SHILOH sings with the strength and power of a runaway train. At the tender age of 12 years , she can peel the paint off your walls , or make you snap your fingers and tap your toes to any blues/country or pop standard.


SHILOH has a voice and power that is twice her age. She has the professional presence on stage that staggers everyone. At 12 years of age she has an adult voice that most adults would love to have , but with the Pre-teen innocence.
SHILOH has sang on stage with Canadian and USA headlining acts ( Sask. Telemiracle )and has left them "Drop Jawed" in awe of her skills as a singer and performer. She has won countless singing competitions . She was a finalist in the N.W. USA. Regional Finals in the Colgate Country Showdown in Coure'd' lene Idaho in 2004 at 11 years of age !
She was the Montana State champ in 2004 and went on again to the 2005 state championship in Great Falls Mt.
SHILOH has sang on many TELETHONS , State Fairs , festivals and is currently recording songs for her first demo c/d.


One Woman

Written By: Becky Hobbs / Don Goodman

On a bus in Alabama ,one took a stand,

they said you can't sit there , she said yes I can.

With a brave and smiling face , one waved goodbye.

Then the Challenger burst in flames

across the sky.


Small like a sparrow she dared to dream

Soared like an eagle on angels wings

One woman , made a difference in this world

On the hot dry hungry streets of India,

one held their bone thin bodies

with arms of love

another one turned her back on Englands throne

for homeless children whos arms and legs were gone


In a factory in Detroit , workin 2 shifts a day

She's both mother and father, bringin home half the pay

One startin to college at the age of 43

to be someones somebody they said she would never be

Chrous ....... Soared Like an eagle

Don't Call Me

Written By: Becky Hobbs

I had such high expectations
thought I'd finally found the perfect man
but theres something wrong with Mr. right ,
I know where you've been tonight
And now my heart just slipped right through your hands


And you can take my name from your little black book,
Don't ring my phone cause its off the hook
Better stop dreamin cause it won't come true
Don't call me baby I'll call you :II

Tonight your bad reputation
Is gettin easy to believe
Stop looking at me like whats the matter
I wouldn't have you on a silver platter
you won't even make a memory


First single release will be "I'll Make you Wish" by Mary Ann Blinkhorn

Track available for sample listening at her web site and also video clips available for viewing at.......

Set List

Cover Songs by Alanna Myles , Cher , Nat King Cole , Martina Mc bride ,
Faith Hill , Christina Aguliera etc
Original Songs by Mary Ann Blinkhorn (Canada) and Becky Hobbs (Nashville)