously inviting them to hear the meaning behind the sound. On a lucky Sunday afternoon in 2008, the Bay Area winds brought Kyrsten Gammon (Vocalist) in front of SSR’s doorstep, and she was a perfect fit. With an ethereal, almost dream-like voice that hits like lightning, Kyrsten’s fresh approach to harmonies and collaborative singing elevated the in-studio sessions and live performances to new heights. As the saying goes, “when it rains, it pours”. Within the same month that Kyrsten entered the mix, Chris Cisneros (Bassist) found his way into the group. A long time friend of the others, SSR’s dynamic became even more comfortable when he decided to join. Chris’ stage presence isn’t exactly easy to describe, but it’s certainly easy to see. Rumors are still circulating regarding his Guinness World Record as “The First Man to Swim the English Channel with only a Speedo and a Bass Guitar” as well as which skill he learned first, reading or head-banging. Whatever the case may be, SSR was glad to have him on board.

By early 2009, songs were being written, produced, and mastered. However, SSR was still waiting to add the final piece to the puzzle, a drummer. “At this stage for the band, it was like seeing everything through a kaleidoscope,” says Trevor, “each person’s picture was unique and represented their own style, but it hadn’t really formed one image yet”. Enter Anthony Agostinacci: the Italian Phenom. With a serious amount of experience under his belt (both screaming and playing for hardcore bands), he brought an accomplished originality to SSR’S rock sound, creating face-melting breakdowns and sensational drum rolls that shock you all over. Anthony’s journey to SSR was driven by a passion to identify himself by his love for music. “Oh I totally make the best of every moment; rocking out, playing music, this is what I love”, says Anthony. Where Anthony came from is still somewhat of a mystery, but for the record, it has been narrowed down to The Shire, The Midwest, Sesame Street, or Ridgecrest-California.

What started as two friends turned into a family of five, and the future is bright for SSR. At the moment, the biggest objective is the completion of their first full-length album (due to be released this fall), while continuing the trend of playing bigger shows and sharing more of their music. “Discovering your sound takes a while,” notes Chris, “but we are definitely getting there. I can see it after every show, because the band is having more fun each time”. She Screams Remedy wants their fans to be a part of every step along the way, and they want to write this next chapter in their book with you. In Kyrsten’s words, “SSR is going to be a band that never stops moving forward, music is our everything”.