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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Power Pop That Doesn't Suck!"

"Power pop that doesn't suck! Shimmer is something fans of Maroon5 and Franz Ferdinand could appreciate." - The Wax

"On The Way Up!"

"[Shimmer] sounds exactly like what it is: the documenting of a talented Pop Rock group, on the way up. Buy the CD so you can say you knew them when." - Better Propaganda

"Dude Can Sing"

"Skip Peri, has got some golden pipes. Dude can sing. Think Jeff Buckley mixed with Lenny Kravitz mixed with Prince." - Worthy Music

"Shimmer Is Invincible!"

Within 30 seconds, I had compared Shimmer’s “Don’t Trip on Your Way Out” to Maroon 5’s work. In under a minute, I liked “Don’t Trip…” more than any of Maroon 5’s songs. In under 8 minutes (two songs) I found myself decrying an injustice: how is Maroon 5 signed to a major and not Shimmer? Shimmer is funkier, jazzier, more guitar-oriented (thank you Shimmer…thank you), and with an equally, if not more, seductively-voiced frontman. It’s the perfect set-up for a pop group in today’s scene- and what’s more is that I actually find myself replaying Shimmer’s self-titled album, whereas I get tired of Maroon 5’s Songs about Jane very quickly.

And it’s all because of that guitar. The lead songwriter in Shimmer is actually a guitarist, as opposed to Maroon 5. This leads to some great guitar lines, such as the immediate, “listen to this NOW” grab of “Don’t Trip”, the funky stomp of “Shoulda Known”, the all-out rock of “Who Loves Ya”, and the various pop/funk lines that generate the bulk of this album (“The Violence of Love”, “Crazy But True”, “Sweet Love”). The bass is suitably fine- slappin, bumpin, and generally being funky. It’s right how you expect it- and trust me, there’s never been a time that I enjoyed predicting music except for Shimmer. It just feels right.

It feels so right- especially in the area of vocals, where skip perabo beats everyone. The range is impeccable, the gruffness employed perfectly, the falsetto in top form- there’s just absolutely nothing you can put down in his voice. It’s a fine-tuned instrument of the highest quality.

Shimmer is invincible. Their pop destroys the rest of the radio. It’s that simple.

-Stephen Carradini, Independent Clauses - Independent Clauses

"Shimmer's Pop Masonry"

"Shimmer sprinkle classic R&B vibes on top of smooth rock grooves. This is well-constructed pop masonry...
Pop rockers with an eye for something modern and apart from the cheese the alternative scene is spewing forth of late should take note, as the band has carved itself into a niche where few currently dwell. Their unique sensibilities and natural, charismatic flow are charms sure to work toward their benefit." - The Aquarian

"Shimmer Shines"

"Upon hearing the opening notes of "Don't Trip On Your Way Out" - the lead track from Shimmer's self-titled album - you might ask yourself, "Is Prince at it again?"

There's an overarching purple sheen to Shimmer that recalls the days of Paisley Park Prince - more aimed at the kinky-pop wit of The Revolution than the orchestral funk arrangements of, say, The New Power Generation.

[Shimmer's] in-the-pocket grooves stand out in the West Side's ever-crowding neo-soul bracket because of their simplicity...This is not some eclectic mash of neo-soul-hip-hop-funk-R&B-reggae. Keep the slick studio cover-ups...

It's not so much sexy dance music as it is dancey sex music." - Spokane7


Shimmer's self-titled debut on Cake Records currently receiving airplay on over 120 stations including Alternative Now, a nationally syndicated radio show playing on over 100 commercial stations


Feeling a bit camera shy


Shimmer's Soul-Rock recalls the bygone era when pop wasn’t just marketing and rock wasn’t just posturing. With soulful vocals and tightly crafted, hook-laden tunes, Shimmer takes the stage in the old school tradition of bands like Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones; a band that simply gets up and lays it down. Shimmer's forceful, rockin’ beats give rise to a “roll your windows down” sexy dance-rock romp. With nods to the likes of Soul greats Al Green and Prince and Pop icons Bowie, Costello, and Michael, at it’s core Shimmer just sounds like a great beat and a guy singing his ass off.

Shimmer started with singer/songwriter Skip Peri. Peri has been praised by the finicky Seattle music press as Seattle’s next worldwide export. Possessing a voice that shifts effortlessly from an angry dismissal to a suggestive come-on, Peri did not spend long unsigned. Comparisons to Jeff Buckley and Prince only fueled the fire. His first album naked (2001, Exact) was a critical success, making good on his “best kept secret” promise.

When Peri entered the studio to begin his sophomore release for Cake something changed. He picked up the electric guitar, partnering for the first time with bassist Evan Brubaker and drummer Sean Siner. A natural chemistry occurred, inspiring a writing and recording binge that led to nearly 2 albums of new material in just a few sessions. The result has spawned not only a striking independent debut album but a catalog of Shimmer songs already being covered by major label artists to be released later this year.