Our band is about doing what we want. We create music that's original, to the point, bust most importantly.... rocks like no one else. We're a bunch of nobodys who don't care if we stay that way, but it's only rock and roll, right?? Fuck it!!


Dean has played drums for almost 30 years. He's an unknown yoda. He and Jason grew up listening to Sabbath, Kiss,and the heavier shit going on. But it was the eighties!! We belonged in the seventies ( which we were mere one digit midgets), and to this day that's where we truly belong. We don't pose, no gimmicks, no fads, we play hard, we party hard , we rock hard.


All Shiloc recordings have been done on our various equipment throughout the past sixteen years. Tapes available upon request.

Set List

Our set lsit is never set. Songs: Burn, Evil Money, Tough Guy, Torture, Animal Nature, Dody May. Covers: hardly any, but..... AC/DC's "Live Wire", Kiss's "Strange Ways", Saint Vitus's "The Sadist", any real heavy rocker would dig these 3 alone.