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"Reviews Of Outrage From Various Zines"

Rocks hard!
I like the way the guitar and drum intertwine in the intro and how the mute is perfectly placed. The vocals are awesome. They fit perfectly with the music and the length certain words are held show vocal maturity and the density of it is awesome. An interesting little progressive movement between chorus and verse is well placed. The breakdown part at the 2:30something mark is great and build well back up to the chorus! Excellent performance, productino and overall and most importantly, great music! keep on rockin!
Reviewed by: Avatar2390 from Gardendale, Alabama

These guys know what the f*ck their doing
This song was fresh. The vocalist is sick - his voice is strong in the spirit of Chris Cornell (a compliment in this case). The band is rock solid and tight as a barely legal you know what. Big ups on the choice of dry production, it gave the "odd" beat plenty of room to breathe without turning to mush. The arrangement had some great twists and turns, with cool riffs in all the right places. I would buy this CD.
Reviewed by: conanis from Hudson, Florida

The drum sound on this recording slays. As soon as they kicked in it got me interested. The vocals worked really well to say the least. This guy can scream and sing which is a trait not afforded to many in the Hard Rock world. The choruses were catchy and by the end of the song I felt that this band could easily stand apart from the rest. The arrangement was a standard single, radio friendly one and I wouldn't be surprised if I heard this over the airwaves. Excellent sound production as well. Big thumbs up boys.
Reviewed by: ozflow from Vancouver, British Columbia

Allright now.
Hey I could tell instantly I was gonna like this song. The vocals are absolutly my style GREAT.It's got a nice hook to it. I do believe it is the best song I have heard yet. You have to send me more. do you have a disk? Nice Job.
Reviewed by: dorango_v from Unspecified

this is great shit the hook is there the arrangement is great the vocals are exellant

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Production, Lyrics, Originality.

- elscara
Worthington, Indiana

Another freakin' hit????
OK I don't think I'm going to keep reviewing bands if they keep giving me these super-well produced, powerful, well-arranged, masterpieces of rock. There are no bands in the Southeast making this kind of good noise.

Extra Credit: Production, Originality.

- axonwarrior
Mount Holly, South Carolina

Anger can be good
Nice and heavy song, rocks pretty good. Nice cross into the bridge vocally.

Good drum break down, simple but keeps everything going.

I like the distortion of the guitar, has a good tone. Nice slicer FX on the guitar breaks.

Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Originality.

- forallicare
Chicago, Illinois - 2003

"Reviews Of Walk From Various Zines"

Mmmm, rare 16 oz Steak with A1
Deftones meets Stone Temple Pilots? YUMMY! Better than a trip to the Outback for a bloody 16 oz steak! Those moody guitars in the background are just what this song needed to be unique, stands out from the mundane world of rock guitar. Vocals Got BALLS, very masculine and good control. Like the programming sounds. Drummer is tight, well written parts. Hook has me wanting to listen to this one again- Damn! I cant find ONE bad thing to say about it! FIVE stars! Where can I get this CD?
Reviewed by: carbonstar from Joplin, Missouri

Synth & Rock
I love that synth rock thing. I do love this song. The drums hold the band together. the guitars are big and full and just right. Bass fills the room! Keys well I love it! The vocals are great really great! the hook is hooky. It is very catchy. I am cought, thats for sure. WOOOOOOOOOW coold drop out worth waiting for. I would listen to the entire song just to hear that. OOO and that vocal drop out part too wow. Just vocals for a sec, that was cool. this song truly has all the elements of a great HIT. HIT HIT HIT ALL THE WAY!
Reviewed by: MatthewDFeltes from Eugene, Oregon

Great Vocals
This track really kicks, great vocals and really like the harmony vocal stuff. Tight arrangement with some quick hits to grab you. This is the type of tune that if you hear it a few times it would really grab you

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Lyrics, Melody, Most Rocking Track.

Grosse Ile, Michigan

Stands Out.
Deep deep darkness. The guitars make the song sound super heavy. The drums sound pretty good, probably one of the hradest instruments to record, but they sound so clear here. All around a great tune.

- Separated
Portland, Oregon - 2003


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Shift (shĭft) To change position, direction, place, or form. As the name suggests, Shift’s music changes direction and form, creating a unique mix of driving rhythms and melodic vocals that make their sound unmistakable. Formed in the fall of 2002, Shift members instantly “gelled,” said bass guitarist, Rich Bebo. When asked about the formula for the creation of Shift’s music, singer/guitarist Chris Powers replied, “All members have a major role in the creation of all of our songs. We come from all different backgrounds, but enjoy very similar music. Rock, Hip-Hop, Metal, Blues, and R&B influences can be heard in all of our music.” Since the winter of 1992, drummer George Stolis and bassist Rich Bebo enjoyed success with an Albany, NY based punk/power-pop band called, “FaT MooKeN.” After the unfortunate passing of their lead singer, Adam Knapp in February of 2000, George and Rich attempted forming several other projects. Shortly after meeting Chris, Shift formed and was exactly what they were looking for. Chris Powers has been between Albany and NYC since the age of 17, Attending the Manhattan School of Music and playing extensively in the New York City club scene. After moving back Albany in 2002, a mutual friend introduced Chris to George and Rich and after the first time playing together, Chris joined the group as the guitar player. A decision was made to replace the existing singer, and Chris felt he could fill this role. After auditioning for the part, The three piece band called Shift was born. Shift’s future is a positive one. Even in their infancy, they have received positive feedback from new fans, local radio stations, and club owners. Both live and recorded, Shift’s music is exciting and inspiring, delving into the psyche with interesting song lyrics and computer-programmed loops and effects. Their live show is rock-solid and an excellent reiteration of their recorded material without losing any of the quality. Their recordings are as powerful as their live shows without the sterility that is sometimes associated with a recording. Check out their live show or download their new MP3s, which are available through their website, Shift will not disappoint.