Paris, Île-de-France, FRA

Sheyla Costa is a brazilian author, composer and singer. She has a singular style that mixes audacity with cosyness, sensuality and poetry.


in Olinda (Brazil), Sheyla Costa begins her career as a singer at the age of 9,
in a television show for children hosted by Paulo Marques in Recife. Sheyla was
noticed right away and invited to sing every week-end for a year at happy hours
of « Champagne » Boa Viagem’s hotel nightclub in Recife, a quite
popular place in the 80’s.

This is
where she acquired her first scenic experience by being confronted to a
adolescent irreverent and demanding audience who ends up making her a true

At the age
of 16 and after 4 years of intense work with her exuberant dancer friend Paulo
Kitaka, young Sheyla Costa becomes a known dancer in Recife. However, she seeks
to explore every artistic domain and in particular theater at the age of 17.
She works with Cristiano Lins productions in Recife for two years and was
warmly cheered and approved by the audience and press.

Sheyla Costa
starts teaching herself guitar in 1993, which inevitably leads her to write and
compose her own music. Her career starts admirably as she wins the young
composers festival of Recife in April 1996, and records her first demo at SONY
with André Lobao (guitarist and composer) acting as her artistic director. That
same year, Sheyla Costa decides to move to France. She studies musicology at
Pierre Mendés France University in Grenoble where she wins another university
festival, and records a second demo at Studio III in Grenoble. She tours all
over France with a group of confirmed musicians.

October 2006, she performs on Parisian stages (Sunset, Baiser Salé, Satellit
Café, The Comedy Club, La Bellevilloise, Le Blue note, Charlie Birdy, Espace
Henry Miller, l’Etage, La Maison Blanche, etc..) In 2008, she records her first
5-song EP. In 2009 she performs as headline at Jazzmandu festival. In December
2009 she records her second EP, this time with 6 tracks.

Still in 2010 Sheyla Costa
recorded a tv program with
Pierre Barouh, great author and composer. On this same occasion, she met the
pianist Jean-Pierre Mas (former pianist of Claude Nougaro and current pianist
of Barouh) with whom she recorded a song, "Bonheur", and in 2011 she
wrote three songs for the cd "Latinalma”, distributed by the french label
Harmonia Mundi and considered one of the best albums of the year.

Sheyla Costa was part of national TV
shows (Des Mots de Minuit, France2) as well as radio shows (Un mardi idéal,
France Musique / Neo Geo by Bintou from Radio Nova in Paris).

Sheyla Costa also composes music
for film and advertising which can be found on her web store called
"Shesounds". She has released a first record with "Nova
Nota", a synchronisation specialist.


SHEYLA COSTA "Do Lado Azul" album soon release at september 2016 in Paris - France

LATINALMA (with Jean Pierre Mas) 2012 distributed by Harmonia Mundi - France

SHESOUNDS Electronic and Lounge Music for synchronization (film, games and advertising)   

SHEYLA COSTA "Sheyla Costa" EP 6 tracks Brazilian Jazz, Funk, French Music - 2009 released in France available at iTunes, VirginMega, Fnac music 

SHEYLA COSTA "La Brasileira" EP 5 tracks Brazilian Jazz, Funk, French Music - 2008 released in France

Set List

Vocal Lead, Electric - Acoustic Guitar and small percussions

 - Neumann KMS 105


- DI Box

Backvocal - NEUMANN KMS 105  

Electric Guitar - Ampli Guitar SM57/MK012 Comp

Bass - Ampli Basse MK319 Comp

Percutterie (Mix between drums and percussions)  

- SHURE SM57 x 4

- Bass drum Beta52 Comp/Gate

 - Snare SM57 Comp

 - Charley SM81/MK012

- Tom Bass SM57 CompGate

 - Overheads Cour KM184/MK012

- Overheads Jardin KM184/MK012