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Shine is an experienced cover band that believes the focus should always be on making sure the crowd has fun. Interactive and entertaining, Shine plays to the people and tailors their sets to get people out on the dance floor and enjoying themselves.


Shine has over 4 hours of popular rock/pop/dance covers with minimal break time. This helps to retain patrons at your club later into the night. We feature interactive female and male lead vocalists adding to musical diversity and increased engagement with the crowd. Over 100 shows of experience including some of the top music clubs in the Triangle. We work hard to get people on the dance floor to help retain both the customers that are dancing as well as those on the sidelines.

Set List

Shine has a huge and constantly growing set list and they take minimal breaks throughout the evening to keep the energy flowing. Their usual set lasts approximately four hours, however, this can be tailored for your venue.