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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada | INDIE | AFM

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada | INDIE | AFM
Band Americana Adult Contemporary


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"Sheva's Pop Radio Friendly!"

"This is the debut recording for Bridgetown's Sheva. Produced by Dale Penner (Nickleback, Matt Good) and recorded in Halifax, Vancouver, and Toronto, SHEVA is filled with piano-laden pop a la Sarah McLachlan. Strong arrangements, lush orchestration and a solid set of pipes should work well for the C100 (Halifax's Top 40 Radio) crowd." - The Daily News

"Bridgetown’s Sheva launches debut CD"

SINGER-SONGWRITER Sheva always knew she wanted to be on stage.

The Bridgetown native launches her self-titled debut CD on Friday night at 8 p.m. at the Seahorse in Halifax. She remembers performing the role of Dorothy in a stage production of The Wizard of Oz when she realized she wanted to take things to the next level and develop her voice and find a way to sing for a living.

Now like Dorothy, she’s looking over the rainbow to the rest of Canada, embarking on a tour of Quebec and Ontario next week after the launch with a slate of her own piano-based pop songs from her polished debut.

"What really prompted me to make my own music was when I was the lead singer for the house band at Upper Clements Park," recalls the burgeoning pop diva. "We had to do certain genres of music that we had to sing, to appeal to a wide group of people. Before that I’d only been doing classical and musical theatre, and hadn’t really branched out until then.

"But after studying voice for a year, I realized I didn’t want to do classical on a day to day basis, and as I began writing my own songs it just came into focus."

It was while listening to performers like Sarah McLachlan, Chantal Kreviazuk and Fleetwood Mac that Sheva realized she wanted to do dramatic, piano-based pop, but she hasn’t left those early forces that shaped her performing style behind.

"There are those classical influences in my songs, with the strings and big orchestrations, but it’s also kind of theatrical," she says. "When I play it live, it feels like something for the stage, instead of just pop songs."

When it came time to take those solo piano compositions and flesh them out, Sheva and manager/band member Darin Roche turned to veteran Canadian producer Dale Penner (Holly McNarland, Nickelback, Matthew Good Band). By simple luck, and the help of Google, Roche found him on the Internet, and set the wheels in motion.

"We sent him our three-song demo, and he said to give him a month and he’d call us back," says Sheva. "Then he called us back the next day. He’d said he was going to be out of town, but then he asked if I could meet him in Montreal within a week.

"So Darin’s on the phone with him, we’re amazed, and we manage to get up to Montreal for a two-hour meeting. You never know who’s really going to be into it or not, you never know what people are thinking, but he was genuinely interested in it. So we came back home to think about it. We already had a development deal with Nettwerk Management in L.A., but that seemed like too big a first step, it was really overwhelming, so we decided to stay Canadian, with a Canadian producer. Dale really understood what I wanted, without me having to explain it. He had that vision of an organic pop sound, and he really nailed it."

What comes next is a tour of clubs, cafes and bookstores in Ontario and Quebec that Sheva hopes will help her reach as broad an audience as possible with her emotional, radio-ready material.

"My music has appealed to everyone from 11 years old to 75, and I want to find environments where those people are going to be. Playing clubs is a natural for a musician, but at the same time you’re only reaching a narrow demographic.

"I want to make music for everybody."
- STEPHEN COOKE Entertainment Reporter

"Regarding Sheva!!!"

"Sheva's voice combines raw emotion with an effortless delivery. What's more impressive, she has the songwriting skills to match her considerable vocal talents. Check out Sheva in a small venue while you can." - Jayson Baxter of CTV

"March Press Release..."




Dates for her record release and 2nd U.S. tour set

Singer/songwriter Sheva from Halifax, Nova Scotia has signed a deal with UE3 Records, a Los Angeles-based record label. Sheva will be distributed in the U.S. by Sony Red, and in Canada by Fusion3.

Sheva caught the attention of UE3 Records A&R executives in the U.S. after her enthusiastic audience response during her last North American tour, including Borders Books Stores. Sheva gave stellar performances at Starbucks Coffee shops, Chapters, and Indigo Bookstores, as well as appearing at the Canada Day Festival in Ottawa last summer.

UE3 is excited to announce Sheva’s upcoming second U.S. tour, including Borders Book Stores dates. She will play nine shows culminating in Atlanta Georgia where she has been invited by the Atlanta Thrashers organization to sing both national anthems at their NHL game versus the Toronto Maple Leafs. This is the 2nd time she has sung the anthem for the Thrashers, previously giving a stirring performance back in November at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, GA.

Produced by Vancouver-based Dale Penner (Holly McNarland, Nickelback, Matthew Good Band), her self-titled debut is scheduled for an April 17th 2007 release in the U.S.

“Sheva and Penner have created a powerful album of songs that bridge the gap between artistry and radio,” says Barry Coffing, CEO and founder of UE3.

Recorded in Vancouver and Halifax, the record features New York’s Jimmy Landry (guitar, bass, programming, co-writer), Vancouver’s Don Powrie (drums), and Bill Buckingham (strings).

“Sheva is an artist who can back up her studio work through her extraordinary live performances on tour,” adds Coffing.

Sheva’s upcoming Eastern U.S. Border’s tour dates begin March 19th in Maine, with more details to be announced soon.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Darin Roche 902-404-2917 office
902-229-2530 cell

UE3 Records, Public Relations, 4390 Irvine Ave. Los Angeles, CA 91604 Contact: Julius Robinson 818 766-0877
- UE3 Records


"The Closest Thing": released in 2007 | full record
"Christmas Mine": released in 2011 | single


Darin Roche
Granville Records



One of the rarest qualities a singer can have is the power to touch an audience's deepest emotions. With the imagery of her lyrics and her haunting, melodic music, her sound is one of emotion, something so deep that makes you feel like you are taken to a place you’ve never been to in a long time, or ever before. With a new record on the horizon to follow up her debut record, “The Closest Thing”, Sheva continues to draw emotion with each and every musical moment, possibly bringing to life some of her best and most personal work to date.

“Fairytales’, a song that symbolizes what is real and what is fantasy, taken from the eyes of a child, seems to be about always wanting to feel like there will always be an element of story-like creation in our lives, and not always wanting to be in reality. “Believe” is a simple, yet powerful and emotional song to plea for support from those around us.

Sheva’s music has taken her on tours throughout Canada, playing venues from Chapters Bookstores, to Starbucks in Toronto and Ottawa, to clubs in Toronto, and theatres across the Maritimes. She has also ventured south of the border in the U.S., performing a series of Borders Books and Music stores across New England and the Mid-West, clubs in New York City, Baltimore, ML, Nashville, TN, and Atlanta, GA, outdoor venues in Tennessee and Texas, two NHL hockey games in Atlanta, GA at the Phillips Arena, and a Pre-Grammy showcase in Hollywood, California, just to name a few.

Her new record, set to be released in late 2013, promises to be an emotional journey, with a fresh and honest sound that will captivate any listener and move them profoundly, along with emotionally charged live performances, Sheva is a true artist to keep your eye on in the near future.