I play guitar and sing. People say it helps them to breath and it makes them feel better. I've heard I "have passion" and I can help people feel. The songs usually come from personal experiences and are the release of some emotion. Some are slow, some rockin, kinda like Ben Harper like that.


I grew up in Vancouver. The coast really influenced me. I feel very connected to water. I love fall.
I am Happy to be here. I haven't always felt this way...I thought "The only reason I could be crazy enough to come into all this pain and suffering would be to better help those suffering around me, to have compassion...and that when I did finally help all those poor people around me and set up a school that would ensure the survival of the human race, I'm outta here... These days it's easier. I know what feels good and have come to a place of love and acceptance and allowance with it. I'm talking about my dharma, what I am here to do. If I had one message to every person I meet or touch in some way, it would be to do what feels good. Find the most natural and easy, fun, pleasant and joyful things to do. The thing I'm really wanting to share is music. Songs began coming through when I started asking questions about Life, spirituality and God. What is my purpose? What does It all mean? Who am I? Through music, came my answers. Melodic accounts of Love, Life, and a healthy sorrow form my unique sound and live experience. Here are some audience quotes... "(Shine) speaks and sings from his heart and through his soul", "you can hear his emotions", "I can feel what you're feeling when you're singing", "yeah you do!" (After hearing my name), "Your performances are so full of passion".


Just Like Paradise

Written By: Shine

And it wakes me up into the mornin light some kinda feelin and it feels like flyin in the moonlight I still can't believe it It's something like my sunlight

(Chorus) Take me up on a summer night when you know everything is all right where the ocean meets the sky hold me in your eyes this can't be real life it's just like paradise and it wakes me up into the morning out into the evening underneath a bright blue sky it feels like flyin in the night and I can't believe it don't let heaven pass you by It's somethng light in the middle of the night (Chorus) Doo Doo Doo's I been so happy and I can't hide it though I can't even say it everything is changin and life survives (Chorus x2)

Too Much Tenderness

Written By: Shine

sing me I love you hold me and don't let go

oh I can't ever know you know

like to say it and I'd like to find a way

open all ways open arms


and though I can't explain it

I'm not gonna take you and know the pain

of too much tenderness, whoa-oh too much tenderness

moments when I'm not listenin

I'm an orphan, I'm on my own

oh I can't ever know you know

crossed the mountains I crossed the tidal wave

open ocean open heart


and if a heart float like a cannon ball

then I can't forget and I can't let go

although I can't explain it...


too much tenderness all this pain I can't forget scream until there's nothin left.


I have created a 3 song Demo with one track from each set ("Love Is" from Set III is only on this CD).
I have also put together a 14 track collection of songs, mostly demo's, that carry the feeling of the songs and offer the listener a chance to see the progression of music in my life in a real and raw way.

Set List

This is an invitation to participate in a creative, fun, and inspiring adventure. I will tell my story through the various songs that have shaped me. I began writing songs as answers to my questions about Life, Love and Spirit; these songs make up the play "Shine"; in which dialogue and song chronicle my journeys from adolescence until now (I'm 25 years old). It tells my story and moves through various emotions many people may have on their journey. Shine "A fun, interactive, sing-along experience" Set I (Personal)
The set begins by introducing myself with "I Wanna See The World", a traveling, idealistic song
"2nd Star on The Right" reminds us of the simple joys of Life Then into a story about coming home to be with a loved one who is ill, and encouraging them to live despite the unknowns with "All Along" Moving onto the deeper aspects of living in a world with war, crime and famine with "Wake Up" and, "No Colour", which ends with the line "never take another breath in apathy" Conn