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She Wants To Be King

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"It's getting near the sort of time when anyone with any sense would be thinking about going to bed, so it must be High Voltage o'clock. And dispelling the notion that indie music's a lads' game, tonight the girls with guitars are fighting back. First up is a very welcome return for one of Manchester's greatest underground bands of recent years Red Vinyl Fur. Back in 2001 "Zero Point" was one of the highlights of the now legendary compilation released by ManchesterMusic's Chairsmissing club night; the club and the album set the scene for the High Voltages of today; what's remarkable is how current this sole surviving song from the early days sounds here six years on. Ahead of their time, then; only guitar genius Kara remains from the original line-up and now the band's only guitarist she somehow manages to play for two, powerful chords underpinning pointy riffs interspersed with delicious distorted sounds. The powerhouse rhythm section have been on board for a couple of years now and newer songs mark a slight shift towards Duke Spirit territory, with singer Chelle the newest recruit; cool and sparkling as a performer she's got a rich sultry voice that slides beautifully over the band's spiked clamouring."
By Cath Aubergine,


"Red Vinyl Fur are back and this is only their third gig with new songs and a new line up. Fittingly for an all girl outfit they provide a fine cocktail of riot fuelled rock and roll, buzzing with frenetic post punk short circuited distortions - and three minute pop songs. Whilst Version 1 of RVF (there were a few permutations of the original classic Chairs Missing generation line up...) immersed itself in distant landscapes of 4AD grandeur and basslines, V.2 is an altogether different prospect. The guitar crams the set with twangy riffs set loose to freely burrow into your head, whilst big basslines and snappy drums provide the perfect background for 'Chelle the vocalist. The end result has the infectious floating power of Pauline Murray's Penetration betwixt mountains of ideas and concise rattling hooklines. It's a big surprise that Manchester hasn't mustered up more all female line-ups – Red Vinyl Fur as ever can still capture the moment and hurl it further than most other bands, even on a circuit that boasts more have-a-go axe heroes than ever before. Boys – Beware."
23 February 2007 / The Castle / Oldham By JA, -


"Dressed entirely in black and probably not hugely familiar with traditional feminine pursuits such as flower arranging, Red Vinyl Fur are the girl gang who laughed at stupid boys at the bus stop, grown up and armed with guitars. A taut salvo of caustic riffs and threatening rhythms, with the glorious foil of Chelle's sultry but tough vocals. Nadene meanwhile attacks the drums with a ferocity that would send most metal boys running home to Mummy, not least on the excellent "Slow Girl" - one can only begin to wonder, but you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of Manchester's greatest post-Riot-Grrl alt-rockers."

By Cath Aubergine,


"Red Vinyl Fur are still the best all girl band in existence. In fact they're still one of the best bands in Manchester full stop. It's astonishing, when you think about it, that all-female bands are still in such a minority. It used to be a drummer thing, but when you go to as many Whip and Forward Russia gigs as I do even that doesn't seem so unusual these days. There's nothing girly (or even grrrl-y) about Red Vinyl Fur musically though; they just play rock'n'roll, indie-punk-abrasive rock'n'roll, faintly sleazy around the edges and full-powered and assertive without being aggressive. This band should be playing to packed-out sweaty moshpits. Fuck it, this band should be signed."

By Cath Aubergine -


Quarter to seven. It’s not exactly rock’n’roll time that, is it? More like... tea time. But with a three band bill to clear before an early curfew for a club night, this is the stage time Red Vinyl Fur have been allotted. Any images of Manchester’s greatest girl band playing to an empty space are shredded as we walk in to find the place heaving already, lit by the gaudy sparkles of a fairly large quantity of glowstick jewellery. Don’t know much about headliners Robots In Disguise but I’ll give them one thing, their fans are impressively keen... and the youngest, most female-majority crowd I’ve seen in here in a good while. All of which bodes very well for our opening band. After all, Red Vinyl Fur are the band I’d have wanted to be in if I was 14. Immeasurably cool looking in a pretty-but-tough way, wielding razor-sharp guitar lines and infusing melodic indie rock’n’roll with punk-driven spikes, this is a band with both attitude and tunes in good supply. And there can be few greater accolades for a support band than seeing one of the headline band down the front giving it loads.
28 January 2008 / The Roadhouse / Manchester
By Cath Aubergine,


"SINGLE REVIEW - 30/6/08"


If you’ve been following Red Vinyl Fur’s recent progress you’ll be aware that they’ve carefully been reworking their sound and line up, the results of which can be found on this new single, from the much admired femme-fatale quartet. It’s the grittiest record I’ve heard this month, driving and gouging its way through dark riffs whilst a sensational pop vocal showers over this almost industrial grind of guitars. It’s one part Banshees, one part Pixies/Breeders, one bit Sonic Youth and I swear to god, when you get to “Slow Girl” there are even shades of Metallica (had they been around in the 50’s playing semi-acoustics blasted through scuzz pedals). The guitars howl and bounce out their harmonics like little flying knives, whilst the vocals provide this little velvet wrapper - it's a box of musical razor blades and their toughest broadside yet. Marvellous - quite possibly dangerous too.

J.A. (Manchester Music) MMMM ½


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