She's in Orbit

She's in Orbit

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Nuggets-inspired rocknroll. British invasion meets the Midwest. Sounds like late nights fueled by Tecate.


Taking cues from the Kinks to Sloan, she's in orbit distill pop music back to its core - drums, bass and guitars with a shambolic, messy heart. After all, not everyone wants to be Radiohead. Members have played in award winning indie, punk, roots, and rock bands including clabbergirl, Moon & the Stars, Pike 27 and Crosley.


she's a comfort

Written By: she's in orbit

she's a comfort to her mom and dad
but all those working girls act so bad
oh. oh. things got better still

jesus walks into an open garden
heaven help this man he's all messed up.
oh.oh. things got better still

she's so high
never felt this way before
don't know why
now she's walking through a different door
where everything seems different than before

judas walks into an open bar
heaven help this man he's all fucked up


2005 - aaron burr ep
2007 - unafraid lp
2010 - guys, girls, hurt & hearts & moons

Set List

2-3 hours