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One of the newest members of the ole stable is also its youngest. 15-year-old rocker Shiloh has impressed everyone at ole with her poignant, mature lyrics and star power.

Signed via a co-venture deal with Tanjola, Shiloh is currently recording her debut for Universal Canada and is already enjoying major exposure thanks to high-profile films (Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz's What Happens in Vegas, Dr. Doolittle 4) and TV synchs (Gossip Girl, NBC-TV's Summer Olympics promos). The Regina, Saskatchewan native is managed by Tanjola's Daniel Mekinda and Ivan Berry.

Shiloh started singing and performing at a very young age in western Canada and the northwestern U.S. Her unique look and point of view, told through the lyrics she penned herself, quickly caught the industry's attention.

Tanjola was one of the first to take notice of the burgeoning artist. Introduced to them by Vancouver's HipJoint, they had begun working with her as a result of her winning Edmonton's 91.7 'The Bounce Showdown' competition. After spending a few hours getting acquainted, Shiloh offered to sing a song which she wrote in its entirety. Immediately, the team knew they had found not only a fantastic singer, but a gifted songwriter.

"It's very rare that you come across someone so talented at (then) only 14 years of age," said Mekinda. "We heard the songs, but when we finally met Shiloh we were blown away by her voice, attitude, and soon thereafter, her songwriting. We feel Shiloh brings an authentic approach to her songwriting. Her age and experiences make her lyrics that much more real."
He continues: "Beyond her lyrics, her grasp of song structure and melody was that of someone who had been writing for 20 years. We realized we had no only an artist but a songwriter on our hands."
Shiloh's focus and drive also impressed Mekinda. "Her approach to the industry and her potential future blew us away. She definitely knew what she wanted."

Not long after, Shiloh signed a worldwide deal with Universal Music and began writing her debut album with HipJoint, ole's Rupert Gayle, Rob Wells and others. A publishing deal with Tanjola/ole followed in June of this year.

"I am super excited to join such a killer team," said Shiloh. "I felt a connection right away with the team at ole and heard a lot of good things about them. I look forward to our future together."

ole was also blown away by Shiloh's mature abilities as a songwriter.

'Her lyrics are almost shocking because, for a girl who just turned 15, they are mature beyond her years," said Jennifer Hyland (Creative Manager, ole Los Angeles). "There's a lot of depth to what she's singing. She is not in this to be a pop star, her goal is to express herself musically. She is not contrived at all and it's refreshing."

Shiloh has written or co-written half of her debut album, including "Ruin Me," the song she wrote herself and performed for Tanjola in their first meeting.
"Writing has always been a way for me to express my feelings," Shiloh said. "I don't really have a 'technique' - sometimes I lie in bed and write a whole song and sometimes I work on it over months" I do have a notebook of song titles, choruses and verses, and am constantly adding to it. "I have been putting lyrics on paper for the last few years and have, only recently, begun co-writing with professional writers"

The next few months will be a whirlwind for Shiloh. She is currently recording her debut album in Vancouver and Toronto. The album's first single "Operator (A Girl Like Me)," will be serviced in mid-August with an album street date (in Canada) around Halloween. Shiloh will shoot her first video this month.

The rest of Shiloh's summer will be spent with her band on the road. Following opening slots on recent tours with Hedley and Theory of a Deadman, Shiloh will play summer festivals (for as many as 10,000 people). She will also spend some time in LA for a showcase and songwriting opportunities.

Shiloh's life may be quickly changing but she's still a typical 15-year old girl who just loves music.
"If you were to look at my iPod you would find thousands of songs from Celine to Slipknot and techno to jazz," she said. "I love all music and use it all as influences in my songwriting. There is no single artist that's my favourite, I love too many."
Soon, there will be many girls just like her with Shiloh songs on their iPods.

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Publishing Contact:
Jennifer Hyland, Creative Manager
9000 Sunset Blvd. #806
West Hollywood, CA

Management Contact:
Ivan Berry & Daniel Mekinda
Tanjola Entertainment