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Two Australian school friends achieve their life long dream of forming a band that screams hell-fire Aussie rock circa '77 and resonates with the harmonies of West Coast Sunshine-Pop all over raw 'n' rowdy, Rock n' Roll. They enter the Queensland Unearthed Competition sponsored by Australia's biggest radio station Triple J and beat over 1,500 bands to win the number one spot. American icons BLONDIE hand pick the band to open for 'em when they tour Australia and they're off on an amazing tour!

Soon thereafter, they get asked to play THE biggest music festival in Australia, Big Day Out and their single Butter is added into rotation at commercial radio.

This, of course, leads to Shifter being discovered by Boo Management - one of the most successful management companies in the USA. Naturally, the Aussie government supports the band, helps fly them to the US to tour from Los Angeles to New York and back again, and of course stopping on the way to take in SXSW where they blew away an unsuspecting music industry.

Now take a breath, as this is just the start. The boys fly home where they're invited to play Australia's most popular late night variety show, ROVE LIVE. Then they're asked to open for BLACK SABBATH!! The band are continuing to tour the globe while writing new songs and recording their debut full length album with renowned producer Rob Feaster. Phew!



Written By: Michael Nason

Calm down baby just a little softer
Slow hands spinning like a helicopter
You want some well I got none
But I can’t see how that’s my problem
Baby don’t go crazy let’s get lazy
And we’ll have some fun

Trouble is on my tail
Seems like my wins always fail
In the morning we ain’t gonna fight
So let’s take tomorrow and turn it into tonight

Come on Kitten just a little closer
Stretch yourself cross my four poster bed
I you feel it you can be it
Oh believe me we just can’t go wrong
Baby don’t go crazy let’s get lazy
And we’ll have some fun

Less Is More

Written By: Michael Nason

In these times of confusion in these moments of war
She folds down the blankets boy and offers you more
And you take three sideways glances then you offer up sure
She takes you to the threshold of
Somewhere you’ve been dreaming of

Then sweeps out the ashes lying under your feet
She drives the hardest bargain that you’ll never complete
You wanna scream for mercy but the words can’t compete
With noises coming from below
The floor is crying tears that glow

Well less is more that’s what you said before
But I know you don’t believe it’s true
Because if less was more when I walk out the door
You’d know more or less just what to do

They shimmer as they slide along the Dutch riverbank
They wander through the sidelines of a World War One tank
They feel their way through brothels living on the left bank
Paris Texas San Antone
Everyone knows you’re alone

So dance your little mind down all the drains to the sea
You did a nice line in the past so have one of these
The room is getting colder with the rising degrees
You want to go back far in time
When tonight was just a state of mind

So what the hell happens if I can’t sink or swim
What am I supposed to do do do do do then
Who can help without regret and never been seen
And take away these veiled threats from your beauty queen
So come on baby let’s go out and dance
Forget the future fuck it let’s just deal with romance
You love the guys you look at and you’re looking at me
And ask me what’s the difference you’re the best one who’s free

Exit Sign

Written By: Michael Nason

I can’t take this town
tell me where I want to go
Help me cause I just don’t know

Christ I’m tightly wound
Feeling more than touch and go
Touch me and I will explode

And when you’re around
You help me down
Baby let’s blow this town

Christ I’m tightly wound
I’ve got to fly
Don’t ask me why

Baby please show me which way is out
Where’s the Exit Sign
Where’s the Exit Sign go


Butter EP (2004)
Shifter EP (2006)

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Our typical set takes you on a rollercoaster of pure rock emotion, you'll laugh, you'll cry, it'll change your life! Our sets range from 3 mins to 3 hours. We aim to please. What do you want?