Shiest City

Shiest City

 Brooklyn, New York, USA
SoloHip Hop8-Bit

Known for his “Brooklyn Swag”, Shiest City was born and raised in the infamous streets of East Flatbush. Since he was a teenager, Shiest City never had an issue keeping crowds amped by his freestyles—illuminating his inborn lyrical gift. He later began to freestyle heavy with his team known as, Darksid3.


Boyz Records signed its first rapper, Shiest City, in January of this year. A rising star to Brooklyn’s hip-hop and rap scene, Shiest City’s voice is currently well known in that area. Boyz Records aims to push that worldwide.

Since discovering and honing his musical and lyrical talent and ability, Shiest City has appeared in many public freestyle battles in Flatbush, at Webster Hall, and on “The Star and Buc Wild Show” (WWPR-FM, 105.1 MHz) in New York City. No longer a solo performer, Shiest City has also been instrumental in forming Darksid3, his team, which plan to revolutionize and revive East Coast hip-hop. 

Shiest City has a local underground following in Flatbush, Brooklyn where he was born and raised, revelling in the underground music scene. His musical education took place on the streets and comprised of frequent rap battles and free-styling with fellow rappers. His musical influences include rap from the 1980s and 1990s, like LL Cool J and Biggie Smalls, two other New York rappers on the East Coast rap scene.

Shiest City has talked about a “New York Mentality” in the past, which fosters Darwinian “intellectual growth and artistry” that only an East Coast rapper can understand. To understand this mentality is to understand Shiest City’s demeanor, mindset, and ability. As he puts it, “[w]e improve because we are forced to. It is with this mentality that New York has become great, and it is with this mentality that it will continue to be great. This mentality pervades every man, woman, and child in this city...Growing up in Flatbush gave me a musical education more than any school could.” 

Also known as “Brooklyn Swag,” Shiest City definitely personifies this descriptor. Larger than life, and yet humble at the same time, Shiest City is not your usual rapper, and that is a good thing. Modern-day hip-hop and rap needs a revival, and Shiest, Brooklyn’s hottest new artist, may just be the answer. Boyz Records is pleased to have signed Shiest City, and is hopeful to see what he will accomplish under their banner.