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In October 2005, She’s Your Sister won the “Indie Award” from the Independent Artist Registry, a new venture from the creators of the Music Phone Book. The IAR is a talent scouting service for over 100 of the nation’s top record labels whose goal is to find and promote the US’s top independent artists to a quarter million music industry professionals, including those A&R reps.

"The music is pure Rock ‘n Roll. Catchy melodies and hooks permeate the band’s music. Powerful guitar riffs with intelligent lyrics and spot on vocals combine for something that feels new and familiar at the same time." - Independent Artist Registry

“Chicago’s hottest rising rock group . . . The songwriting is consistently good. Catchy melodies abound, even in the heaviest and hardest hitting songs . . . In short, She’s Your Sister is a band to watch.” - The Phoneix, University of Chicago

“Rock and Rock roll in its purest form. On stage you feel a wave of raw, unbridled talent sweep through the auditorium. A controlled set, yet with an edge of the uncontrollable. A band with a presence that will not go unnoticed.”

“Drawing inspiration from the MC5 and The Pixies, SYS distill those two elements by combining the straightforward, guitar-heavy attack of the MC5 with the more textured approach of The Pixies. Comparisons have also been made to The Smashing Pumpkins (especially vocally), although She’s Your Sister is less baroque and far less prone to temper tantrums than Billy Corgan and Co. They also possess a hint of The Clash in their ferocity.” - City Beat, Cincinnati

Pardon my clichéd use of words, but this is completely awesome. In Between, the debut by She’s Your Sister is forty short but sweet minutes of pure indie rock bliss. The Chicago quartet has been compared to such music legends as U2 and The Smashing Pumpkins, even placing on the CMJ charts this past year. In Between’s first track “Invocation #1” opens on a very Pumpkins circa Gish guitar riff and then splits into U2 nostalgia. However, holding She’s Your Sister up to such high standards is almost unfair, and the band shouldn’t be caught under the shadows of those who have come before them.

Individually, their sounds are kind of choppy, but lead singer/guitarist Joel Whitley, along with the rest of the band, drummer Job Springer, guitarist Theo Dimitriou and bassist Jenn Johnson somehow blend this smooth, balanced rock, no synthesizers or novelty band gimmicks, into genuine, honest-to-goodness music. The chemistry between the members is evident in the quality of their sound, songs like “Love You Like I Love You” and “Lullaby” are filled with that great late 90’s angst that is almost extinct at this point, both musically and lyrically, replaced by power chords and whiny little lines about Jr. High ex-girlfriends. I like that the band keeps everything fresh, never getting stale and boring with tracks that are less than four minutes long.

Actually, the last song, “Primrose Lane,” exceeds that four-minute mark by two seconds with Whitley singing “So out of love/ You’re so out of love/Lovely in your temple/ Bitterness kept simple/Former love forgive/Rolling down your Primrose lane” His vocal style is a lot more grunge than Billy’s or Bono’s without going all Nirvana, but I guess I can’t really pinpoint She’s Your Sister’s sound because it’s one that has been lost since the 2000’s emo/hardcore/screamo boom. All I can say is that In Between is no emo/hardcore/screamo album and for those who long for the simple days when they could get their dose of catchy rock without any eyeliner than check this stuff out. - The Music Edge

L.A. via Chicago outfit are award-winning rockers with Pixies and Sonic Youth influences whose CD sounds pro all the way. Singer Joel Whitley’s rich, appealing vocals are adeptly captured and the drums really pop. Most importantly, the band’s music is edgy yet thoroughly commercial. Major labels will want to check this act out. - Music Connection Magazine


EP - Grayscale, March 2008
LP - onetwothreefour, March 2007
LP - In Between, July 2005
EP - EPs are Lame, April 2005



We're a rock band from Chicago. In the winter of 2004, three musicians responded to a classified ad in the Chicago Reader. We all met, decided that we didn't hate each other, and formed a little band. Six months later we found ourselves on a California tour, and eighteen months later, we moved to California, abandoning Chicago for warmer climes.

We've played on some of the nation's premiere stages such as the Viper Room, the Key Club, and the Whiskey in Los Angeles, The Hard Rock Cafe in Memphis, The Abbey Pub and Subterranean in Chicago, and the country's best dive bar, Siberia, in New York City. We're planning a national tour for June 2007.

We could rattle off a token list of influences, but that's a bit boring. Instead, we'd rather tell you that Job listens to Slayer, Theo prefers Ween, Joel has a penchant for In Utero, and Jenn always likes some obscure band the rest of us aren't hip enough to listen to.

People have told us we sound kind of like Smashing Pumpkins or the Pixies or U2 or the Clash or 3 Dog Night (huh?), but since none of that makes much sense, we just tell people that we write three-minute pop/rock songs with loud choruses, riffy guitars, and vocals that, well, are either "soaring," "intense," or "loud" -- depending on the positive adjective you care to attach.

We all come from different musical backgrounds. Jenn has played with girl rock bands like Rockit Girl, Theo has played in girl-punk bands like Nancy and the Knockers, Joel was once Tommy in Tommy, and Job's stint in metal/'90s rock bands doesn't change the fact that his nickname is "the Administrator." Someone else is nicknamed "butter pants," but we don't talk about that in polite company.

We should tell you that we released our debut album, In Between, in July 2005 and our sophomore LP, onetwothreefour, in March 2007. We recorded it at Sage and Sound in Los Angeles with our producer Rae DiLeo. Rae’s credits include Filter, Veruca Salt, Henry Rollins, and Army of Anyone. So please, turn it up to eleven and enjoy.