Shining As Stars

Shining As Stars


Intelligently written and composed pop-punk music with high energy members and lyrics with meaning behind them. We are a band of people on a mission to create music that inspires people and that the listener can relate to. We keep our music clean and appropriate for everyone.


We came together from the remains of Jon Lincoln and Tommy Nickel's former band in the summer of 2008. Ben Bestor (formerly of News To Tell, which also included Tommy) and Mike Bull on guitar joined quickly with Don filling the final spot on bass. Shining As Stars pulls influences from bands such as Jack's Mannequin, Relient K, Taking Back Sunday, and All Time Low. Shining As Stars has begun to create a solid fan base in the Canton, OH area and brings fans everything from exciting Pop-Punk, piano laced indie, or heart felt acoustic.

Set List

Sets are usually around 45 minutes in length (can be shortend to 30 minutes or lengthend to 1 hour if need be). Songs are as follows (for regular 45 minute set).

Miss Elusive
The Death of a Cla
Through Sarah's Eyes
Nothing's Changed
The Inequitable Exchange
I Would Take You There
Two Weeks
Granite Walls

covers: "the heart of rock'n'roll" by huey lewis and the news