Shimon Ben-Shir Group

Shimon Ben-Shir Group


A highly unique soundscape that blends jazz with Middle Eastern and South American influences... touches on the canon of cultures that the Shimon Ben-Shir Group encompasses in their playing. The Groups compositions are warm, lyrical, inviting and memorable.


Bassist, composer, producer and music educator, Shimon Ben-Shir grew up in Israel, surrounded by the sounds of Middle Eastern music. One of the founding members of the Bustan Abraham Band, a Middle Eastern musical group led by the renowned Avshalom Farjun. Shimon came to Boston to attend the jazz program at Berklee College of Music in 1991. Since that time he has immersed himself in the New England music scene, playing in a wide range of bands covering diverse musical genres. He graduated from Berklee in 1994. In 2002 Shimon released his first album "Shades," with the Shimon Ben Shir Group on the Nada Label. "Shades" received positive reviews in the newspapers as well as a feature article in the Boston Globe. The group perform regularly many notable venues throughout the Boston area. Most recently Shimon produced and recorded the Shimon Ben Shir Groups latest CD, "Ways." He also composed the majority of the tracks. The album is highly praised by the press


"Shades" a 2002 Release under label of NADA Productions

"Ways" a March, 2007 independent release.

Set List

Our Set lists consist of our original material, from both cds, plus we include unique arrangements of jazz standards, and new songs added on every performance.