She's themorning and thenight
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She's themorning and thenight

Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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She's themorning and thenight Self Titled EP
(7 Tracks)



She’s themorning and thenight’s history and future.
The brief
She’s themorning and thenight is about contrast ; the contrast of soft and sweet vocals with loud and
angst filled vocals, the contrast of folk like acoustic pieces, with electrical synth driven pieces.
Dynamically and stylistically, the music of she’s themorning and thenight has something for
The Duet consists of Neal and Michelle. Both of these musicians have been exposed to music since they can remember.
Michelle has completed her AMEB piano exams. She teaches piano privately and has just graduated from the Australian Institute
of Music with a Bachelor majoring in contemporary music.
‘I have my family and personal dedication to thank for where I am today. They enrolled me in piano lessons at an early age, and
continued to support me after they realised that it’s what I wanted to do. They never forced it upon me, they didn’t have to - I had
options, which was lucky - Dance, Piano, anything I wanted - but I showed a strong commitment to my music - I don’t know
why, I mean I know I love it - but I guess you could just say that it’s in my soul’.
She’s themorning and thenight is Michelle’s first dive into the music industry as a professional artists, but she has been writing
music since high school.
Neal had a different upbringing. Like Michelle he was taken to guitar lessons and exposed to a great range of musical inspiration
(his father being a sound engineer and drummer) but didn’t completely commit himself until early high school - when he found a
strong fondness for underground music. Now he also teaches privately, and attends the Australian Institute of Music (where they
both met) and has almost completed his Bachelor of Music majoring in Audio technology.
‘The internet and the music industry was just starting to evolve when I was in high school, and man did it to wonders for me. I
started my journey with a lot of punk and rock bands - The Living End, Blink 182, The Offspring, Grinspoon - great music like that
- and then found myself really getting into the ‘emotional punk’, and ‘screamo’ scene. I was constantly downloading new music -
and then buying the CD if I loved it - and seeing as many live international bands as I could. I don’t want to sound like a saint,
The amount of music I didn’t pay for greatly overwhelmed the albums I did - but I didn’t have enough money - so without the
‘free’ music - I wouldn’t have nearly half the knowledge I do today’
This peak in potential inspiration during these years of his life - led him to want to recreate what he heard on all these records.
The emotion, the ability to tell a story and to convey an opinion.
‘I had a guitar, shit, I had the time - that was it - I started writing song after song, and recording them into my PC - I was like 14,
and without my dad to show me the basics of how to record audio, I wouldn’t have had those horrible sounding songs I first
made. But having them to listen to over and over again - and still today, has helped me fix each mistake I heard and eventually
come up with something I was happy to show the world’.
The two of them have quickly identified what they have to do, and how they are going to do it - starting with the online
community they have gained a lot of exposure, sold their EP over Itunes, and marketed themselves effectively so that thousands
of people could now Identify with the name ‘She’s themorning and thenight’
Michell -
‘Our aim is to be different, but not differentiate ourselves if that makes any sense. We want to have a familiar, pleasant, and
catchy sound - but not do it by being exactly the same as everybody else. We have a strong feeling about diversity as well - not
only do we want to avoid being the same as other artists before us, but we don’t want our songs to sound like our other songs
either. This makes performing more enjoyable, and it also steers us away from a niche corner of listeners, and opens up our
potential audience - there’s something in our music for everybody. Melody and lyrical content are king, and they come before
anything else in our writing process.