Garage rock the Aussie style is what this Brisbane based band Shifter makes, think The Vines, The Strokes and Rolling Stones in a big mix and we're not far from the sound of these dudes from down under.


So you wanna know a little bit more about the band that went to America and got L.A. buzzing with only one show at the ROXY? The band that won JJJ's Queensland Unearthed competition; the band that was hand-picked by Blondie to open for them on their Australian tour; the band that in 2006 not only netted a spot at Big Day Out but get to go back to the USA for a two month coast-to-coast tour AND play at SxSW? How many bands do you think that is?... Just ONE baby!! SHIFTER!!

Formed by harmony-obsessed singer/songwriter Michael Nason and drummer/singer Peter Robertson, the two school friends set about achieving their life long dream of screaming harmony over raw 'n' rowdy rock n roll. Bringing on board the talents of Joal Pascoe (lead guitar, vocals), and Danny Alder (bass, vocals); Shifter have been chalking up wins ever since.
2005 gave Shifter their biggest break yet. Having been given the nod by QMusic and A&R Worldwide the boys jetted over to Los Angeles to play one of the coveted showcase spots at MUSEXPO 2005 at the legendary ROXY nightclub. And whaddya know? The Americans flipped. Shifter signed up with Boo Management and haven't looked back.

Shifter's music/performances can be found on countless compilation CD's, (of course countless depends on how high you can count). You can hear tracks from their records at your local milk-bar or on the hit parade.

Shifter are under the influence of
The Sonics, The Rolling Stones, Supergrass, The Beatles, Silversun, Teenage Fanclub, Big Star and Weezer.


Shifter EP 2006 - Boar Records/SpinArt Records
Butter Single 2005 - Australia only

Set List

The Game
Hey Candy
Who's gonna take you home
Little Sceany
Set lenght between 30 - 45 min