i would describe it as thinking music , music that makes you think about stuff you want to accomplish things that you regret hurt feelings lovable memories its not just about how good the song sounds its about what it means.


my music is about remembering the good and bad, i see it as an opportunity to express myself and at the same time inspire others to not give up on something they worked hard to get. i first start my music listening to the band 'nevershoutnever'
he was and still is my idle. christofer drew from nevershoutnever , his songs have meaning wich makes the song a whole lot better and somthing you can relate to.


Your Loss EP - free to download to anyone

working on the things change EP coming out in February which is coming along nicely :)

Set List

When you were here
Speak up
Sarah a
Come back to me
She'll be here
Massive fan for late night maccas
The way you smile
I wont last
I Just cant let you go
When Dawn Shines

this set goes for an hour and all all originals