New York City, New York, USA

Singer-songwriter Shije is from the west and likes to sing about it. Her band has a smooth guitar based rock folk flavored funk feel. Good variation, & down home blues with a groovy, earthy vibe, rich in vocal expressiveness. Gets compared 2 Joan Osborne, Tori Amos, Shania Twain & Alanis Morissette.


To a click track, the dancers and singer have done halftime shows at sold-out sports events. Shije regularly sings her national anthem at NHL, NBA & baseball events. As a special events soloist, by March 2008, Shije had sung the song "Let There Be Peace On Earth" for five years in the U.N.
"Something different about my band is we love doing meet & greets, and have become known in some markets, like Las Vegas for arranging to announce our gig & play live on the radio for the FM Rock station's morning disc jockeys 9am Traffic Jam show. Makes our shows packed when radio works with us like that, so we'd be good for venues that already have that local radio scheduling connection. "


Shije Songs

Written By: Shije


Shije, the self-titled debut of 12 songs won Top 20 Demos of the year from Music Connection Magazine, and 1st choice for "pop-country" comparing her to Bobbie Gentry of "Ode to Bille Joe" fame.

Set List

Up to 2 sets, 45-75 minute sets. Meet & Greets at another location (record stores, radio stations) possible.