We are something in between Sonic Youth and Mazzy Star. Our style is dark and romantic.


Minami Yamaguchi starts She Talks Silence as a solo project.
7" single ”Quiet Sun” and first album ”Noise & Novels” are released.
Ayumi Kawai officially joins She Talks Silence making it a two person band.
Up until now, She Talks Silence has performed with Moog Yamamoto from Buffalo Daughter, Hideki Kaji, Ikebana, and other Japanese artists. She Talks Silence has also performed with indie artists from other countries such as Vivian Girls, Slow Club, and Styrofoam. The band has attended a live by The Drums and was able to speak on their radio show about their album Noise & Novels which has allowed the band to receive attention from the international indie scene.
In addition, the band makes unique items such as live CDs and tote bags which have received focus and have been praised for their design.


2009.09.26 Debut 7 inch single "Quiet Sun"(NEW SHIP)

2010.04.14 1st album "Noise&Novels"First limited edition 100 disk(NEW SHIP) sold out!

2010.05.21 Split CD "Fuck Work 01"(FUCK WORK RECORDINGS)"FUCK WORK RECORDINGS" is our private label. This CD including "Dead Romance" STS &" Rosas " ANISAKIS sold out!

2010.09.20 "Noise & Novels" New art work edition (NEW SHIP)

2010.11.27 Live CD "The Garden Of Allah"(FUCK WORK RECORDINGS)This CD including STS & Ikebana(the band of Moog Yamamoto /Buffalo Daughter)performance from 2010.11.27 concert recorded at Shibuya Echo. sold out!

2011.06.29 Mini album CD "Some Small Gifts" (AWDRLR2)