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"North Carolina rockers Shiloh soldier on despite theft in NYC"

by: Shawna Kenney(Star-News Correspondent)

"It's hard for bands to stick it out because people grow up, and it never really pays off," Thurston Moore of experimental rock band Sonic Youth once said. "If you're looking for some sort of payoff, it's not gonna happen."
Depressing? Not if you consider what that says about the bands that perservere.
Shiloh, an unsigned four-piece band from Wilson and Rocky Mount that classifies itself as "soul/metal/indie," continue to press on despite their equipment being robbed after playing a show in Brooklyn earlier this month.
Thanks to an internet announcement abuot their situation and the kindness of fellow musicians, they're continuing to tour in support of their debut release, Lifenergy.
"We received some donations at our homecoming show in Wilson," said bassist Jeff Badalucco. "We have been able to borrow guitars from With Lover's Eyes and Beauty of an Automatic (bands also from Wilson and Rocky Mount) for two shows. Troy's (Shiloh's guitarist/singer) longtime friend Todd Pappas has also let him borrow an Epiphone Les Paul until we can get things straight with the insurance companies."
Badalucco himself is playing a borrowed bass "which only has three strings," but the band plays on. Quitting is not an option, he said. "Continuing to tour is vital to a band at this stage in the business, and Shiloh does not intend to back out of any scheduled shows or touring. Whoever stole the guitar and bass from Shiloh stole a part of the band, but not an irreplaceable part. It is unfortunate but could have been worse."
To make a donation to help Shiloh recoup their losses, send checks or money orders to: 124 S Applewood Ct.,Rocky Mount, NC 27803. Or use Paypal at
Better yet, check them out live on Friday night when they open for Southern metal band Beer Wolf, whose heavy music and light attitude have won many locals' hearts, sans a vocalist.
"(Our fans are not here to hear a message," Beer Wolf drummer nash Fralick said. "Rocking out is the message.") - Currents: Wilmington Star-News

"Shiloh back to shoot music video"

Want to be in a rock 'n' roll music video? A local band is offering that chance to music-lovers later this month.

Shiloh, a band with members from Wilson and Rocky Mount, is shooting a video for its single "Ketamina" Nov. 24 at Chico's in Rocky Mount. Band member Troy Richardson said band members hope at least 300 people show up for the free show.

"We're really trying to make this as big an event as possible in the hopes that filming a live video with everyone we can possibly have in the building will make for excellent footage."

Band members — Richardson on guitars/vocals, Anthony Jones on lead vocals/guitars, Zach Daniel on drums/vocals and Jeff Badalucco on bass/vocals — were on the road in Texas when reached by telephone earlier this week.

They were scheduled to play in Mississippi and Tennessee before returning to Wilson in time for the video shoot. style of music, mixing elements of rock, punk, metal, reggae and experimental styles. The song "Ketamina" covers the full range of these styles, Richardson said.

Band members have dubbed the sound "shock your soul rock 'n' roll." This summer, the band released its first full-length CD, "Lifenergy." It features 11 tracks of original songs and is almost an hour in length.

The band has been touring across the United States to promote the album. Along the way, they've picked up sponsorships from Sam Ash Music Megastore, Knucklehead Strings, Rockstar Energy Drink and ERS Studios, where the album was recorded and mixed.

Shiloh is working with Relentless Touring to coordinate a nationwide tour and hopes to travel internationally by late 2007. Still unsigned, the band also seeks to gain management and legal assistance in the near future.

Shiloh teamed up with Broken Wings Productions' Joseph Stauffer for the video, intended to be a straight-forward live performance shot from various angles in and around Chico's multiple levels of restaurant space. Opening performances will be from "With Lover's Eyes" and "The Bonnie Situation." The music starts at 10 p.m. Shiloh will be giving out copies of a brand new, unreleased, unheard song to the first 100 people at the show. Band members can be reached at (919)247-2644 or via e-mail at For more information, go on-line to or | 265-7811
- Wilson Daily Times, By Heather Wilkerson Daily Times Staff Writer

"Local Band Shiloh Advances in Competition"

The boys of the Wilson band Shiloh have their eyes on the prize.
Anthony Jones, Troy Richardson, Zach Daniel, and Jeff Badalucco are one step closer to a $1 Million record contract. In about two weeks, the band will travel to Atlanta for the semifinals of the "Bodog Battle of the Bands" competition sponsored by Bodog Entertainment and Fuse Television.
They'll battle it out with 14 other bands from the Southeast in hopes of advancing to the finals next month with bands from around the United States. When it's all said and done, the top 10 bands will make it on the Fuse TV "Battle of the Bands" reality show later this year.
The winning band gets a sweet $1 Million record deal.
Shiloh band members knew about the competition because they had watched previous "Battle" shows. They decided to enter this season.
"Battle of the Bands" starts as an online contest. Shiloh fans voted and a panel of judges reviewed the band's internet presence and fanbase. A combination of fan votes and the judges' impressions helped Shiloh make the first cut. They were one of 24 bands chosen from North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee. After a show in Charlotte, the 24 were narrowed to 12. Another show and the 12 were narrowed to two. Shiloh and a Charlotte-based band were chosen to represent the region at the semifinals Feb. 9 at The Loft in Atlanta. Three or four bands will be chosen to go to the finals on March 10. That winner earns a spot on the television show.
Anthony said the group has been in lots of contests and battles. They've won local competitions, but this is the farthest they have been in a national contest. And it is by far the biggest prize that's been up for grabs.
Filming for the show starts at the Feb. 9 performance. Band members have already reserved four 15 passenger vans so they can carry a crowd to Atlanta.
Fan support means a lot to the group. Anthony said, and he thinks it helps them in the competitions.
About 80 fans have already declared they were making the trip to Atlanta with Shiloh. There is still time for you to sign up too.
Tickets to the show - doors open at 3 p.m. Feb 9 - are $15. Shiloh is asking for another $15 to help with gas for the vans. It is a show for all ages.
If you have questions or want to reserve a spot, call Anthony at 363-8488, Jeff at 919-247-2644, or Troy at 292-6233.
To learn more about Shiloh, visit the group's Myspace page at - Wilson Daily Times

"Shiloh's Song: Area Band's video may make its name"

By: Laura McFarland

With less than two weeks left in a national online music competition, a local band is still hoping it has a shot at winning.

Wilson-based Shiloh's music video "Ketamina" is competing against almost 1,000 other entrants in the rock category of the video-based Music Nation contest, said Jeff Badalucco, bass player and back-up vocalist. Bands in the pop, rock and urban categories are battling for the grand prize, one of three recording contracts with Epic Records and a spot on the online performance series "Stripped."

"It's exposure at the very least, but we would really like to win and get a decent record contract and be able to focus solely on the music, writing better and better music and pushing ourselves that much farther," said Badalucco of Rocky Mount.

Music Nation, an artist development company, designed the 15-week contest to showcase great music and give unsigned artists a shot at taking center stage, said Chief Executive Officer Daniel Klaus. The contest, which began Jan. 29 and ends May 14, is now in week 11.

"I would say that the quality of content that we have gotten has exceeded our expectations. We're overwhelmed with the response and number of bands that we have gotten, but also the number of really great videos," Klaus said.

The contest started with 12 weekly rounds, with two winners chosen in each category, one by a panel of judges and the other by viewer votes, Klaus said. The weekly nation's choice and judge's choice winners go on to compete in the quarter-final, semifinal and final rounds in weeks 13 to 15.

"It was important that people be given a chance week after week to try and get the runnings up again and build up their followings and that it wasn't just about one big long 12-week contest. We wanted to give people a chance every week to rank at the top," Klaus said.

"Ketamina" was in the top 10 of viewer's voting after it premiered, Badalucco said, and has consistently been in the top 20 since then. The video was filmed in several locations in New York and North Carolina, including Chico's Mexican Restaurant in Rocky Mount.

"Being that it's our first video, we decided to have it be a pretty accurate representation of who we are onstage and how we play and the intensity that we put into our live show rather than have some dramatic concept," Badalucco said.

The song is about the distractions in life that can monopolize a person's complete attention, Badalucco said.

"If you start paying too much attention to any one thing, you'll start missing everything else that is going on. Tomorrow is not promised, so it is about making the best of what you have without losing sight of what is truly important," Badalucco said.

Shiloh, a "shock-your-soul rock 'n' roll" band, has been together almost five years, said Troy Richardson, guitarist. He and fellow band members Zach Daniel, drummer, and Anthony Jones, lead singer and guitarist, are from Wilson.

"We work really, really hard at this. This is all our lives. We base everything in our lives around this," Richardson said.

People can find the video by searching for "Shiloh" at Votes can be cast on the Web site or by text messaging "V91a" to 628466.

Getting people to vote daily has been a challenge, Daniel said. The band members have passed out fliers, placed advertisements and done everything else they can think of to gain more support.

"In the past few shows, we brought up the idea to get people while we play to break out their phones and do a text message to vote for us. It is kind of fun to have a room full of people trying to text message to the same thing," Daniel said.

The band's upcoming performances include playing May 5 at the Spring Metal Showcase at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh and May 12 at the Luna Bean in Wilson, Badalucco said.

- Rocky Mount Telegram

"Wednesday December 12 2007 @ Milestone Club (Impress the Judges)"

Shiloh started the first mosh pit of the night. They brought a large crowd to see their performance, and made sure their fans left happy. Fast, aggressive songs, with screaming guitar leads, and heavy singing vocals made these guys the second place winners of the night. - Bodog Battle

"Local Band Shiloh has chance with Wild Card"

I got a phone call Tuesday morning from a disappointed Anthony Jones.
He and Shiloh bandmates Troy Richardson, Zach Daniel, and Jeff Badalucco did not come out on top in the finals of the “Bodog Battle of the Bands” competition, sponsored by Bodog Entertainment and Fuse Television.
They felt confident about their performance Monday night at The Loft (Center Stage) in Atlanta, but when the winner was announced, bragging rights went to the band “After the Accident” from Ohio.
The band will join the nine bands from other finalist competitions throughout the United States on the Fuse TV “Battle of the Bands” reality show later this year. The prize is a $1 million record contract.
Right before the winner was named, it was announced that there will be a wild card band allowed t join the show.
The wild card band will be voted on by the public via an online vote.
“That’s a window of hope for us,” Anthony said.
Online voting is what helped Shiloh advance in the very beginning of this competition. The group has a strong, loyal fan base and band members credit fan presence for much of their success. A busload of Shiloh followers went to Atlanta for the competition.
Band members hope the public will pull through for them again.
Anthony thinks the online voting starts at the beginning of April. Go to for details and help this Wilson band earn a spot on the show and have a chance at that sweet contract.
- Wilson Daily Times

"Local Band Shiloh premieres its music video in Wilson"

By Heather Wilkerson, Staff Writer

A local band will premiere its first music video this weekend at Dos Gringos.
Shiloh, a band with members from Wilson and Rocky Mount shot a video for its single "Ketamina" in November at Chico's in Rocky Mount. Some footage from Wilson's Luna Bean appears in the video, too.
The party starts Friday at Dos Gringos when With Lovers' Eyes takes the stage around 10. Shiloh will perform from about 11 to midnight. The video will be shown after the performance. This event is for those 18 and older. There is a $5 cover charge.
This is a coming home party for the band, said member Troy Richardson. Band members -Richardson on guitars/vocals, Anthony Jones on lead vocals/guitars, Zach Daniel on drums/vocals, and Jeff Badalucco on bass/vocals- were on the road in Alabama when reached by telephone earlier this week. Friday will be their first time home in abuot two months.
They'll play at various venues in North Carolina until the end of May, then the band is back out on the road.
Shiloh is an unsigned, full-time touring band formed in 2002. They've developed their own style of music mixing elements of rock, punk, metal, reggae, and experimental styles. Band members have dubbed the sound "shock your soul rock n' roll."
This summer, the band released its first full-length CD, "Lifenergy." The video for "Ketamina" was done by Broken Wings Productions' Joseph Stauffer.
Shiloh will perform again Sunday night at 7 at Luna Bean.
Band members can be reached via email at For more information, go on-line to or - Wilson Daily Times

"A Pinch of Ireland in the City"

by:Jacob Richardson Feb 19 2007

"Second on the bill was Shiloh. Hailing all the way from North Carolina, they were on the road as a part of their “Children of the Interstate” tour. Part Punk Metal with Hardcore breakdowns and melodic interludes...Imagine Atreyu, Funeral for a Friend, 18 Visions, and Zebrahead...The Warped Tour would probably be fitting for the target of the band’s message." -

"Bodog Battle Narrows it down the best in North America"

Bodog Battle Narrows it down the best in North America

Regional Semi-Finals And Finals Are All That Separates Bands From One-Million Dollar Record Contract

For Immediate Release:

December 18, 2007

With only the best unsigned bands in the nation remaining, Bodog Battle surges into the American Regional Semi-Final rounds and onto the Regional Finals of the world-wide competition. After having to endure months of online voting and the Impress the Judges rounds, only the top American bands get to step it up as they enter the big time. Just a handful of bands remain from each city and they must vie against the best bands from the region in order to move on in the competition.

The stakes are also higher as the bands are being filmed for Bodog Battle with exclusive footage on Bodog TV and the second year of the popular Bodog Battle of the Bands show that aired on Fuse TV last year. These bands are fighting for their musical lives on camera as they attempt to take the next big step onto the Regional Finals. Playing across the country from Manhattan to San Diego, only a talented, hardworking few will get a chance to live out their dreams of a cross country tour in the hopes of a shot in the finals.

Bodog Battle Season 1 continues to gain success with Champions Fall From Grace and the Alternative Press popular vote back signee Fear Nuttin Band. Seattle’s Fall From Grace swept the competition and have been non-stop since their Victory at the House Of Blues L.A. finals. Currently this four piece hard rock powerhouse has hit the studio writing with Greg Nori ( Sum 41, Canadian Idol’s Hedley)and to give audiences a killer new album. Fear Nuttin Band have just emerged from the famed Studio X in Seattle recording with heavy-weight producer Terry Date ( The Deftones, Pantera, White Zombie) to bring Audiences YARDCORE being released on Bodog Music April 29th. Their Limited Edition EP with exclusive tracks from the studio is available at the Bodog Music Store and out with them on the road During thier current tour with the Toasters.

Be sure to go to and for more information and check out the dates below!

Regional Semi-Finals:

City: Orlando
Dates: January 26th 2008
Venue: Tabu

City: Minneapolis
Dates: January 26th 2008
Venue: First Avenue

City: Philadelphia
Dates: January 26th 2008
Venue: Fillmore at the TLA

City: Seattle
Dates: February 1st 2008
Venue: Studio Seven

City: Dallas
Dates: February 2nd, 2008
Venue: House of Blues

City: Manhattan
Dates: February 2nd, 2008
Venue: Gramercy Blender

City: San Diego
Dates: February 2nd, 2008
Venue: House of Blues

City: Atlanta
Dates: February 9th 2008
Venue: The Loft


City: Chicago
Dates: March 9th, 2008
Venue: House of Blues

City: Manhattan
Dates: March 5th, 2008
Venue: Fillmore

City: Atlanta
Dates: March 10th, 2008
Venue: Center Stage

City: Los Angeles
Dates: March 12th, 2008
Venue: Avalon

About Bodog Music
Bodog Music is a division of the international digital entertainment giant Bodog Entertainment International Group. With offices in the USA, UK, Canada, and Europe, this record label features a diverse and growing roster of talented musicians, including: The Vincent Black Shadow, Neurosonic, Wu-Tang Clan, Overkill, Nazanin, Bif Naked, Bishop Brigante, Billy Idol, Warren G, Soma City Ward, and The Heck. Bodog Music also distributes the Warcon Record Label and several acclaimed global movie soundtracks in Europe, including the Academy Award-winning film Little Miss Sunshine, Nacho Libre and Saw III. For the second year in a row, Bodog Music is looking to award $1 million recording and marketing contracts to the top unsigned bands in the world! With two new competitions – one held in North America and one held in Europe - "Bodog Battle" will air on major television networks across the globe and online at Bodog TV. Bodog Music Founder Calvin Ayre, who is recognized as a world authority on branding in the digital entertainment industry, was featured on the cover of Forbes magazine's best-selling "Billionaires" issue in March 2006. For more information, contact BODOG is a registered trademark.
For more information, please contact:
Rikki Zazula at (215) 794-1972 ex 102,
Jack O'Brien at (215) 794-1972 ex 104,

- BodogMusic

"Shiloh fights for Victory:Band Travels to Atlanta for Competition"

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Their eyes are on the prize.

The four members of Wilson-based Shiloh are now in the third leg of a grueling battle-of-the-bands competition that is a drain on their time, resources and money. But ask them if they would give it up – and with it the chance at a $1 million recording contract – and they would be quick to say no, said Troy Richardson, lead guitarist.

"I really do feel like we are going to win, and it will be all worth it then," said Richardson of Bailey.

Shiloh will play against 14 other bands Saturday in the Bodog Battle of the Bands regional semifinals at The Loft in Atlanta, said Rikki Zazula, media relations manager for Bodog Music. The contest is designed to give a great unsigned band a recording contract and provide exposure to the others in the process.

"Shiloh is going to Atlanta, so they are going to be in front of fans in Atlanta and develop relationships ... to bridge the gap from their hometown to the world in terms of touring," Zazula said.

The band was among 7,000 entrants worldwide that have been narrowed down through performances and judging, Zazula said. After the semiregional finals, there is only one more round of competition before the final 10 are chosen.

As part of the competition, the band has had to sell 100 tickets to each of the performances and get fans to the shows, said Anthony Jones, guitarist and lead singer. The band is renting passenger vans this weekend to carry its supporters to the competition, which is decided 80 percent by judging and 20 percent by fan balloting.

"I guess you can look at it as it is a high-stakes job interview with a lot competition," said Jones of Wilson.

Richardson is confident the band has a good shot at winning.

"The three other guys in the band are like my brothers. They are my best friends. They work hard, and they are good at what they do. I know if we just get the chance to be heard on a larger level ... we'll be a hit," Richardson said.

For more information on the competition or show times, go online to

- Rocky Mount Telegram by Laura McFarland


Second full length album, Children of the Interstate, released June 19, 2009. CD format available directly from the band. Digital Distribution on iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, Amazon, and more.

Full length debut album "Lifenergy" released July 13th 2006. 11 tracks, 7 previously unreleased songs! In stores and available through CD Baby and,, as well as iTunes,

"Of the Rest" CD EP features "Sincerely" and "Eye for an Eye" released July 2005.
these tracks and more at

"The Beginning" CD EP featured "Cardiac Rhythm," "Heroin & Airplanes," and "Snowblind" released December 2003.



SHiLOH has been writing songs and performing together since 2002. The band consists of Anthony Jones (lead vocals, rhythm and lead guitars), Troy Richardson (lead and rhythm guitars), Zach Daniel (drums, percussion), and Jeff Badalucco (bass guitar, backing vocals).

SHiLOH has self-released 2 EPs and 2 full length albums and toured the continental US twice with numerous East Coast and Southeast mini-tours. The band has performed in multiple Battle of the Bands competitions and made it to the Regional Finals in the 2008 Bodog Battle.

Yet the band remains unsigned while writing material for its third full length album which will begin pre-production in the spring of 2010. SHiLOH is currently refining the band's song-writing and is steadily becoming more professional in the studio and on the stage. The band is actively seeking a production team to work with to make major headway into the Rock Music Industry in 2010.