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The band began developing their fan base by playing night clubs and all ages venues. They raised over $400 playing a fundraiser for Parrish Middle School Band Program that was filmed by "Oregon Jam." The live show plus an in-studio perfromance and interview will be edited into a one hour show to be aired on CCTV sometime in May. With this fresh exposure, SH!FT will act as host for a three day "Battle of The Bands" in their home town.

Tongue firmly in cheek, Bodi Says: "With our superhero forces finally combined, SH!FT has set out to protect the world from really bad music...and are now stronger than ever and on the verge of releasing our first weapon to destroy bad music forever." - Music Millennium (Portland)


All That I've Become, Something Greater, Losing You, Throw, Portrait, Whispers, Away From Everything, Forgive the Forsaken, Another Home, Last Stand, (Songs from our upcoming EP)
Losing You (Single)



The majority of the band SH!FT was formed in 2000, while all members were still in high school. After much hard work in the studio, SH!FT completed recording of their freshman album in early 2004. The album was put on hold for the time being, however, as they parted ways with their original drummer. Priorities were then set to finding a new drummer, but it couldn't be just any drummer.
They wouldn't settle for anyone that could play all of the parts, without bringing anything to the mix themselves. A few auditions later and they had found thier percussion section. Wes Fisher was now the fourth member of SH!FT. Tony was brought onboard shortly after to take over the Bass duties (becoming the 5th member) so Dan could focus on vocals alone. Current goals of the band include raising the funds to release their first album, and playing as many shows, with as many screaming fans as possible.
SH!FT has had their share of ups and downs, but some things never change. These boys play every show like it's casual Friday... If casual Friday meant rocking your socks off. That's right, just check at the end of the show... you'll be thinking "Hey! Where did my socks go?"
This isn't just a hobby for SH!FT, they'll make it no matter what it takes. They'll shed blood, sweat, and tears onstage for a chance to make it big.