Fuzzed out atmosphere tiptoeing around macabre riffs of post-punk indie rock.


After releasing three successful EPs, both on their own and through San Francisco-based indie upstart New & Used Records, anticipation is running high for the band's first ever LP. The trio, who have been compared musically to bands ranging from the Cramps to the Pixies, have built their reputation on the songwriting prowess and onstage intensity of founding members Ken Ramos (vocals/guitar) and Melissa Pleckham (bass). While many bands boast a couple at their core, these two have taken their romantic relationship to new heights with their symbiotic songwriting style: Ramos writes the music, while Pleckham focuses largely on crafting the lyrics he will sing.

The two are joined onstage and in the studio by their two drummers, Dan Moore and Daniel Clifford, who enhance the songs with their powerful rhythmic styles to complete the Shiloe sound. The music, which has made its reputation in Los Angeles for being both unapologetically dark and unrelentingly loud, combines the driving force of Sleater-Kinney with the atmosphere of Interpol, tied together with the roughness of the punk bands that Ramos grew up listening to in his native Orange County.

Shiloe has already caused a stir among some of the most influential tastemakers in music, including KROQ, KCRW, Spin magazine, the Los Angeles Times, and Filter magazine, who recently chose to feature the band on a compilation CD alongside such artists as Portishead and Great Northern, as well as the BBC and the Mexican station RadioAlterno, who flew the band to Mexico City to perform for fans.

Veteran musicians are also taking notice: In June of 2009, Shiloe was personally invited to co-headline Sonic Youth's official West Coast record release party for The Eternal at Origami Vinyl in Echo Park, where they played alongside former Sonic Youth tourmates Pocahaunted. The band has also shared bills with notable performers including Girl In A Coma, the Henry Clay People, Gliss, War Tapes, Mike Watt, and Giant Drag among others.

Shiloe's as-yet-untitled debut full-length is currently in production in Los Angeles.


The Rat

Written By: Shiloe

I watch you slip away
Take it in your hand
See yourself oh...Oh, can't you see some life here
Take my hand...Until your eyes discern my descent

I don't care too much for you
And you don't think at all of me

Oh kill me love....The world's in your eyes
Turned our life around...Take in the light
I see your eyes...killing in your eyes
You don't know why...Won't you take your life on a knife


You sound like you sound...Your system's out
You said you've no idea of the right before now
Oh, take your life oh...leave me alright
You take our hand up...Until you see, see my side.

Lady In The Attic

Written By: Shiloe

Killer eyes but I can't get away
A memory again that you send back to me
Take my words before you take my time
Just one more night distorted -
You can tell me it's a dream, but you

Cannot see
Cannot hide
You cannot breathe
What's hidden inside?

It takes some time before I, I know your game
One more haunt before you see the night that blacks your eyes
I'll take it here, I'll take it, all your rights
Till you cannot see it more and I don't envy myself

Don't look down
She's taking flight
You can't see
Not going back tonight
...You're on your own

She keeps me here,
Swallow all my prayers
Shadows hanging in
You can't bring her back to your own

Take it all, just bring me back
Just one more time before you're gone
You're gonna make this night persist

Don't write me off
Can't see at all
Don't see her light
From this side it's night


-Early 2010 Debut Full-Length
First single "By The Daggers In Your Eyes" Has spent 3 weeks in the top 20 on the FMQB Triple A radio specialty charts.

-Lower Class Revolt Compilation Vol.3

-...And Now The Screaming Starts (New & Used Records)
Songs have already been played on KROQ, Indie 103.1, BBC 6, KXLU, LittleRadio, & BagelRadio and featured in several music blogs including LargeHeartedb Boy, WebInFront, La-Underground, What To Wear During an Orange Alert, Burning World, and more.

-Summer 2008 Filter Magazine Presents: Landmark Theatres Sampler CD

-Please Remove Your Teeth From My Neck EP
Has received airplay on radio stations including KROQ 106.7, Indie 103.1, BBC, KXLU, KZSU, LittleRadio and Radio Alterno, and has garnered positive reviews from publications such as Losing Today, Organ Magazine, and Music Emissions.

-Guardian Ear of The Radio Nurse EP
All songs from this debut EP have been added to playlists of various college, independent and commercial radio stations and podcasts, including Indie 103.1, KXLU 88.9,,,, KUCI, KBVR 88.7, WOZQ 91.9fm,, Soma fm,, AltrokRadio 90.5, and RadioNowhere, on which "The Rat" was the most requested song for three weeks in a row.

Set List

We usually play 30 to 45 minute set rotating through 6 to 8 of our 15 original songs and an occasional cover.
By The Daggers In Your Eyes
Please Remove Your Teeth From My Neck
What Happened To The World In Your Hands
Departure Song
Character Witness
Human Voices
The Rat

Season Of The Witch (Donovan)
Bela Lugosi's Dead (Bauhaus)
Pet Semetary (The Ramones)