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Written By: Kashif Burrell

Chorus: (Romeo)

Lets just cruise, lets cruise away. We can go tomorrow, but I rather go today. Lets just cruise, let cruise away. We can go tomorrow, but I rather go today. Lets just cruise.

Verse 1: Shif

What's up baby, how's your day? Just called to let you know that I was on my way. I know you stressing and it ain't quiet right, and by the way I got something that you just might like. Don't worry you’ll be amazed by far, when you get off I’ll be waiting outside in the car. When she walked out, her mouth hit the floor, when she seen that gray drop top Bentley Azure. I opened the door, and let her get in, gave me a kiss on the lips then she did it again. I said the car ain’t nothing, I got something better. How bout this big rock on your finger forever. She was at a lost of words, final she said yes when she got the nerve. She said “you gave me everything ,what more can I want”. How bout a trip around the world anywhere that you want.

Repeat chorus 2x

I just want to cruise the seas, it don’t matter to me, Sandro-pay or the Florida Keys, pack your bags you can live your dreams, and you my main jawn so you can just live for free. You ain’t gotta pay a dime, baby I got it all covered, you got the right lover, ain’t nothing else above us. We can watch the dolphins jump the water, no worries no stress cause or lives in order. Who knows we might make a daughter, cause we both gone be drunk before we reach the border. Because the parties on the upper deck, from sun down to sun up I’ll just cut the check. All night no rest involved. All tight when the sex involved , and she said it don’t matter bout the rest at all, because I did my man thing once the dress was off.

Repeat chorus 2x

I got the villa for a week that outlooks the beach, champagne in a bucket for just you and me. I just had to cruise away, get you out them clothes throw them shoes away. Over to the Prada store. Get you a pair of steps four sets of more. Put our life back home on hold. Diamonds on your toes, Louie Vaton Robe. Mink on the bed sheets. People downstairs complaining cause all they hearing is the bed squeak. So now they can’t sleep, and you can’t speak, that’s how it is when I’m focused and it’s real deep. I don’t play when I’m pleasuring you. And ain’t no other chick better than you. You know I had to get this tele for two, and cruise to this nice sunny weather with you and.

Repeat chorus 4x

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